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  1. His name is actually HaSean. Same question applies, tho.
  2. I had a million texts from people congratulations me in the 3rd QTR. I simply responded "it's not over". I wish I were wrong.
  3. Again, I don't care. I'm still excited.
  4. In this article. And the media being up a 5th rounders *** is extremely uncommon. Not sure why you're trying to make this into something. My original post was simply out of excitement.
  5. OK. Terrible examples, but OK. All were extremely high profile players out of college To add: The media only talks about Kazee because Quinn does.
  6. Kazee has been talked about in the media more than even Takk. He's gonna be good man.
  7. The NFL is a funny league. Everyone knew how good Matt was and left him off this list a couple years ago when the Falcons were bad. Now he gets a little bit of TV time and a SB appearance and everyone (players and coaches) jumps on the bandwagon.
  8. This. Use other people's money as often as you can (within reason).
  9. I wouldn't mind Boldin. He wouldn't play much, though. With how incredible Sanu and Julio can be in the slot, adding another massive body to the outside would be fun. Let's also remember that we are one Julio injury away from being a team with big question marks in the passing game. I know Matt played well without Julio last year, but that was against the worst teams in the NFL.
  10. The authors name is 'JuliaKate'????? Kinda like some PhillipKeith Manley stuff
  11. I love Odom's bend. Hope he sees a lot of pre season snaps.
  12. "gimme dat ball"