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  1. Please no man coverage. Turn your back to Hill and he will run the entire game.
  2. My full expectation is Hill “starting” the game and Winston throwing significantly more passes by the end of the game.
  3. Haha it’s the COVID boredom. I don’t really blame them tbh. Nothing else going on.
  4. 2 FF in 15 snaps and another that just barely didn’t count
  5. Honestly might be a good thing. He gonna be expensive if he keeps it up.
  6. He was not found innocent. Charges were dropped. Major difference.
  7. Any player that gets waived on their rookie deal is a bust, until they prove otherwise.
  8. What's with all of these "best center in the draft" becoming massive busts.
  9. LOL dude gets to go play for an equally bad team in an area that is about to get a **** ton of snow.
  10. Too much of a conflict of interest there. A failing franchise could easily fire these HCs mid season and appoint a new one. Optics would be really bad.
  11. I would have traded him to the Jets for a 7th. And thrown in our 7th if they hesitated.
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