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  1. He better not take his starting spot back from Ishmael. Ish has done more in 2 games than Duke had all year.
  2. Campbell is one of the best coverage backers in the NFL, for real.
  3. What are you on bro? We get that they are pinning us deep. We’ve been over this. That isn’t even an argument point, it’s obvious the other team is trying to pin the Falcons deep? Also, I have returned punts. It’s hard. I didn’t get paid to do it either. Professionals should be able to make a fair catch 99.9% of the time. You’re plain wrong when it comes to letting the ball bounce. More bad ish happens when the ball hits he floor than when you fair catch. Also, if you’re dead set on ALWAYS letting the ball go when you’re on the 10: why not throw a block on the coverage team? Surely Roberts should be, using your fielding logic.
  4. And FTR, I hated Weems, and Weems was a better returner than Roberts. And a pro bowl gunner.
  5. You’re missing the point completely. Nobody is saying to fair catch the ball at the 10 if nobody is around you. However, both times the coverage team was in perfect position to down the ball. THEN it makes sense to fair catch the ball. Or at the very least block someone. Everyone here understands the point of pinning you deep. Nobody is lost on that point. You seem to be lost on the point we are making, though.
  6. Not talking about injuries. Talking about level of play. I like Coleman more than Freeman as a runner.
  7. Today is why I thought the Falcons should've traded Freeman in the offseason
  8. You're correct, but it is still a piece of the puzzle.
  9. I understand you know football. So do I. There is no chance in **** the right thing to do is to stand on the 10, pretend you're fair catching the ball, let the coverage team run behind you without blocking them, let the ball land on the 10 and allow the coverage team to field the ball. If the coverage team ISN'T in position to down the ball, then yes, let it go. But BOTH times today Roberts let the ball bounce in terrible situations. You catch it at the 10 there. Especially if your teammates are close by and could have the ball hit them. Roberts has been horrendous and so has Keith Armstrong for as long as I can remember. The Falcons need to revamp STs in the offseason completely, minus Bosher and Bryant.
  10. I vote we change both.
  11. I didn't realize the Falcons had the worst starting field position of any team in the NFL so far this season. I'm not surprised based off of the return performances from Andre Roberts. Not only does he do literally nothing with the ball in his hands, but he is simply not smart. Letting the ball bounce at the 10 with the coverage team behind you to field the ball is dumb. Letting the ball bounce at the 10 with teammates close by, thinking you're making a fair catch is incredibly dumb. The Falcons were inches away from a turnover at their own 10 on the Cowboys' second punt. This happens each and every game now and I am tired of this offense starting from the 1 yard line. It's hard enough already for our out-of-sync offense to move the ball. STs should not be on the list of hindrances. Remove Andre Roberts from these duties (and the team, I may add, since he contributes literally **NOTHING** as a WR) and put someone competent back there. I beg you.
  12. What in the **** did the refs just do????
  13. In fairness, the Falcons usually lead by 14 going into the 3rd QTR, too. They just blow that lead embarrassingly in the second half.
  14. To be fair, the Falcons have scored a couple TDs and had some success with the WR screens. My biggest gripe is that Gabriel seems to be the only target of these screens (and sometimes Tevin), so they are easy to read at this point. Gotta get Julio the ball in these situations more. Short passes to Julio to let him get YAC needs to be more of an emphasis.