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  1. Hmmmm ,, well ,, for one ,, talking like this takes extra key strokes and time ,, but it also is just weird. Thanks tho
  2. Why do you use two commas so often... and like other times spaces between them? I am genuinely curious, no hate.
  3. He kinda reminds me of Kamara with his balance
  4. Since Kelce. When was the last early round TE to actually pan out??? I’ll wait.
  5. I think both are good today. Those four are a great start. Need safety help and DL help. But the D has the building blocks. It’s the O I’m worried about in a couple years. Ryan, Julio and Mack need to be “replaced”. Which will be insanely hard to do. Glad we have Ridley.
  6. Can’t trade the only building blocks on D. Debo and Grady are the only hope of that side of the ball ever being good.
  7. I feel like there's no way we see three franchise QBs come out of the top 5 picks. I doubt it has ever happened. One of them will bust.
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