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  1. Are they all living in LA or something? How did DHop and Julio both roll up to Gurley’s house
  2. Less people in Japan. And they went on a full lockdown. The US is screwed unfortunately. You will be hit the hardest and I’m a little worried about the spillover to me as a result of that.
  3. For once I find myself agreeing with FFS1970. Weird times we are living in.
  4. Oh boy I’m glad you understand. This place is unique that way
  5. Lmao OK so nobody until 2-3 years AFTER a SB. Cool man. And you named 2. Not a few. Moron
  6. Freeman was the only miscalculation imo. RB isn’t a position you pay and Tevin would have been significantly cheaper. Everyone else kinda makes sense, because well they made the super bowl and probably should have won.
  7. No RB early
  8. Rhodes is Nnamdi 2.0
  9. Yeah, if anything the targets were somewhat random. Tells me there's enough targets to go around for everyone and the D often dictates who gets the ball. At that point who cares who catches it.
  10. The very same people who can't hit your rep threshold could be hitting massive 1 rep maxes or doubles. Rep totals aren't an indicator of strength, but simply lactic acid resistance and muscle endurance. It doesn't even measure cardio. I don't completely hate the exercise, but make these guys lift north of 300 pounds. That wouldn't be hard at all for these guys.
  11. Correlation =\= causation. There have been plenty of bench press warriors to be run over.