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  1. Talking about the saints. If we sweep them and they win the SB who cares about our two meaningless wins.
  2. Oliver has been playing almost exclusively bump and run coverage (which is what he's best at). Barely saw him play that technique when Quinn was calling the D. Coincidence?
  3. TD isn’t being fired and was never in jeopardy of being fired.
  4. Also, Bo’s injury went undiagnosed for long enough for lack of blood flow to basically kill his joint. Tua will not have that issue.
  5. Matt should have told them to get the **** off his field
  6. Dude. McVay, LaFleur, Payton, Shanahan, Andy Reid, Pederson, Bill, Zimmer, Reich, Rivera, Nagy, Gruden, O'Brien, Patricia, Gase and Kingsbury call plays. Some call the D, some call the O. Do the math.
  7. He needs to win like 8 games to have a chance of staying. This would also mean the Falcons get shafted in the draft. That double sucks. Quinn does nothing special. His coordinators are currently carrying him.
  8. Really? Care to substantiate this claim? There's a lot more than you think. Even the ones who don't have significant influence over play-calling. Quinn doesn't. Bill, for example, will often step in and override his DC. He isn't the 'play-caller', but he is the mastermind of every Pats D.
  9. You must've missed the part where he doesn't make any sort of play call or decision now
  10. Lmfao fire this guy, I’m almost done school I’ll take his job
  11. Again, 3.6 YPC is bad. Very bad. Borderline terrible.
  12. Ties are lame
  13. Just what the Falcons need: a player who lacks hustle.
  14. The Falcons will probably motivate themselves to play to their potential for 2-3 more wins on the year, for a very unfortunate record of about 5-11.