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  1. You can tell this writer knows nothing about the Falcons
  2. Lol Sarbanes didn’t take away the ability to write off meals (half of the expense at least), it just requires execs to sign off on statements, stating they were truthful. Either way, good post, I agree.
  3. Yeah I'm baffled as to why people picked on McGary for being weird. He's exactly what an OL man needs to be like. What an absolute stud, he's gonna annoy the **** out of edge rushers for a lot of years. And if Ryan gets cheap-shotted like Vaccaro did years ago, I guarantee #76 will take their head off.
  4. Such a weird nitpick. Kazee played pretty darn well in my opinion. He's a punishing tackler and it showed last night.
  5. Yeah Barkley >>>>>>>>> everyone else
  6. Ito is better than Free
  7. Wasn't his zone. Keke blew coverage like 3 times down the stretch.
  8. I expected Ryan’s arm to start to lose some power. I didn’t expect Ryan to go full r tard as he got older. Man I’m not loving his decisions at all.
  9. Yeah when all is said and done the Falcons will have two lifetime HOFers in Ryan and Julio. Ryan is easily the most important player in franchise history and Julio is definitely the best if position weren’t accounted for. Julio will be regarded as one of the GOATs. Ryan will be regarded as a very good QB.
  10. Wouldn't it just make it so every big name recruit will head to a Californian school?
  11. I want him on Jeffrey. His length will help and Tru really isn't good at covering big, physical guys. It's too bad Shef is out, because he'd be able to match DJax's speed.
  12. Because it literally didn’t matter anymore
  13. Not really how it works. If anything an injury like that would leave him vulnerable to another completely separate injury, but a fracture is a fracture. It’s not gonna break again.