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  1. Numbers of players who request trades should not be retired. Plain and simple.
  2. Just keep adding football players. Long career guys. Regardless of position. By 2023 this team will be completely rebuilding. There may only be a handful of guys beyond this draft class that are still around
  3. Let’s go. Already love this dude. None of that “Awh I wish I could’ve learned from him”. Give me that “don’t need him, I’m here now”
  4. Nah. All he does is whine and contribute literally nothing of value. It's been the same thing from him for the 10 years I've been here.
  5. Wahhhhhh the boards were so cool back then wahhhhhh they suck now wahhhhh I’m such a big sucky baby with a dirty diaper wahhhhh Hopefully the streak ends at 20 man, go somewhere else with that negativity
  6. Lacanfora has always acted like he bet his life savings on the Falcons, lost and lead to his wife and kids leaving him
  7. I hope he misses playoffs if he isn't on the Falcons anymore.
  8. Yep, that's it. And I use FL studio as well. It's really the plugins that really do the trick for EDM
  9. It’s not stupid. At all. If you’re making a SB run it’s completely worth it. Brandin Cooks was traded for a 1st.
  10. Falcons aren’t trading Julio for any less than a first. TF has already established that he’s willing to stay put in the draft if not compensated fairly. He’s not moving Julio for 3 mil of cap space and getting less than a 1st. Julio would make TEN instant SB favourites. They will pay accordingly.
  11. I don't really release anything (mostly just do it for fun), but I put one of my remix's up on distrokid once to see what happens lol and to be able to play it on my iPhone. And it is pretty hard -- my stuff is still pretty junk. Professional sounding synths are hard to make. I play guitar, but I have almost zero music theory. Try this link https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=6TkYWzvGhxQ&list=RDAMVM6TkYWzvGhxQ
  12. Haha there we go. Love it. Yeah, I typically fool around with EDM music. Mostly Deep House. I love Hip-Hop, but never really got into making beats.
  13. Yo this is good stuff. On that hip hop beat I wish there was a juicy sliding 808, but I know you went for more of a chill vibe. Kinda dope
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