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  1. Wasn’t Kroy like a 5th rounder? I don’t really consider anyone drafted after the 3rd round a bust.
  2. Wouldn't people probably describe Tom Brady, Manning, A-Rod, Favre, etc the exact same way? They're all egotistical to a fault.
  3. I'm gonna have to think Matt wants the full offseason to spend with the twins
  4. The Saints losing gave the Falcons players more juice going into the offseason than those 3 meaningless wins did.
  5. They have 11mil of cap space, but will have to extend Kamara and Thomas soon with huge deals. 4 of their 5 highest paid players beyond Brees are on the OL (smart). Their D is somewhat young and will be good for awhile.
  6. The CFL reviews plays like this as well as PI. They are treated the same way as normal challenges and it works quite well.
  7. TB is a fake humble. Check his stats for AFC championship games and he calls himself “the baddest mf’er alive”. Dude threw 3 picks and turned one over on downs while throwing the ball no further than 5 yards in the air. I hope during his visit to Mahomes he told him how much better Pat is than him.
  8. Falcons would’ve won that super bowl too
  9. Yeah guys I’m sorry I probably would’ve done worse if I were Payton on this one.
  10. I refuse to believe Dee Ford (a guy who was looking down the LOS directly at the ball) was offside. The camera angle they showed wasn’t a good one at all.
  11. Doesn’t bug me at all. The entire world hates the Patriots beyond actual Pats fans. People in general don’t want to watch the SB now. The fact that they’re in Atlanta won’t even register for the common fan. If it were the Saints, though, it’d be a talking point for decades.
  12. I much prefer your other mock.
  13. Nobody pulls off the “I don’t care about anything, but care about everything” schtick as well as you do. I’ll give props for that one.
  14. Remember when I told you, you were counting your chickens too early? Bok bok muddafaakkkaaa