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  1. Incredibly obvious he doesn’t like football
  2. Fine with it. Although Rodgers hasn’t really been good in the playoffs outside the season GB won. Brees the same.
  3. I think it's plainly obvious that the only thing keeping Mahomes from the HoF is health
  4. I don’t think Julio gets in if he doesn’t play another snap either
  5. It’s like saying Patrick Mahomes is not a hall of famer yet either
  6. Matt Ryan is such a perfect combination of being a great dude while being a fierce competitor. He’s a model human being honestly and I look up to him for that.
  7. No worries man, You're like a big brother at this point haha. I've known you long enough to figure it all out
  8. The best jobs you can get in Canada are ones where you get paid in USD. You’re basically getting a 30% raise day one
  9. New releases are like $80 plus tax in canada. Which is like $50 USD lol
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