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  1. I think Nick Williams misses out with Davis or Hall getting his spot.
  2. He's impressed me in preseason so far. Will be interesting to see who starts next game.
  3. Fullback and any other backups who can play ST.
  4. There's the swing tackle then! Solid pickup. Good stuff.
  5. I have only watched highlights so far so ignore me if I'm wrong, but I think it was Marcelis Branch rather than Rico who took the bad angle if it's the long TD you are referring to.
  6. There aren't many options. He has no trade value at the moment, so that's not happening. He doesn't count against the 53 and he's not getting paid, so I guess he will just stay there until week 12 (factoring in the bye week). If the team thinks he's better than CB6 then he will probably be reinstated.
  7. Had a pick at the end of the day yesterday. Think Simms threw it.
  8. Exceptional unit. Wouldn't be mad if we tried to trade somebody but not sure how much value there is. Not much name recognition.
  9. Fine. Stupid and a waste of money but I'm sure it will get shared on Twitter so they will think it's worth it.
  10. I'm a big Knappe guy. Thought he was a great pass blocker in college but struggled with run blocking a little.
  11. He loves the team, loves the fans and loves the city.
  12. Look at Vaughn trying to cover his *** after being less accurate than D-Led of all people!
  13. The 2016 draft felt like it took a year to get there. Being eliminated in December is a killer.
  14. There are definite flaws in the study (such as the fact you probably wouldn't donate your brain unless you had an issue) but it's still a scary number.
  15. Getting to the SB has meant that the offseason has only felt "long" as opposed to "unbearably long".
  16. If he is that sure I would have tried to get much better odds but you should be fine.
  17. Even when the team was bad TD still had control over the cap. He's a talented guy.
  18. Didn't we make him an offer a year ago?
  19. Garrett was a five star recruit. Pretty sure he's always been dominant. Odom less so.
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