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  1. You wasted one **** of a high pick on Howard if you're not sure he's going to be a better fantasy player than Coleman!
  2. Basically this. Thread should be "this is why the Falcons should have ran the ball more".
  3. Hopefully he takes that next step. Like seeing Schraeder's response. Let's get that line playing as a proper unit - makes it easier for Wes.
  4. 6-2, 200 lbs, ran a 4.53, has a 38 inch vert, 130 inch broad, 4.07 shuttle, 6.75 3 cone. 6-3, 195 lbs, ran a 4.56, has a 38 inch vert, 125 inch broad, 4.33 shuttle, 6.82 3 cone. Top is Burton, bottom is Sherman.
  5. They've got to get back to Alabama to watch their favourite college football team on Saturday.
  6. This is the first thing that I thought too. It's not going to be a big scheme change for him.
  7. Who cares? Should have won. If anybody actually gets angry about it they're crazy. It's done for a reaction - don't give people the satisfaction.
  8. Showed some flashes last year and seemed immature but certainly not a bad guy. That said, if these DV charges are bad then I am firmly on the side of being an organisation that gets rid of the perpetrators rather than becoming the Cowboys. Every time one of their players hits a woman Twitter explodes with accusations of the NFL being against them and victim shaming.
  9. I would agree that mileage applies to a certain extent but the human body tends to start slowing down when it reaches early 30s. Not always but a lot of the time. He's 29 and not considered ready - it massively limits his potential. Reggie Davis is 7 years younger.
  10. Good LTs don't get to FA and even drafting high still has a low success rate. Greg Robinson, Luke Joeckel, Ereck Flowers, Andrus Peat... if you get a solid enough guy then you keep him.
  11. Dable is going to be 29 in a couple of weeks. He's an old project - glad he wasn't kept around.
  12. Not the player he was but still a big upgrade at a position of need.
  13. Agreed. They have made some good signings this year. He's not the all-pro that he was but still an above average SS.
  14. JT Jones, Chris Odom, Andreas Knappe, DJ Tialavea, Alek Torgersen, Reggie Davis, Josh Perkins, Marvin Hall, Tyler Renew, Jarnor Jones. Would happily have somebody else replace Torgersen. Appreciate that it's not the most varied positions.
  15. Probably would have been Mauger if he hadn't got injured.
  16. If it was a pure competition then all three of the 5th round picks might not have made it. Hill, Harlow and Saubert all struggled. That said, they will have been evaluated by every team pre-draft and might not have made the PS.
  17. I liked him pre-draft but he's been pretty terrible since then. Surprised we had to give up a 5th but it is what it is. If he's even average then could get that back as a compensatory pick.
  18. I really liked Jordan Moore but I saw him as a SS. Never thought he was a CB.
  19. The SB was devastating but Shanahan coached close to a perfect season last year. If Sark can get anywhere near that then I will be pleased.
  20. 4th round pick in 2019. Hasn't played a game yet due to injury so it's a strange one but delighted that we took Keanu and then Deion instead. I know that "fast and physical" has become a bit of a cliche but DQ is building an identity here.
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