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  1. Definitely true, but most teams's second choice at a position on the offensive line would struggle. When Levitre is there you can get away with Schweitzer OR Garland. Having both against Aaron Donald or Fletcher Cox is an issue.
  2. I mean... it is, though. He's one of the worst OCs in the league. He's terrible in the red zone, has no idea how to use his personnel (such as continuing to use Free today when Coleman was destroying them), doesn't adapt and has less creativity than a kid on Madden. By most accounts he's a decent guy and I wish him well in his personal life, but he's a terrible NFL OC.
  3. Carroll tends to keep his staff around for the long haul.
  4. Any time you can pay $20 million for an old backup QB you should take it.
  5. Wasn't expecting that at all. I would have liked to see the team keep him but they watch him every day and know him a lot better than I do so can't be too angry.
  6. I think it will probably end up at 9-7 and missing the playoffs. Capable of winning or losing any game.
  7. Vaughn thinks he's the most important dude in the world. Blocks people for asking for clarification, disagreeing... basically anything. Everybody else seems fine. D-led is entertaining in an unintentional sort of way.
  8. I love the Falcons but I couldn't complain about any player retiring because they want to avoid hits to the head.
  9. DT for me. Somebody who can just collapse a pocket.
  10. Eh. I'm not sure I agree with Gabriel. He's not a traditional wide receiver but if you can get him the ball in space he can still be very effective. Just look at that Arizona game last year. He's wasted if you're going to get him running crossing routes.
  11. Vikings are better on both sides of the ball at the moment and if Zeke is playing he will get 200 yards for Dallas.
  12. Sure. I'm definitely not an expert but I went back and watched games he called at USC and Washington (just those that were on YouTube). There was no deep element to the offense at all. It was all inside runs, screens and short passes to the wide receivers looking for YAC. It worked to an extent in college because the opposition wasn't good but sometimes you have to throw past the 1st down marker in the NFL. At USC he had Adoree Jackson on offense and I was hoping that we would see Gabriel used the same way with screens and trick plays to get him the ball, but he just uses him like a standard WR and that's not his strength. Scheme things up and let Gabriel or Julio go downfield occasionally. Teams know that we have a good running game but there's never any play action used at all. Matt isn't connecting with a lot of the deep throws but that doesn't mean you just don't use them.
  13. Hopefully Hue Jackson gets fired and DQ is on the phone the next day.
  14. He's an embarrassment. With Shanahan it was problems in execution in the red zone and obvious him and Ryan weren't on the same page. With Sark they're not even reading out of the same book. He uses the toss to the RB like Koetter used the WR screen. It seems to get diagnosed and stopped every time he does it. The inside zone runs didn't work until the Pats were up by 20 and just letting the team run. This was the worst defense in the NFL without 2 of their top 3 corners and he couldn't find a way to score more than 7 points. That Jet sweep was one of the worst plays I have ever seen. He doesn't have any confidence. I watched in the offseason and noticed that it was a horizontal passing game and he didn't go deep much but assumed it was a lack of weapons and he would have developed in the last few years. He's actually just a coward. He's done. Get him out now and see if anybody else can show enough potential to keep the job for 2018.
  15. What's the alternative? Flowers, Joeckel, Robinson, Peat... there's been a lot worse tackles picked near the top. If you can get a guy who is solid then you keep him.
  16. I mean what's the alternative? Greg Robinson? Ereck Flowers?
  17. He will take a little while to get adjusted - he was a mid round pick. Players like Darron Lee still haven't cracked it yet so could be worse.
  18. I'm sure he will turn it around but he doesn't look as if he's quite as comfortable and confident as he was pre-injury. It's natural to be a little rusty but he was one of the most natural coverage guys I have seen and just seems to be trying a little hard. Glad to have him back though.
  19. I saw WillyMo has a job with the team (might be radio or something). Roddy needs to be involved.
  20. I like Odom. I hope it's a complete blowout on Sunday and that the Falcons are sitting happy at 2-0. I hope he has a good career when it's not against the Falcons.
  21. In reality the team would have taken Gabe Carimi. You can't just say "well the team would have taken the player whose NFL career has been the best".
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