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  1. Not Payne. I'm biased against Bama defenders by this point. I remember the A'shawn Robinson, Jaraun Reed, Reggie Ragland love too. (Saying that, I still love Minkah)
  2. I'm assuming Matt is gonna have at least another 5 years. Don't want to develop a guy then let him disappear. Wait on it. If somebody is there on day 3 that you like (or trade a late pick for Siemian, for example) then go for it as a Schaub replacement. No rush, though.
  3. I would keep Poe. I think anybody who is drafted will be worse (at least to begin with) and we needed to improve anyway. Long term it makes sense to replace him but I don't want a weaker rotation in 2018.
  4. He was great in 2016. Sark couldn't get him in space and rarely sent him deep. If you want him to be a short-to-intermediate possession receiver then he will be below average. Great pickup in waivers but both sides would benefit from a fresh start.
  5. Would like to see another CB - just don't trust Poole.
  6. What's the situation in regards to getting CFL players? Do their contracts have to be up? I know occasionally teams will release players from contracts if it means they stand a chance of going to the NFL.
  7. A lot of that seemed to be targeting Brian Poole. One of the reasons I would be happy for the team to use a day 2 pick on a cornerback. Poole is an outstanding tackler but he can't cover at all.
  8. With good DBs teams were forced to go underneath quite a bit and throw short. The fast LBs were then able to make the tackles before they could advance.
  9. It's not too much money. He's playing the most important position in the game at a high level. What's the alternative? Keenum at 20? Draft the 4th QB off the board and hope he works out?
  10. I was looking at the Falcons' red zone defense and teamrankings.com had the team with the 2nd best in the league. 43.64% of the opposition's red zone trips ended in a touchdown. For comparison, the 2016 defense was the worst in the league and allowed a TD on 71.64% of red zone trips. Poe was a good addition, but there was obviously more to it than that. I was just interested to know whether any of you noticed any major changes and what you think the best way of maintaining the improvement is!
  11. Depends if you think there's a space on the roster. No point losing another one on the practice squad.
  12. Obviously depends on FA. If Michael Bennett finds his way over (pure speculation) and Poe and Rubin resign then I'm not expecting a DT. If the biggest signing is a guard then I think DT will be the pick.
  13. Should have kept Jermaine Grace. Spoon was a stupid signing and didn't do anything. Lost a promising depth piece.
  14. If you just want a speed guy then De'Anthony Thomas is about to hit FA. Drafting guys purely to be returners doesn't tend to work that well - Ace Sanders, Isaiah McKenzie, Cyrus Jones... find a guy who is good enough to at least be depth at a position and then let them return.
  15. If it's a 7th rounder then sure. Siemian isn't a starter but he's a **** good backup in the league. As others have said, if it frees up salary from Schaub and allows the team to get a better guard in FA for example then it's a great move.
  16. The issue was that, despite his inadequacies in pass protection, Chris Chester was one **** of a run blocker. Mack, Chester, Schraeder and DiMarco was an excellent combination in that aspect and losing PDM and CC meant that those second level blocks (which often led to big gains) weren't happening anywhere near as often. Wes was giving up pressure in the passing game (as your research shows) and not opening as many holes in the running game. Makes a big difference.
  17. I think Armstrong is a pretty good ST coach. Doesn't help that all the decent ST players have been released in the last few years, though. That said, I would be stunned if he got the Cardinals job.
  18. How many Malcolm Jenkins types are out there? He's one of the best safeties in the game.
  19. 116 tackles, 3 forced fumbles and 9 passes defended in the regular season isn't a luxury player. He's got an important, defined role in this defense. I'm as frustrated as anybody about that terrible play in the Eagles game but he's a tone setter and this defense needs those type of players to complement the fast linebackers who work better in coverage.
  20. I don't think that anybody is arguing that a top 3 RG in the league would help the offense. Of course it would. They are arguing about you wanting to get rid of one of the best strong safeties in the league, who fits the system perfectly, because you're confident that a rookie RG would come in straight away and be one of the best in the league at his position.
  21. Not sure I can get on board with the ability to get 7 points instead of 3 being overrated.
  22. Lack of big plays was one of my biggest issues. Took so long to get to the red zone and seemed so difficult then the team couldn't get into the end zone and had to start again.
  23. Norwell, Pugh, Mewhort, Cooper, Kline, Omameh, Joeckel, Sua-Filo... the majority of the guards set to hit FA have experience with zone blocking.
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