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  1. Giving up picks and a new contract for a 28 year old RB coming off a career year would be an awful thing to do
  2. Also, is he saying that the whole season doesn’t count because of the second half of the 9ers game? Is that the same for Peyton getting blown out by the Seahawks in the SB? Did he no longer have one of the best seasons ever?
  3. So much of it is on the offensive line and the cornerbacks. The former SHOULD take a step. The latter have had a lot of faith put in them
  4. Matt has always performed at his best using no huddle and play action too and Koetter doesn’t want him doing either
  5. Dennard would be a big upgrade for the cornerback group. Would also take Darron Lee at LB - he’s been a huge underachiever but he fits what DQ looks for athletically and could be a solid backup
  6. And people are really out there saying that the Falcons should move on from Ryan and gamble on an unknown QB. Still got a few years left
  7. I agree. It was a stupid idea to say “you’ve got to do what Shanahan did”. And then making him go up in the box when he wanted to be on the sideline was stupid too. And then letting him stay during the bad spell only to fire him once things started looking up was stupid. And then replacing him with Koetter, who we were all desperate to get rid of in 2014 because we could predict his plays was stupid. The whole situation was mishandled but I’m not ready to say that Sark was a great OC because he wasn’t. He was fine. Sometimes a little better than that and sometimes a little worse.
  8. If they hadn’t previously signed Carpenter and Brown then sure. Don’t think you can have those two, Gono, Hennessy, Lindstrom and Watford as guard options
  9. Dolphins preseason game is the annual “oh my god we have a huge hole on our offensive line” prompt so we will miss that. Pretty sure it was the main reason we signed Shelby
  10. 2018 was definitely better. I wouldn’t say that 10th in the league is some glowing endorsement, though. And considering that the other years were with Koetter and Mularkey the bar isn’t exactly high. Feel free to have a read through the below to remind you just how bad 2017 was, though. https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2018/9/7/17830936/atlanta-falcons-steve-sarkisian-terrible-offensive-coordinator-red-zone-misery
  11. Sark was fine until it came to the red zone. Then he just panicked and had no creativity whatsoever. I don’t think it was the wrong decision to get rid of him but bringing Koetter back was always going to be a disaster.
  12. You can tell us what you were REALLY doing. Nobody is going to judge you.
  13. I am hoping that Polumbus doesn't make the roster. No upside.
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