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  1. You can tell us what you were REALLY doing. Nobody is going to judge you.
  2. I am hoping that Polumbus doesn't make the roster. No upside.
  3. Surprised by this, but that doesn't mean I don't think it is the right move. Baker isn't the answer, so I'm glad that Jake is going to get given the start at LT. Don't dislike the guy, but he got a lot of money from us and, at aged 30, has had one good season.
  4. There's no way that TD would have drafted all those guys. Every GM in the league would have done in hindsight. Nobody hits on the best player in every round.
  5. Completely agree. You always see players have surprising falls on draft day. You don't just say "well, he wasn't on our original board".
  6. No one guy should have all of the control. Pioli is good at drafting defensive players and TD is good at drafting skill players. Between them we are getting closer to the total package.
  7. Hopefully somebody gets cut because there's nothing out there at the moment. LaRon Landry is probably the only guy who has started a significant number of games (or Decoud). Then you're looking at guys like Quinton Carter, who ONCE showed something but is never healthy.
  8. Good point. Hadn't thought of that.
  9. Konz was drafted higher than Hawley.
  10. Asamoah's strength is pass blocking, so he SHOULD be able to switch to LG. These things aren't guarantees, though.
  11. Good stuff. Not a world beater but a proven commodity and a fit for the scheme. Next up: free safety!
  12. Right decision to waive him. Complete idiot.
  13. How on earth is this thread still going?
  14. Name the 15 you like better.