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  1. He will take a little while to get adjusted - he was a mid round pick. Players like Darron Lee still haven't cracked it yet so could be worse.
  2. I'm sure he will turn it around but he doesn't look as if he's quite as comfortable and confident as he was pre-injury. It's natural to be a little rusty but he was one of the most natural coverage guys I have seen and just seems to be trying a little hard. Glad to have him back though.
  3. I saw WillyMo has a job with the team (might be radio or something). Roddy needs to be involved.
  4. I like Odom. I hope it's a complete blowout on Sunday and that the Falcons are sitting happy at 2-0. I hope he has a good career when it's not against the Falcons.
  5. In reality the team would have taken Gabe Carimi. You can't just say "well the team would have taken the player whose NFL career has been the best".
  6. You wasted one **** of a high pick on Howard if you're not sure he's going to be a better fantasy player than Coleman!
  7. Basically this. Thread should be "this is why the Falcons should have ran the ball more".
  8. Hopefully he takes that next step. Like seeing Schraeder's response. Let's get that line playing as a proper unit - makes it easier for Wes.
  9. 6-2, 200 lbs, ran a 4.53, has a 38 inch vert, 130 inch broad, 4.07 shuttle, 6.75 3 cone. 6-3, 195 lbs, ran a 4.56, has a 38 inch vert, 125 inch broad, 4.33 shuttle, 6.82 3 cone. Top is Burton, bottom is Sherman.
  10. They've got to get back to Alabama to watch their favourite college football team on Saturday.
  11. DQ is the man.
  12. Worked out at WR and S for teams pre-draft. He's a decent PS option.
  13. This is the first thing that I thought too. It's not going to be a big scheme change for him.
  14. Who cares? Should have won. If anybody actually gets angry about it they're crazy. It's done for a reaction - don't give people the satisfaction.