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  1. Kazee is a solid tackler and great with the ball in front of him too. I thought FS was his best fit when I watched him.
  2. Watched Jermaine Grace vs. Florida State from 2015. He needs to work on his tackling - solid in coverage and gets to the ball but just doesn't finish often enough. Hopefully his increased weight will help with that.
  3. Yeah. People build things up in their head when those close to them tend to love them and just want them to be happy.
  4. I completely forgot about Von. I was thinking "**** some of you guys are high as **** on Lamar Miller"!
  5. I know that he doesn't play for the Falcons and that this is still a controversial subject with some people not agreeing with it. That's not what this is about. This man was heavily considering suicide and Scott Pioli was a huge part of him coming to terms with himself and who he really was. He was a big part in saving a young man's life I'm proud to say that Scott Pioli is a part of the Atlanta Falcons and the brotherhood. If anybody wants to read the article you can do so here:
  6. He's actually been pretty reliable since signing. He got injured at a bad time, no doubt, but his injuries in Tamp Bay don't really concern me.
  7. That's my thought. He was pretty disruptive and made some guards look bad when he came inside. He could have done with finishing more plays but he was making QBs uncomfortable and Vic struggled when he got injured.
  8. Clayborn is really good. So no.
  9. Guessing it will be Zeke.
  10. Mauger and Moore are both good as UDFAs. Hard hitters who play with urgency. Moore is great on ST too. I was only watching Mauger on defense but both have the athleticism for it in my opinion.
  11. Should have sent each player a framed picture of them doing something cool last season. Rocky running away from Brady, Debo's pick 6, Garland's sack of Wilson, etc.
  12. How's nobody saying Devonta? Seems like the coolest guy out there. (Although hanging round with the offensive linemen could be fun)
  13. Yep. Roddy and Spoon would have done this and people would have loved it. I'm not a Cam fan but this made me laugh. He was just having fun.
  14. I got a chance to watch Jack Lynn today. He's a physical guy. Well built and a good tackler. I question whether he's athletic enough to make the team, though. I saw him outran by a TE in the Wisconsin game and it brought back bad memories. If the play is there to be made then he will fight through and finish the play - I don't think he's good enough in coverage to be Quinn's ideal LB and, although he's very hard working, if he has to play in space then he will struggle. I will edit my thoughts into the first post when I've got a minute.