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  1. im gonna go ahead and take a couple points off for language and overt aggression falcanuck wins this round here is what i want you to work on going forward 1 never give any obvious signs that you realize you are losing the argument 2 dont be afraid to toss out a few loose associations when you realize your position is shot your opponent may get confused and allow an opening for you to appear to be winning because you seem more confident in other words if you cant beat him on points beat him on style 3 next time pick a stronger horse to race with
  2. Nah. I think a lot of people are in cya mode for how they treated Eli early on. The fact is, he was treated poorly because of his facial expression. Eli made great plays early in his career and made some bad plays last year. Eli has NEVER been afraid though. That's why he is a champion. He is not gonna drop his pistol when the going gets rough.
  3. an interesting legal opine you have there sir let me ask this is it possible that the nfl can sentence a player to death by lethal injection as long as the players agreed to it in the cba in the state of georgia as long as it is in a contract can I take a mans wife if his rent money is not in hand by 12 noon on the first of every month in the state of georgia you can fire an employee for any reason however you cannot fire an employee for refusing to go on a date with you i guess what I am trying to say is that the cba does not entitled the nfl to impose any sentence they want
  4. Thanks. Keep publishing. "Don't let nobody turn ya around."
  5. Does not look like that on iPad. So there it is. Nevertheless, it was a quote from someon else that was at issue. If it is someone else's quote, how in the world does the author take it personally. There is no crying in football. Proud to see message board comrad gettin stuff published... I do play rough though... Use it in your publications bro.
  6. 1 if you expect to be taken seriously as a writer or otherwise you have to be able to acknowledge your own error without lashing out bro 2 to suggest that it is a block quote merely because you pressed a button does not reflect well on you. 3 a block quote must be visually distinguishable from the non quoted text period 4 you failed 5 next time dont draw so much attention to what you did incorrectly acknowledge it move on and allow your reader to appreciate the time and effort you put into it
  7. you call that a block quote lol 1 a block quote is not a block quote just because you say it is 2 what century was indentation created 3 you wrote the article if it is not clear that you are quoting someone and where the quote begins and ends the error is yours 4 this should clarify for you why many have stated that anybody can write for bleacher report 5 if you are angered by the reception of your article that means article writing is probably not for you
  8. ever heard of quotation marks keep working on it
  9. Re-read what YOU wrote. "The Falcons need a shake-up on offense, and I honestly don't think Koetter is the one who can do it." Looking back on this, I regret my decision to punctuate.
  10. Matt Ryan is the easiest inmate in the asylum. Ain't no question.
  11. Selfish because he took a dive. Selfish because he rolled over. Selfish because he did not slip.
  12. The most disgusting part of this clip is when he gets up. No sign of frustration. Doesn't give any indication that he is upset for slipping and falling. NOPE. Just hops up as if to say, "I'm good..." This guy is selfish.
  13. 1) a little unfair to MM. If the last four years have been a success, then MM's offense is a part of it. 2) a bit of a turn off when off the bat said he didn't think Koetter was the man for the job. 3) what is it with Arthur's affinity for handsome men? Pretty soon this coaching staff is gonna look like a Versace Catwalk. Word on the street? Ugly coaches... Need not apply. Sorry Belichick.
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