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  1. Haha
    CADirtyBird reacted to FalconsIn2012 in Falcons Given NFL’s Toughest Schedule.   
    Regardless, we still gonna beat down the Saints

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    CADirtyBird reacted to UnrealfalcoN in Broncos had trade up in place (79th pick) to Draft Matt Hennessy   
    So Cush was their backup plan. TD is good at getting the guys that the coaches want
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    CADirtyBird reacted to atljbo in Broncos had trade up in place (79th pick) to Draft Matt Hennessy   
    It looks like Teams had Hen as the 2nd Center.
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    CADirtyBird reacted to ya_boi_j in Debo   
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    CADirtyBird reacted to FalconFanSince1970 in Tremendous Off Season   
    Or a TE with limited production better than a pro bowl TE.
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    CADirtyBird reacted to ya_boi_j in 2021 Too Early Mock   
  8. Haha
    CADirtyBird reacted to thamill in SI, CBS, Yahoo, NFL..com, ESPN all had Terrell as a 1st rounder   
    You mean the 30 year old unemployed armchair GM's sipping mountain dew and eating cheesy poofs, living in mom's basement posting every day on TATF were wrong?!?!?!
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    CADirtyBird reacted to Cheyakita in And the run on DB’s continues   
    Once the haters recover from their juice box hangovers you are gonna be happy we didn’t settle for the 6-8th best CB at 47.
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    CADirtyBird reacted to Beast-N-Da-Sheetz in Last time we "reached" on a DB in the first...   
    It was Neal in 2016. That season ended in a Superbowl. Let's just chill on all the bitchin and moaning and welcome the new local kid back home and see how the rest of the draft and off season play out.
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    CADirtyBird reacted to falconidae in Saw the same exact draft night threads I'm seeing about the Terrell pick about Neal  when he was drafted   
    "Drafted a second rounder" "Reach"  "Horrible pick"  Decent chance everybody over raacting now is going to be as wrong as everybody overreacting then.
    Personally, I'm glad they didn't spend all their draft capital to move up. 
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    CADirtyBird reacted to g-dawg in Jags got CJ Henderson and Chaisson   
    Jags are the worst run franchise in the NFL - even the Browns and Bengals are better.
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    CADirtyBird reacted to falcons007 in Raiders were linked to AJ Terrell.   
    For those chicken littles crying about reaching for Terell, Raiders had him high on the board. Daniel Jeremiah at NFL.com talked about it and he had Raiders picking him up at 19. 
    After Kinlaw, Brown, Simmons and Henderson were gone. Its a good pick, unless you are throwing tantrums that TD didn’t select your favorite player.  He is a good football player but raw. I trust him more than Oliver even in his rookie season. Falcons have good depth at CB.
    AJ was considered third best CB after Okudah and Henderson by analysts and some teams according to Daniel Jeremiah.
  15. Thanks
    CADirtyBird reacted to youngbloodz in Jags got CJ Henderson and Chaisson   
    Don’t care
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    CADirtyBird reacted to ShmevinShmarris in If We Didn’t Grab AJ   
    Raiders, Jags, Eagles, Vikes x2..
    all within ten picks of us and needed a corner desperately. You might view it as a reach at 16, but he’s definitely gone by 25 at the absolutely latest.
    Filled a big hole with great talent. 
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    CADirtyBird reacted to Jesus in TD and DQ getting FIRRRREDDDD   
    Falcons need a cornerback
    draft a cornerback
    armchair GMs whine because their favorite guy didn't get drafted.
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    CADirtyBird reacted to ArthursMoustache in We thought Vic and Takk was the answer, now, we are hoping...   
    Calm down, calamity Jane.... Our pass rush has sucked since Abraham left. I guess you have it figured out.... I'd trade Takk in a NY second to get Young.
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    CADirtyBird reacted to Malachore in Jay Glazer reports...   
    If adding the best player in the draft is dumb then I hope TD never wises up.
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    CADirtyBird reacted to g-dawg in Jay Glazer reports...   
    not buying what?
    an all-star list of insiders are reporting on Falcons trying to move up - Jay Glazer, Ian Rappoport, and Adam Schefter - thos are the dudes w/ the info.  -  they don't usually report garbage - doesn't mean it will happen - but it does mean the Falcons are at least kicking the tires hard on these things.
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    CADirtyBird reacted to 1989Fan in Biggest Falcon BUST of the 2000s   
    Why is reading so hard lol. biggest FALCONS bust OF THE 2000s!

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    CADirtyBird reacted to jfalconsp in Ito wanted all the smoke   
    Hope he can come back healthy and ready this season. I love him as a #2, far more than Hill.
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    CADirtyBird reacted to 1989Fan in Silva’s Mock Draft   
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    CADirtyBird reacted to RYNE in FYM Final Mock: Judgment Day   
    No sir I don’t like it. I would be furious
    we aren’t drafting a QB that high. It’s one of the dumber things I’ve ever heard. This team isn’t focused on the future. Dimitroff and Quinn are in win now mode. 
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    CADirtyBird reacted to ADAMSVILLE GYM in We should make a run at Yannick Ngakoue, time to get creative.   
    "We should trade Calvin Ridley and this years 1st and 2nd, and next years 2nd to Jacksonville for Yannick Ngakoue and their 1st."

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