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  1. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/06/06/falcons-will-trade-julio-jones-to-titans/ Julio Jones is heading to Tennessee. The Falcons are trading Jones to the Titans for what Ian Rapoport of NFL Network calls “at least” a second-round draft pick. As PFT reported a week ago, Jones to the Titans for a second-round draft pick was viewed by league sources as the most likely scenario. That’s what happened. ESPN previously reported that the Falcons had already been offered a 2022 first-round draft pick for Jones, but that report was always suspect, and obviously the
  2. Our = As in the Falcons as a team we support Always some jerkoff trying to make things political
  3. My .02 on your .02......I give your review an A. Now maybe we can combine my .02 and your .02 and give that .04 to the people complaining about our draft so they can buy a clue
  4. Cox went to the Cowgirls.....Quinn just started his new phrase "Cox Up"
  5. 75 lol I wish....it was 101 here today
  6. How far is JOK going to drop???
  7. Man Pearson just say the pick....
  8. Wow TF must be.....uhh Mr. Pudding?
  9. Barmore, Oweh, Ojulari, Moehrig, Javonte Williams......who do we take
  10. Predicting TF trades with the Jags for pick #25 to get Najee
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