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  1. Oh yeah I know what you're saying....I've just never gotten over how bad Prater was for us
  2. It's too bad he sucked when he played for us.....we had to bring ol Mort out of retirement because of that lol
  3. 1st offensive play will be a pass to Gabriel
  4. Excellent read.....but that TL; DR is great!
  5. Was just thinking we shoudl grab Desmond King and Brad Kaaya with 2 of our 3 picks in the 5th and thinking about the 3rd.....would grab Butt with it LOL
  6. Except we didn't sign Tyrone Crawford, we signed Jack Crawford
  7. Glad to see you doing this again. I'd like to be in the drawing. Thanks!
  8. Along with the sprinkles from the ice cream Rodgers parents bought him
  9. Or maybe Bosh will let him return it so he can send Hester through the uprights.
  10. I'll be there.....I live in SoCal so this is a big treat for me to get to see the birds play close to home. Section 21L, row 19 right behind the birds bench!
  11. They have 13 passing TD's, you missed the 3 from Foles when Smith was out. That's still really pathetic though. As long as we contain Kelce and Tyreek Hill, then they are no threat on offense. We really need to watch Hill on special teams though and it will be important for Bosher to be healthy.
  12. I think he was let go to make room for that punter we added Matt Wile and also because Coleman is healthy now.