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  1. The thing about guys like Myles Jack and Jaylon Smith is they didn't have video of them beating on a woman out there predraft.
  2. The offense in no way flows better when Jeremy Lin is in the game. John and Dewayne having career best years in large part because of how good Trae is at setting them up.
  3. Just because we're gonna be trench focused doesnt mean we're gonna take [Total # of picks] linemen lol
  4. 2016 doesn't happen without Beasley's explosion. That said, Gurley has lapped Beasley as a player multiple times at this point.
  5. Came here for this post title. Wasn't disappointed.
  6. TBH I haven't watched much but he's huge and naturally talented. Maybe turn him into trade bait with some development.
  7. If Jonah had the traditional arm length, he'd be a top 5 pick.
  8. For sure, I don't even consider Simmons an option.
  9. I don't think he's like the next big pass rusher but he's a solid 7-8 sack guy that can play the run well. Every time I watch the Pats it seems like he's making a play.
  10. I love the Trey Flowers signing. I didn't realize he was a FA.
  11. Atlanta was in for a rough time with those billboards if the Saints had won lol. Gotta get them under control.
  12. Speaking of billboards. A group of Falcons fans are making some progress
  13. Eds a monster.
  14. Tough spot. I don't want an NFC team to win.
  15. Yeah, in the NFL its mostly about giving yourself as many chances as you can get. But they're still really good. They dominate teams outside of their division. The teams in their division have just been some of the worst in the NFL since the Pats run started. So they pretty much start each year with 5-6 wins.
  16. The Pats have the perfect storm of having a freakishly detail oriented (GOAT) coach, the GOAT QB (who can afford to take paycuts), a FO who understands efficient contracts, and a terrible division. They're always gonna be in the mix because they dont need many wins to win their division, and they're always gonna be really good because of that QB/Coach.
  17. Un****ingreal. You can't give Tom Brady any time or he will make you pay.
  18. Hopefully yeah. For some reason I always have it in my head that Ito is Quizz sized.
  19. RBs are in a weird spot where I wouldn't pay em big money but you really really want a good RB. These receiving backs are nightmares for linebackers. James White and Kamara bro..
  20. Yall still on that Katrina ref bs? lol
  21. Come on Aaron Donald. This is where legends are made.
  22. This is the game right here. A TD ends it.
  23. That looked like the last play of the 2012 NFCCG. Same exact hold and deflection
  24. The Pats can beat the Saints. I'm pretty confident in that from what I've watched. I'd rather not be in a position of rooting for the Pats, though!