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  1. McDaniels. He could be a Payton but he might also go Petrino. He's an *******.
  2. For the people thinking Blank is doing anything other than being professional about the situation. Now the coach that Allbright says is the frontrunner truly scares the **** out of me.
  3. Might as well ask DQ if he wants to quit lol. Answering yes is the equivalent of saying 'Please fire me now.'
  4. DQ is **** near completely hands off on offense. Usually defensive guys come in and play a pussified offense like the Bulldogs so I appreciate it. Just sucks he was never able to fix the defense.
  5. We got the 49ers too. I hope for Matt's sake he doesn't play that game, because he may not play one after it.
  6. Blank better not let TD make any moves that require us sending away future picks.
  7. Not like they're gonna fill up if DQ gets fired midseason. And people going after Blank are clowns who don't realize how good the Falcons have it.
  8. I laughed at it but we really are a get right team lmao. Look at how excited the Rams players are for Goff.
  9. This team is a chore to watch. Even the cupcake (or in this case, an easy win) games have little excitement on offense.
  10. I'm sure Coley has his flaws but this is just what Kirby wants the offense to be.
  11. Allen's a smart guy. We need better but at least he has the excuse of coming off an Achilles tear. The other guys just suck.
  12. Eh that's what we said about the Saints and their salary cap management for years too. ***** hard to predict, I do know that the Rams have a really strong roster right now though.
  13. The Rams are able to be aggressive right now because Goffs contract hasn't kicked in. Once that does, they'll never be able to stack their roster like this again.
  14. IDC who it is, we need a playmaker on defense. Throw the draft value sheets our the window, it's that bad
  15. Yeah players/coaches don't tank. This is known. But we'd be better off losing as many games as we can at this point.
  16. It's funny watching people try to argue against drafting higher.
  17. We really have no exciting interim prospects on the staff. Just wait.
  18. Kirby showed everybody he's not a bright man when he pulled out that fake punt last year.
  19. Ok like I said, Kirby got what he deserved.
  20. Finally Kirby's scared *** coaching catches up with him. Good.
  21. UGA isn't that good this year. Been coasting on talent. Speaking of talent, Fields>>Fromm.
  22. I'm ready for this era to end. All of it.
  23. Matt hasn't been costing us since the Eagles game. That said, I can't give two ****s about how his yardage ranks stack up when we've been down double digits in every game. His stats are every bit as boosted as those Brees years we like to make fun of.
  24. My personal policy for the Braves is that everybody who called out Acuña and proceeded to not do **** for the rest of the series needs to get out. He responded, those losers didn't. Ah well, that's baseball though. 166 games culminating in this.