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  1. I would like to see us trade Julio for picks and then try to keep up the facade that we are trying to 'win now'. If we get a QB at 4, fine with it though. Julio is my favorite Falcon ever, I wanna see him get another playoff shot.
  2. I can't see us using some of the $5 of cap space that we got to sign a RB coming off a torn achilles.
  3. You could've said the same thing about Vic Beasley coming out, yet there were people who still disliked him. It's not faulty logic.
  4. At this point, I'm looking forward to a meltdown more than I want the QB. And I want the QB a lot.
  5. He's good, I'd rather have a QB for the next 10-15 than a TE tho
  6. I hope so.. But very unlikely. This guy was first on the Stafford news yesterday but that might've been very fortunate timing.
  7. He's also a non pass rushing linebacker, shouldn't go in the top 10 regardless
  8. It doesn't guarantee anything, the QB we value the highest has to be there. But now people can stop pretending like there's no shot in **** we draft a QB.
  9. If Fontenot considers him a strength, then I'm glad this is his rhetoric because I want a QB.
  10. And also Eagles fans are saying he got fired because he wanted to promote new coaches from within and GM didn't like that.
  11. Whether they tried to be bad or not, the Falcons are in position to get a new QB. Tankers won
  12. Just because we aren't drafting this high doesn't mean we are a good team. The difference between the 4th pick and the 12th pick was 2 wins.
  13. I don't think the Jets would take Fields. I think Lawrence was looked at as a generational QB and Fields is a regular good QB not very different from Darnold's hype. They would not get clowned for taking an OL or even one of these WRs. Similar with the Dolphins. There could be a team that trades up, but that's an option for us too so I can't worry about it.
  14. Yeah, this team is in no position to compete for the rest of Matt Ryan's career. That's why we should take a QB when we're fortunate enough to land in the bottom 4(3?).
  15. Yes I am ready for a new era of Falcons ball these guys have **** near lost me at this point.
  16. I'm not worried about it. Dolphins are not taking a QB and if we don't take a QB then we failed this draft anyway. Though I guess there is the possibility that they trade back and collect a haul from a QB hungry team.
  17. Well I did not watch the game, but it looks like the Dolphins had time on the clock, which the Lions would not have had if Gurley went down.
  18. The thing is, every Falcons fan just expects it to happen. ****'s not even superstitious or a joke lol we really expect it.
  19. Roll with Gage at QB. Least we can attack down the field 😂
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