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  1. **** just looked at his contract numbers. yeah he should want more coming up soon.
  2. I have to refresh a time or three but it seems to be working.
  3. Because people are biased towards comparing players to players their team has drafted before. It makes no sense at all, but people don't like him so they just compare em to a bust.
  4. I think its slowly coming back up. Different error screen than I was getting last night anyway.
  5. I should've added 'imo' but his mentality doesn't seem right to me. To me, he seems more caught up in the flashy stuff than the winning plays. His screens aren't very good, his defense is often poor, his motor is on and off, he'll often float out to the perimeter, he reportedly wants to play power forward rather than center. He's just so big and athletic that it didn't matter in college, but in the pros that stuff will get exposed. I say if he doesn't completely bust he ends up somewhere between Drummond (obviously better touch) and Boogie Cousins. Productive as **** but they aren't making winning plays.
  6. Ayton's gonna be a good stats bad teams guy.
  7. The Hawks should not overthink it. Just take Bagley. I used to think him and Collins were too similar, but now I think Bagley is a clear upgrade and has a much better shot at being a franchise player. He's faster, can jump higher, jump faster (as in his second jump is absurd), has a better handle, and more agile on defense. His defense sucks, but that's supposed to be Pierce's calling card. He has the tools to be a very good switch defender. edit: My top 3 would be Doncic, Bagley, then JJJ. I had JJJ over Bagley a while back but after rewatching Bagley he's just special. JJJ would be an amazing pick as well though.
  8. Nope I just knew one of our divisional rivals was gonna snag him before we could in round 2
  9. Ridley isn't a young draftee either but can't believe a 25 year old tight end went before him lol.
  10. Obviously you gotta pay Matt that money. I hate how much QBs make. I know, proportional % of the cap and all that.. just hard to dispute that having a QB exceed their value on contract is so valuable. NBA having a similar issue with rookie/max contracts.
  11. Saw a guy claim the Falcons were CB/DT in the first but were doing their HW on Ridley/Evans (this was like a week before draft, post now deleted tho). So i believe we had interest. Considering how it leaked that we liked Oliver and were contemplating a move for Payne. Only thing is Titans picked in front of us either way. Guess they feared a tradeup.. weird since LB is a ‘make a strength a strength’ more than a true need.
  12. B+.. I dont know of anyone past the second pick really lol but I really liked hte first two picks. They really targeted special teams, which was an area of need actually. But eh. Feel a bit let down after that incredible start.