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  1. Dude looks good. I honestly never heard of the guy til he played UGA, thought he was just having the game of his life but apparently he's really nice. edit: Fond more clips. This guy is a playmaker with power, receiving ability, shiftiness, patience... I'm sold.
  2. Think RB should get looked at - Freeman is developing a concussion history - Coleman may be gone after next year - Lost Brian Hill off the practice squad
  3. Don't really know what their intentions were, but hope they are self aware of the fact that we're coming off a superbowl appearance powered in part by a crazy amount of rookie contract talents. Everyone is gonna want some of that. We lose a lotta fan favorites on the waiver wire now it seems/
  4. My B.. Conference vs overall record confused me.
  5. So nightmare scenario for Georgia is that Bama loses to Auburn in the iron bowl but still makes the SECCG. Would really muddy up the picture, as a win over Bama might not be strong enough to vault them into the top 4 anymore.
  6. Even tho this forum hates Sherman (for justified reasons such as the Roddy feud and the holding last year no doubt) I love his style and hope he makes a full recovery. One of my favorite players/people in the league.
  7. Dez is not what he used to be.
  8. For sure... sweeping the division puts us right in the mix
  9. Yep @SEA and vs CAR are must wins along with sweeping the Bucs.
  10. I agree but they did what they were supposed to do, took care of business. That's why I scoffed at being upset that the game was "close" at the half. Dallas had only scored off a tip drill turnover deep in our territory. We had the lead and the ball back going into the half, which was our bread and butter all last year. This aint a game to say that the Falcons are back, but if they make a run itll be because of building off their performance today which was miles better than anything we put on the field this year regardless of competition.
  11. Nah I thought a turning point in the run game was when we started using Tevin Coleman to his strength (outside). We couldnt run inside even without Lee.
  12. I'm glad the coaching staff didn't cut Hooper like this board wanted.. turns out he's still pretty good after the catch.
  13. I hope you manage to enjoy your Sunday after this concerning 27-7 win.
  14. Also the amount of players you guys would cut from this team from week to week is ridiculous lmao.