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  1. Nah, Raheem Morris said he would be inactive vs Denver, then they would decide what they'd do with Takk so this has been coming.
  2. The message sent was complain and we'll give you exactly what you want.
  3. Only the Falcons can be headed towards their second 1-7 start in 2 years and people are worried about the perception of the QB
  4. True OP, all yr and offseason we hear about how talented this team is and coaching is just holding em back. I do not know why this is supposedly such a desirable destination for prospective coaches.
  5. It's fine, each game we creep closer to being in position to draft our next QB. Killer remaining schedule.
  6. Cus Luck was better and every excuse that Ryan gets here could be applied to Luck 🤷‍♂️
  7. To be fair Mathis was very bad that game, but he had to have shown something to win the job in the first place. Stetson you already know you're limited at QB.
  8. Still mindblowing to me Kirby picked a starter then bailed on him for low upside Bennett within a game lol.
  9. Ion wanna derail the thread, so I'll just say that just because you criticize someone doesn't mean you wish them an early death. RIP Vaughn. If the cause of death is what it seems like, just another reminder to check in on your folks from time to time, every bit helps. Especially this year.
  10. McKay was talking about fire saling at the deadline. He said he doesn't want to make drastic moves, and its leaving that up to the next GM/HC. The bit about move making sense for us and the player is the exact same sentiment that Arthur Blank had about Matt Ryan's future here.
  11. Prehit he played two of the worst defenses in the NFL in the Seahawks and Cowboys, but his arm has looked toast all year to me 🤷‍♂️
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