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  1. It's not that. Just like OJ Howard was supposed to be top 10 and he dropped to the Bucs, Allen was supposed to be top 3, Foster was supposed to be top 10. Year before same thing with Ashawn and Ragland. Granted there's some other stuff at play but I think mock drafters give a little Bama boost. So just for this year I'm gonna be open to who'll be there when the Falcons draft
  2. I think Payne will be there. Bama prospects been getting overrated in the mocks lately.. and for as good as he looked in the playoffs he had 1 sack and 1 TFL on the whole year. I know its hard to judge DTs by their stats but that's pretty woeful for a guy that athletic. I do like him though.
  3. Now take those feelings and imagine if the Saints won the superbowl in our house next year. We really gotta prevent that from happening!
  4. I wouldn’t bring TG back either, no point in wasting his time with this OC. Teco needs to get out too.
  5. Yeahh gotta be Takk. Hard to go contrarian on this one.. maybe if they use a premium pick on a new skill player that'd be fun.
  6. It's not the same situation. Roddy White was malcontent and our center was snapping the ball into his ***. Tevin got a concussion in the shower lmao. What a weird season that was.
  7. Usually when you draft a guy in the first two rounds it's with the expectation that they'll be able to contribute immediately (some exception for QBs, super toolsy guys etc) so I don't see a problem with taking an OG. Poe depends on the market. If teams are lining up to pay him then let him walk.. pick up a comp pick. But he played well down the stretch, so if his market isn't what he expected then TD needs to work his lowball magic and get him back on another short term deal. He was a big part of the defense down the stretch and probably the best fullback on the roster
  8. Beasley is on a rookie contract. Cut talk is silly, you could do far worse for what he's getting paid. And in all likelihood he'll have a better season next year. 2016 he converted a crazy amount of his pressures, this year he couldn't convert for ****, next year he'll fall in the middle.
  9. Probably right. More of a personal thing for me like FS for a lot on here.
  10. Thing with signing a guard is the worthwhile guards went for 8-9M in free agency last year. We're paying Schraeder 6M, Levitre 7M, and Mack 8.7M. Jake is on his 5th year option which means his cost jumps up to 12M this year. Unless a cap guru wants to come explain how I got it all wrong, it doesn't seem good to spend that much of the cap on OL. Matt is a free agent soon, Grady's contract is coming up, do we wanna resign Clayborn/Poe this offseason? Seems a lot easier to get a guy in the draft for very cheap.
  11. **** I expected Edmunds to be there at 26 but I saw DJ compare him to Barr and this guy rank him over Roquan so I'm not so sure anymore.
  12. Coleman had 10 carries for 79 yards. Could run the ball just fine when we attacked them a certain way. Whose job is it to find the best line of attack vs a defense?
  13. No way I'm signing a FA guard when we have to give Jake a contract and Mack/Shraeder have contracts. And Levitre potentially is making 7M this year.
  14. DT (preferably a 1t) OG (rg) LB (bigger guy to help combat power running teams. riley doesn't seem like the archetype that's gonna help us vs teams like the eagles) RB (teco deal up, Freeman injuries mounting) FB (hopefully a receiving TE hybrid)