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  1. UGA turned a very good quality win into a 'shoulda/coulda lost'. **** still might lose.
  2. More teams are gonna try to make Jimmy G beat them through the air but tbh they'll be fine when Sanders and Kittle(imo the best TE in football) are back.
  3. nvm
  4. thats the best qb in the league
  5. It's not out of the realm of possibility that Grady has been better than Donald *this* year. Grady has been insane.
  6. Making Joe Brady the OC is a nice way to get him poached for a HC job. If you're gonna take that gamble go all in.
  7. If you want Joe Brady, you should be willing to make the leap of faith and make him the HC. Because if he's a good, super young (30 years old) OC then he's gonna get poached super fast.
  8. I don't mind taking a DB. Our defense has a chicken or egg situation brewing with the ****** pass rush and pass coverage. More than anything we need a playmaker. Edit: it appears I was beaten.
  9. I would rather they tank. Last year I was relieved when they beat the Bucs/Panthers because that would've signaled that we were a very very bad team going into this year. This year, I know we are just very bad. Players/coaches don't tank though as much as I'd love to see Matt/Julio/Grady shut down. Thankfully our schedule is incredibly tough. 3-13 at best, this season is gonna do damage to some of our stars legacies. As for the players/coaches losing their jobs.. sucks to suck.
  10. They had to release him off IR due to the nature of the assignment. They would've brought em back if he went unclaimed.
  11. Yeah, if they release him after not trading him I will lose it. If they keep him at his current salary when we are in cap **** I'll lose it. You know what that means? We should've traded him
  12. I'd rather see what guys try hard all the way through rather than those that can give a **** at the end.
  13. Lol. Last year people on here were saying that Teco had no RB skills.
  14. Any QB could be productive with our weapons
  15. Probably ATLUTDs GM or AA. The Hawks are my favorite ATL team right now but they gotta prove it before Schlenk gets praise for his risky moves.