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  1. Hey UNC and Clemson did it too
  2. Yeah there was no problem with the talent that we had in that game.. we put ourselves in that situation and took ourselves out too.
  3. I'm inclined to say Aaron Donald and whoever is better.
  4. The Cs aren't beating the Cavs any time soon But their future and present are incredibly bright.
  5. 5-6PM never disappoints
  6. Cleveland is loading up. Gonna be fun to watch, they are essentially a college allstar team at the moment.
  7. Hearing they are letting folks trade in their Hillary4Prison shirts for similar Trump themed shirts.
  8. I followed that Claude cat because he called some stuff. He throws a lot of **** at the wall, I have no doubt that he knows something but he also is trying to wish stuff into reality.
  9. It'll get called fake news and/or they'll try to find a time that a democrat did something similar.
  10. Another week another scandal And of course here is an old tweet to laugh at in retrospect.
  11. Bell set a Steelers rushing record in the playoffs vs the Dolphins then got hurt in the first quarter vs the Pats tho lol. And DJ put up 2100 all purpose yards, he's the Cardinals whole offense.
  12. Leveon Bell and David Johnson are on a level of their own. Those guys carry most of the load on their offenses. Especially David Johnson.
  13. Depends. Would Dee Ford pick up that LB in the Super Bowl? jk jk or not