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  1. Packers are in trouble. Their upcoming schedule is scaryy.
  2. Eh only way to win a SB is to give yourself a chance. How many teams have won a SB after starting 1-4? But also bear in mind that if we make the playoffs, it'll be because we put it all together in a major way.. Like I said teams don't recover from 1-4 starts.
  3. Nah this aint the NBA. NFL you always wanna make the playoffs (unless you need a QB). In the NBA if you get to the playoff while being mediocre, well you just have no chance in a best of 7. NFL there's always the chance that you can pull off one good day.
  4. He hasn't had his blowup game eithe really. Gonna finish with 18-1900 yards, maybe even 2k.
  5. Probably pissed at the revolving door of receiver rotations and the death (by 1000 tosses) of our running game.
  6. If Humphries caught that pass from Jameis cleanly it was a TD. We didn't notice DJax standing there wide open until after they bobbled it, and even then it would've been close if he caught it.
  7. Julio running out of bounds was fine. Would really be risking injury trying to change his momentum like that.
  8. It amazes me that Trufant is getting more hate than Alford for this game. lol
  9. Finally the offense makes the big drive. You can tell Matt wants it when he's willing to take a hit on a big run. Now for betting purposes I hope the Bucs don't score a TD here
  10. Sucks. We know the defense sucks, the offense blew multiple chances to go up 2-3 scores.
  11. Its now or never offense. Take control of the ****in game.
  12. Offense fails to take command of a game and now the defense is gonna let them back in. Story of the season.
  13. Well better turn on ESPN and hope Texas loses. Because you know pollsters are itching to move Texas into the top 5.