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  1. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/futures/2018/futures-maurice-hurst
  2. The Colts cut him because they are swapping schemes.
  3. Jaire Alexander, Mike Hughes, Carlton Davis, Derwin James, Roquan Smith, Tremaine Edmunds, DJ Moore
  4. The only DB WR and LBs that I like will be either long gone by the time we pick in r1 or we won't pick them because our DL depth is so lacking
  5. Fair enough. Finding it hard to be super enamoured with any players in this draft outside of the tip top prospects.
  6. Worse. Needed to grab (future) all-pro players who can make Sark look competent instead we blew our wad on an avg guard n will spend our picks on DTs and draft a WR for special teams
  7. What do you think about Payne? I wanna like him but 1 TFL on the year scares me.
  8. Where is theprof? Comp pick projection plz
  9. I guess getting Ebron would make people appreciate Hooper's hands so I'm all for it.
  10. Saw comments in Kayoh mock and was wondering. ** If you're scared off by the heart thing then I understand. We have no way of knowing about that but fair enough. "He's not a NT" I get that, but interior pass rushing far more valuable than run stuffers. If NT doesn't bring pass rushing table (Danny Shelton for ex) then far less interesting in R1. Hurst's first step is electric and he's way more refined than a guy like Bryan to me.
  11. So many teams have cap space that role players are getting crazy good money (like NBA offseason a few years ago). Hope the Falcons just try to work the trade market or try to lure in a legitimate big fish chasing a ring (a Suh for example). Not expecting anything though.
  12. Catching up on some of the contracts being handed out and uh wow. This reminds me of the NBA free agency a couple years ago where teams overpaid role players and now pretty much all of them regret it.
  13. Don't understand the Mo Hurst hate. I would like the pick as long as we sign a big body in FA like Daquan Jones.
  14. Was NC State's DLine dominant? I ask because it's weird to see sooo many prospects from one line (thats not even Alabama). Wonder if its similar to mario williams situation)
  15. Ah yes the great lockdown Daryl Worley. Unless you're talking about Torrey Smith which.. meh. If we got aplayer like Torrey Smith this board would be talking about how we're settling for average players. All he can do with any regularity at this point is draw PI penalties.