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  1. Upwards of 80% of teams that start 0-2 miss the playoffs. Got beat to it but yeah
  2. If we get a new coach, I want an offensive one. OCs either suck or get poached away because of their effectiveness. Leaving teams in this ****** adjustment cycle that we have been caught in since DQ got here. Preferably an Andy Reid disciple, his coaching tree is on fire.
  3. Kirby Smart is just Dan Quinn with recruiting chops.
  4. Where's the guy that brings up Nuk in every Julio discussion
  5. People always hate on Tru lol. He gave up like 1 or 2 short completions.
  6. Not excited about Koetter but if Matt didn't play like flaming **** today we look a lot more competent. Hospital balls, overthrows and mindnumbing decision city out there. I did not like how often we were going to Justin Hardy though. And the running game stunk again.
  7. We got blown out. That was one of those games where nothing went our way (besides the Vikings jumping offsides). If we come out like that again next week, then might as well call the season.
  8. This is the perception on Matt Ryan. I'm not saying it's right it just is what it is.
  9. Drew Brees won a Superbowl he's always gonna get his respect.
  10. Games like this are why Matt doesn't get respect. Jesus Christ... And I love taking all of our weapons off the field on the goal line.
  11. Pick up the pace what the **** guys.
  12. To an extent but to me that's just more mental mistakes. Like not holding contain ever.
  13. Everything that has happened in this game has been because of just poor play from us. There have been moments of brilliance but mostly it's just been us giving Minnesota the game.
  14. It was the first DQ decision that was troubling to me. Felt like slinging **** at the wall and hoping something stuck because he feels that seat getting hot. Just like the end of Smitty's tenure. He better hope the light flips on soon.