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  1. All I wanted was some deep routes to get me excited about Ridley but that's pretty much shot now.
  2. Yeah. Just trying to give him the benefit of the doubt before I get down on this season.
  3. I do not like Sark and want him gone, but you'd be silly to judge off preseason. Especially with the engine of the offense out of the game.
  4. Glad Cam checked this guy lmao
  5. Do we play the Dolphins this preseason? They usually whoop our OL's *** real good. I guess no Suh this time though.
  6. Mack is also one of the best run defenders in football
  7. I saw a post with a few likes that insinuated they are the same level of player.
  8. Mack is like a top 15 player at the worst I'd take him over Vic every time and I love Vic.
  9. If he ever gets traded, he'll probably end up on the Eagles because those mofos always manage to pull a trade out of their ***.
  10. Meh. The NFL is all about giving the illusion of caring. The rule will be enforced heavily early on and then scaled all the way back as the season goes on so it can look like they care about the head injuries.
  11. Conflicting reports from media = different camps leaking things to get what they want usually.
  12. Still McClure, though he does seem to have less access than he used to. Was first on the Julio contract drama too I believe.
  13. Meh. Hope the Grady deal comes soon.