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  1. Dont worry, we got all black too
  2. white on black and black on white are good, they should eventually settle into those.
  3. I like em. To me the reds are the cleanest, so I wish they didn't do the fade to black thing. That shade of red is really popping. But who knows how it'll look on the field.
  4. I prefer Fulton but both are fine
  5. It's for Okudah or Simmons. This is the Julio trade for the defense. Edit: oh it's Paul crane. Hype level back to 0.
  6. They've been **** good on preventing leaks, but idc what anyone close to the organization thinks about the jerseys unless they are giving hints lol. As if they're gonna say anything but positive things.
  7. TD is in a now or never situation. I anticipate a trade up for a defensive cornerstone like Okudah or Simmons.
  8. I'd love to get Okudah, we need someone who can physically match up with Michael Thomas.
  9. He's a better player than Henderson.
  10. It's pretty impressive that this thing hasn't leaked yet honestly
  11. I actually liked that design. With some red facemasks, would've been well on our way to some clean *** uniforms.
  12. You'd think. But he just skated off blowing a 24-0 lead lol. In fact I wanna say he actually got promoted in the last couple years.
  13. I would look into it. We'd be foolish to not be doing our due diligence on every Texans player, BoB is a moron.
  14. He's my fav CB right now if we're gonna let our corners press
  15. I think his arm has fallen off a good bit so he's gonna leave some 'meat on the bone' with those WRs deep. Certainly will be able to take care of the ball better than Winston though so that counts for something.