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  1. SF priced the current market way too high. TF and company will be crucified if they don't get remotely the same as Miami got for #3
  2. If Penei is there he's the pick no questions. Starting OL would be Penei, JT, Henny, Lindstrom, McGary add this with a better scheme and the OL could be a strength next year
  3. No thanks. After last weeks showing I don't want another OC that can't get it done in the playoffs when teams expect you to be there. Last year Titans were dark horse with Tanny just getting there mid season. This year it was game on and it showed.
  4. Draft LT, move JM to LG and the line is a strength next year and years to come for the first time since 16..... It shouldn't be this hard. How great is Zeke when he's not behind the best OL in the game?
  5. I've also stated that Ryan and Co are head and shoulders better than Baker and Co. I dont care what name recognition is had...OBJ isn't what he was his first year or so, Landry is a good comp piece but is no Ridley. Chubb and Hunt are better than Gurley and Co. If he made that group better would the Falcons not be winning more of the shoot-outs ala Shanny and the SB run? Falcons are easily top 10 in pts with a better scheme.
  6. You are acting like they were lighting the league up last year. They are a full td per game better this year.....almost like a good OC makes a difference.
  7. Blake Bortles threw 35 TD in a 5-11 and missed the playoffs......not beat the Steelers. He also had a new OC that year....almost like a good OC makes a horrible player better. Are you even trying to be objective or just spout your opinion as fact? Aren't you arguing that Stefanski doesn't lift mediocre players then talk about 1 great year from Bortles wasn't lifted due to an OC.....
  8. And I'll eat breakfast this morning since I woke up. The 2000 Ravens defense COULD be scored against. Don't tell me what could happen....anything COULD happen. Funny how you think play design and play calling shouldn't mask for average QB play, bad oline, avg TE, and slightly above avg WR. A team with no off-season, no training camp, new OC/HC has markedly improved on offense. Are you even trying to be objective of are you making sure your opinion is met?
  9. Hahaha yeah whatever dude. They are only good because they play bad teams. Why you glossing over the Pitt and Bal defense i talked about. Quit stating that opinions are being met and then you turn around and spout off nonsense to meet your opinions
  10. Pretty rich to talk about full pic and not mention 2 of the 3 teams were top 5 defense.... Why no mention of hanging 30+ on a top 5 defense also. Seems like you're screaming about opinions being met and doing the same thing
  11. As previously stated to be fair RYAN>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>BAKER JULIO/RIDLEY>>>>&
  12. 30+MPH wind gust means nothing right? With 23MPH winds consistently. The box score leave that out for you?
  13. Gruden also said the winds were worse than hurricane season. so there's that. Minny top 8 last year in pts gm now they are averaging less points a game this year. Cleveland is almost an entire TD better a game this year with the same team PLUS Stefanski. Take it how you want Stefanski was a great OC and now is making his case as being an above avg HC. RYAN>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>&g
  14. You answered your own question....REAL PLAYOFF CONTENTION TEAMS
  15. Minny was held together by Stefanski. He would have been a great hire down here. That entire offense was different and Cle entire offense looks respectable. Baker=Cousins
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