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  1. While I get what they are saying I can't take this serious.....they actually had the audacity to call Vic Beasley a STAR. At that point I knew it was just some fluff piece click bait to pile on an already known situation
  2. Did you eat paint as a child. You say duh he's paid for his past (assume this to be condescending), but are judging a contract on his present, and proceed to freak out for a contract not being lived up to. It's not like they've given him a contract extension since he's regressed. The edit part was pretty easy....presuming you had the critical thinking to unpack the meat of it. You along with majority of fans call out of work with a stub toe, but expect players to play through serious injuries. You seem like the internet tough guy since you have the rationale of a teenager so you'd be the one that says nah bruh I don't call out of work I work through heart attacks so why can't DF play through a seriously jacked up knee. You keep proving my dunce clan comment more and more true.
  3. Doesn't mean he doesn't deserve it..... I never insinuated that I though he was worth his contract( I believe that I actually argued that is why the two sides were off was due to his contract), you however assumed it from the beginning because you have the emotional control of a teenage girl and the critical thinking of a newborn. I argued the entire time that it wasn't worth it to both sides so the nonsense of they were close because Ian said so guys was dumb and just for speculative click bait....and the dunce clan ate it up. Point Ian
  4. I think you and most fans are the same kind of troglodytes that can't go to work with a stub toe or the cold and the athletes play through injury and when sidelined with something serious fans are like you suck why are we paying you......same reason your boss pays you when you suck and call out for too many brews the night before or you poked yourself too hard in the eye when scratching it. Contracts aren't for present work....they are from past success.....hence when you got a promotion it's from what you did not what you're doing now. Pretty rich of you to talk about reality. Edit: Cue the man I went to work and had a heart attack that I worked through then went home and cut the grass the clowns are sissies internet tough guy act.
  5. YeAh We dO. IaN sAId it WaS a DuN DeAL
  6. Hahaha yeah, you are the dunce. Det has their lead back on a rook deal. They aren't trading what the Falcons would want to eat a contract for a back to sit on the bench. You've still not answered the question: Who would you rather have Kerryon or DF? I suspect Kerryon since you can't answer it, so you proved my point on why Det and Atl didn't make the trade.
  7. How does me pointing out that he's still our best back anything other than that? Edit: Yeah I need to keep him to block since the OL can't do that.
  8. Man I love Free, but yeah you're right he's never going to be the same. I'm forever indebted to him since he was instrumental in taking my noles to promised land, but he's just not worth the money and falcons have to deal with it unfortunately.
  9. Point proven thank you. Kerryon is the better back and on IR this year. DF has a 9.5 mill salary next year and a 6 million dead cap hit next year. The lions have so many holes that they couldn't justify paying him that money to sit on the bench. Kerryon does everything DF can do and better.
  10. Cool story bro....where's the yeah but in my post? The dunce clan is out in full force today. Simple question. Would you rather have Kerryon Johnson or DF?
  11. I figured a little bit of common sense and intelligence would be applied on your side. 8 carries and 20 carries is not a sample size to beat your chest and say you was wrong mmkay. You literally just pulled up NFL stats and said I'm right with 0 understanding and digging in..... Brian hill was trash ypc before his long run on Sunday, in garbage time, with a soft front. Sure makes you feel great about his high ypc. What a dunce. Good thing you work in corporate america and not making real decisions. To send the message to the team that it's over is the worst take ever....and I can see now why no intelligence was applied on your side. Edit: Funny that you cherry picked your bs defense and left out MR2 since he's averaging more than 4 ypc, but I see that you used a little intelligence on that side.....how about you keep it going and use it for the rest
  12. I'll break this down for you. Browns FO and ownership allowed the fans screaming and yelling about we aren't coming if you don't do X is exactly why they had some long term woes up there. Majority of fans wanted Manziel due to his demeanor and flashy plays......very few if any football minds wanted him, which is why he fell to late first and not one team took a flier on him as a back up. So yes the Browns woes have roots in listening to the fans.
  13. Hahaha Hill has 8 carries and Ito has 20...not sure that sample size is something to be happy about. Do you really think they factor in that low of carries when talking about ypc? Why not put Ryan in there since he's had 14 carries. What a typical falcon fan. Looking at stats and not understanding the whole of the outcome. Edit: Just for fun and the heck of it lets take a little deeper dive into the numbers. If you take all 3 RB long to account for what has really been happening this year in the run game this is what you get: Hill 2.4 ypc, Free 3.17 ypc, Ito 3.7 ypc. So while Ito may have a higher ypc, he is only able to pass pro once a game before his bell is ringing and he is in concussion protocol. So yes Free is the best, most reliable back on the team. Trading Free sends the message to the team that we are done with this season because y'all are hopeless....not exactly the way to keep a team rallied for years to come.
  14. So to understand....you going to more games than me makes your eye and understanding better than mine......again mmmmmmmmkay If you think just giving away players because you made a bad deal is the way to go I suggest you head to a few more games and understand compounding mistakes doesn't make the first one go away. If Free is so bad why isn't any of the other running backs averaging at least 4 yds a carry? It's almost like you don't understand game script and poor oline play. So you carry on back into the stadium watching games and telling your friedns you can run an organization because you've been to a lot of games.
  15. 6 mill dead cap in 2020 Free is here one more year