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  1. Takk needs someone competent on the other side of him. Opposing QB knew they could escape to their right all day because 44 was garbage. Hopefully that changes this year and Takk gets his due.
  2. In before the TAFT clowns talk about trusting the experts and they know better than the avg joe. This board is insufferable at times with their allegiance to a group that hasn't proved they deserve it.
  3. Marlon was the only player I wanted in this draft outside of Kinlaw. Dude has nasty and will team well with Grady in the middle. He will win his 1on1 this year and push that pocket....something we haven't had in 32106504165165 years it seems like.
  4. I don't follow those clowns. I, sadly, pay for my information since there's a little more accountability in the paid model. Half this forum would follow Walter to a 'T' if they were the GM.
  5. But bro did you watch the tape? You don't know crap because of your 1 hour of tape you watch This group kills me. Like you said this regime thinks they are The Hoodie and can coach up and scheme any def player to greatness.
  6. Using this logic Kroy Biermann should have been a 2nd rounder because he made it longer than most 2nd round picks in his class. Yeah reaches aren't a thing.
  7. So you think both were worth the 4th round draft capital? Don't act like Mykal is Simmons he just dropped because of failed piss test. He won't play S in this league, and doesn't have the *** to set the edge on run downs. The tape they showed even as his highlights was laughable. The LT swallowed him up. An NFL LT or RT will treat him like Bustley.
  8. Definition of a reach: Spotty college tape, no idea where they will play position wise because of said college tape. But yeah, you're right a reach is a player we don't know.
  9. The no brainer of taking Ryan is what brought us that consistency. He came into a HORRIBLE falcons team and along with Burner Turner turned the Falcons into an 11-5 record. Don't act like that was TD and Co. Matt Ryan has kept this team afloat and competitive.
  10. WTF has TD and Co done in the draft to warrant me and other fans just to trusting blindly? Peria Jerry, VB44, Baker, Harlow(who was let go after 1 year to be brought back), Oliver, the list goes on and on. If they were Ozzie Newsome in the early years then yeah they get all the wait and see credit. When you've jacked up year after year you don't get benefit of the doubt.
  11. Davidson will play inside. He's not going to be on the outside much. That is fowler and Takk territory this year. Grady needed help and a big body next to him to help push was needed and we got that with Davidson. Davidson also fills the role that was Clayborn in the big sets.
  12. For all the people screaming we reached a few picks for AJ in the first, how do y'all feel about reaching really bad on the 2 4th rounders? Everything I saw on these two were 7th to PFA(priority free agent). I for one am really tired of the tweener LB that have to be coached up to play LB. That's not the type of project I look for my team to be taking on in a year that is make or break. I may end up eating crow throughout the next 2 years, but for now it was a huge reach. We went needs based, but executed it very badly IMO. As for the S Hawkins, his cover skills are really subpar, so I don't care if dude has ball skills and can catch it when he gets his hands on it. The good QB in the NFL will eat him alive due to his inability to stick to receivers. As we all know it's about tight windows and if you leave it wide open like he does your hands won't get near the ball. I know he will be at FS, but seems like we already have an out of place ball hawk with Kazee at FS. Why have 2? Overall at a wait and see since they haven't played a single down in the league, but not hopeful for what will happen.
  13. If the unis are what makes us the laughing stock then I'm all for it. Go outside and get some fresh air the quarantine is really starting to affect you negatively.
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