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  1. I noticed the Roanoke Star. I lived in Roanoke my whole life and moved from there last summer.
  2. Not to sure how anyone wouldn't want him back? Yeah did he have some questionable play calling at bad times...yep, but that doesn't mean he isn't he best OC we've ever had. Every coach and every player is going to make mistakes. i know opinions are like a-holes, everyone has one so i would absolutely LOVE it if he come back!
  3. Amen, all we did all season is get better and to come up short of winning a super bowl when we weren't even supposed to be there yet. This team is young and the future is bright. I'm definitely heartbroken tonight....And maybe a little longer but really excited as a true Falcons fan to what the future holds
  4. I'm all in for Bowles. I think he's the best possible choice. The big key will be finding an OC. From everything i read on the guy he plays players to their strengths which is our whole problem on D.......and lack of pass rush.
  5. Mike Smith giving the exact same post game interview week in and week out......c'mon man
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if mass or mathews had a breakout year after being in nolans system for a year and if we were to get a beast dt
  7. Lets just see what they say when we beat the seadderal seahawks
  8. I usually only read but this is the dumbest thing i have ever heard that i had to post phillip rivers sucks and is a bigger crybaby than scam newton no thanks
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