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  1. Giants oline was atrocious allowing league high 241 pressurez yet he found a way to make plays but guess what our oline sucks ? right
  2. vel- wont produce the audio cause it dont excist . Its fabricated over choice words to put. agenda on to make certain players not look as bad . Lets see the audio
  3. do you have a link to audio of him saying we played scarred ? I mean saying were only going to score 17 on road vs Giants is not bad Pats only scored 17
  4. Yep TD has been exposed as a fraud . Quite simple signs bust free agents and then doesnt have scouting ablity to find gems or undrafted free agents to make impacts 2 of his first round picks are already bust Baker and Jerry
  5. good post Falconmama . Going be tough for you seeing Giants win a super bowl watch Rex cover those 2 lombardis Ask any Giant fan they wanted to run OC Gilbride out for the longest and Coughlin now they are loved
  6. Yep he has destroyed TD in drafting . Over past 4 seasons Nicks - 1st round pick he didnt give up 5 picks for him Manningham - took a chance on 3rd round JPP- going to be a premier DE rusher long time Cruz - undrafted rookie free agent
  7. Yeah its about excution of the play . I think Giants and Pats yesterday both played conservative we saw more balance from them then in entire season . There were couple of 3rd and short converted but that didnt make or break the game . Game was lost or won on a couple of plays Wes Welker makes the catch Pats win Pats recover Bradshaw fumble - Pats win Eli doesnt make a perfect throw and great catch by Manningham - Giants may lose Giant fans wanted to run out there OC worse then Mularkey
  8. Giant fans wanted to run there OC out for the longest . Comes down to QB making plays and luck to win a super bowl . You need to get some breaks and bounces
  9. More of the credit should go to Giants GM Jerry Reese who has been stocking up dline draft picks and not overspending in free agency for players . Spags is a good coach that is probably more fitted for our personell but Nolan can adapt and imply a attacking scheme .
  10. Thank you sir It starts and ends with the QB . Look at Eli Manning . He was never as good as his bro NYC was killing him in his 4th season . His arm was questioned . The wind in medowlands used to knock it down . The Giants thought they made a mistake and then he had chip on his shoulder and stood up . That takes mental toughness . That is what inspires a team and a franchise . It starts and ends with the QB and if the QB doesnt have that chip he will lose that thrive to be great we all know Ryan works hard in film but what else where does he inspire the Falcons Falcons brass wont criticize Ryan none of our teammates will challenege Ryan where is Ryan chip on shoulder outside the select few here that question his skill set? Look at Rodgers chip . Had to sit behind Favre Brady taken late in draft Ryan lacks that and that is what team is missing
  11. Half of Matt Ryan 40+ yard plays were YAC on 15 yard-20 yard wco slants Julio 1 vs Indy Julio vs Carolina Harry Douglas vs Det Harry Douglas vs New Orleans all slant routes taken for YAC Ryan had 2 nice passes all season ( deep throws) Roddy vs Titans .. beautiful throw Julio vs Sea .. good throw rest were deep completions but not great throws
  12. word . Eli was always better then Vick since 07' anyone who said other wise fooling them self Eli >>>>>>>>>>>>> Ryan as well Eli showed Ryan how to get things done
  13. Not so sure about that . Arthur Blank has made it clear how he judges a QB and what he does in post season . Ryan better hope next season he doesnt fold in playoffs cause they will soon look to replace him if he doesnt
  14. Jeter can hit a home run is he a home run hitter ? Nah man stop the nonsense right now Matt Ryan doesnt throw a good deep ball and never will . He lacks the arm strength which he overcompensates putting more air under ball . Half of you guys arent athletes so you wouldnt understand a thing . The reason why Ryan puts more air under ball is cause he lacks a big arm . I can show you video evidence and all this examples but it will go out 1 ear The trajectory Ryan puts on ball is lack of arm and poor mechanics . He is also 26 so he has matured enough and this is what we will get . Now let me explain to the non athletes . Putt Matt Ryan on baseball field and put him on the mound . Matt Ryan is capable of throwing a fastball from the rubber thats not the issue . Put him in right field trying to throw a runner out at home or 3rd Now since Ryan lacks arm strength he will overcompensate by putting air under ball so it can get from point A to B .. Kind of like a ^ . Now a person with good arm strength Vlad / Francouer / Jay Cutler/ Rodgers they throw ball ----------- on low level trajectory Ryan doesnt have skill set to be a deep ball throw - lacks good arm - sloppy mechanics at times - terrible touch and accuracy to all the people who blame Mularkey or oline are clueless . Mularkey knew what he had in Ryan and to blame oline for Ryan flaws is silly . You dont need a clean pocket to make a good hard throw should I show film of what Brett Favre could do or Big Ben under wraps You either have it or you dont
  15. Eli won a Super Bowl in his 4th season . He was very good in playoffs back then to
  16. When Falcons win a super bowl it will be one of the greatest days of my life . Key word Falcons not Ryan
  17. forming a opinion vel . Thats what a message board is . Thats a opinion . There doesnt need to be factual evidence just formed opinion .
  18. Ryan will never be Eli .. Eli has mental toughness . Eli was told he would never be good as his bro . The chip on shoulder . Matt Ryan has been giving anything he ever wanted he has no chip no desire to be elite
  19. yep that is what we call drafting 1 .. TD drafts Sidbury . Bierman hahahahahaha
  20. ' blaming Mularkey for everything ...lol this offense will be no different under Koetter .. ooo we will throw some screens ..great to Turner ..nah ...ooo to Quizz oo okay that gives away the package ..Its funny how Mularkey takes blunt of the blame but what happens if Mularkey makes Gabbert a real NFL starting QB that can be respectable and Ryan never develops past what he is ...a game manger
  21. yeah making the playoffs is not that special ..Seahawks last year ...Denver Broncos this year... and those teams actual won a playoff game ..we on the other hand are a consistent regular season team that can beat up on the cupcakes but dont have the mental toughness or balls to fight through in playoffs especially when things dont go there way but we will steam roll the Jags
  22. waiting for Pat Ysinkanas or whatever his name is to write a article about this to confirm
  23. AGREE... Eli was most pressured QB 241 times on the season yet still found ways to make plays ..Until Ryan develops this pocket presence and slight sense of moblity to escape we are stuck with a rock and a hard place. Unless we build this ultimate line that doesnt allow Ryan to ever get touched
  24. yes you did kind sir ..1 can move around the pocket and keep eyes down field ..Ryan gets any sort of pressure goes down like house of cards ..Until Ryan can improve *** aspects of his game his talent level is capped and we are stuck watching other teams win Lombardis
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