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  1. Im not easily offended so bring it! I know 85% of the people on this MB are losers so I expect such antics.
  2. I dont even know how this conversation turned into a "safety is a more important position than corner" conversation but I chuckled a little. Anyone that thinks the safety is more important has a lower football IQ than my daughter, who is 12. Let's move on!
  3. Real cute! I guess being one of his #1 fans I should expect to see dumb comments like this. I don't care! Call me whatever name you want, just be sure you read what I say! I speak the truth while most of you on here speak from opinion...an idiotic opinion for most of you.
  4. ******** on who's part because I certainly am not the one that compared the two first. I simply stated why you CANT compare the two. And yes there is a show called Cops, but their numbers are peanuts compared to the NFL numbers so that's a L for you as well!
  5. Are u still gonna buy tickets, jerseys, beer, food and parking? If so STFU!! Seems like you're mad that you are in a thankless job. Blame your parents for not pushing you to be something that makes lots of money! Ask yourself this question: Would you pay $50 to watch a police officer patrol the community live? Would you pay $15 for a beer while watching said officer patrol the community? Would you pay $20 to park really close to the officers community? Would you pay $300 for that officer's cop uniform AND wear it in public? And if you were a business, would you pay millions of dollars to advertise your business during the commercials of said police officers shift that is filming live? Didnt think so! Athletes get paid millions because they generate BILLIONS! They should be getting more if you ask me! Especially college athletes! So think about this the next time you open your mouth about how much an athlete makes! Also keep in mind, almost ANYONE can become a cop, DA, fireman etc....only about 2,000 people play professional football per year. U mad? Lol
  6. LMAO!! And here I was thinking he was gonna edit the word #IRREGARDLESS seeing as tho that IS NOT a real word.
  7. THIS!!!! He's taller than Owens AND weighs more! Is also a stockier body than Franks, even tho Franks is taller. So these MORONS arguing about his size being a downfall sound exactly like I said IDIOTS! People talk just to hear the sound of their own voice! Its insane!
  8. Shut up already! Yeah everyone has an opinion, but if your opinion is STUPID don't be upset when people tell you so. "IMO, the sun might not come up tomorrow." Yeah, one day it wont come up, but see how stupid it sounds when someone says it after all these days of it coming up? Thats how you sound! Now we are to believe you actually PLAYED football? HA!!! Get out of here, loser!
  9. Expandable? Really? Nothing else you say will ever matter! But before I go, let me tell you that you are COMPLETELY wrong about us changing to bump and run when Grimes didn't play. We did, however, have to shift the safety over to his side when he didn't play, unlike when he did play and ALL the help was on Robinson's side while Grimes played man on his side. You have no clue what you are talking about. I wish I could gather up all you village idiots in one room and run back the tapes of every game that you can see what the coverage was and how awesome he is!
  10. That's EXACTLY what Im saying! 16 games with Owens or Franks on the outside is one of the scariest thoughts I have ever had! You seem to have amnesia about how important he was to our season. Think back to the 4 times per game he was thrown at. That means, he almost shut down an entire side of the field. When you do that, you limit the offenses playbook. And THATS how you get a W on defense! Our defense only lost 2 games if you ask me! The other losses were definitely on the offense. Know what you're talking about before you open your mouth!
  11. He's 28 TODAY and has had ONE KNEE SURGERY, a scope! So quit acting like the guy is Dunta Robinson and had his ENTIRE KNEE replaced. I get that you don't want Grimes to kill the cap, but what that also tells me is that you are OK with losing and not going to battle with your best players. Yeah, Franks and Owens are decent, but on a scale of 1-10 (10 being best) they both total an 8 in my opinion while Grimes is at least an 8 all by himself. I'm so glad fans have NO SAY SO on how the FO makes its moves. You guys are clueless!! Yes, Im talking about YOU!
  12. Hate the comment all you want but its the truth! Our offense stinks! Better yet, our offense doesn't stink, Matt Ryan stinks! I can almost guarantee you if Drew Brees was our QB we would be in the Super Bowl hunt every year! Tony G! Roddy W! Julio J! Michael T! Harry D! Come ON!! Matt Ryan is a BUM! I wont believe this organization is serious about winning a ring until they get a real QB. Until then, I will think they are just happy with ticket sales and making it to the playoffs, even if we get blown out in the first round!
  13. FALSE!!! Im so glad Im not a delusional fan. I'm a realist. They are better than us. They have proven it for the past 4 years, including a Super Bowl. We need a new quarterback to even be mentioned as a team in the hunt for the ring. Until then, we will continue to make the playoffs and get our a$$ kicked in the first round. The End! Everybody and anybody that thinks otherwise is DELUSIONAL!
  14. I could be wrong, but that quote sounded like a DIRECT jab at the fans as well as his honest opinion. Lets be real here for just a moment: The guy felt like he was doing his job, so he expected to be paid top dollar. He found out the team he broke his balls for didn't agree and asked him to take less money. He was offended and decided to test the waters to see what he was worth. He finds out he really isn't gonna get what he thinks he's worth so he starts trying to get the best he can get. The team that beats your team consistently (and brutally in December) shows interest in you. They just won a Super Bowl two years ago and have an explosive offense that can carry a mediocre defense. Your current teams offense is clearly holding back your team. The fans of your current team all but shoved you out the door with the RUDEST comments about your skill set that you have ever heard and all you have done was try to play your hardest for them day in and day out. What would you do? Me personally: I would have went to the Saints as well. Why go the the sorry a$$ Bucs who are so screwed up on offense and defense? Yeah, the Saints are in hot water right now due to the bounty situation, but seriously, who cares? They are and will still be a good team. And that bounty business has nothing to do with him. He will be the start a new regime of players that know those things are wrong. Im a Falcon fan and all, but I'm not stupid. The Saints are flat out better than us, period! We have a better defense than they do, but their offense is better than our defense so it really doesn't matter. I can only imagine what Grimes will say if/when he leaves this organization after the way these fans treated him and his family. All of you that think Grimes is too small/weak/injured to command the contract he desires would sh*t your pants if you see him lined up against Matt Ryan! But you don't want to pay him? Be careful what you wish for! P.S. One bad batch of fans DOES, in fact, spoil the bunch!
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