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  1. I'm not sure why this is even a Question in Falcon Fans Minds. I'm wondering why fans are so quick to forget where this team was 4 years ago during the "Michael Vick" fiasco, of which, WE HAD NO HEAD COACH, NO QUARTERBACK....tickets sales must have dropped below 50%, and....worst of all...WE WERE A "SCANDAL IN THE WORLD OF SPORTS". Although NONE of that was the Falcons Fault (yet, they knew how Volatile Vick was), in the end, The Falcons suffered MORE THAN VICK, not even mentioning the Salaries paid out to Players & Coaches that were no longer with the team. So, let's recap the last 4 years.....WE'VE BEEN IN THE PLAYOFFS IN 3 OF THE LAST 4 YEARS, and, We have our SELF RESPECT BACK. Why? - Because of "Matt Ryan & Mike Smith". Enough Said.
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