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  1. So Donovan is #3 with 2 National Championships. Yet the media NEVER includes him amongst the elite in the nation? If Billy D was coaching for a school like Kentucky or Indiana, people would be talking about him like he was one of the greatest of all time. But no, he coaches at Florida, a perennial football school, so he couldn't possibly be one of the GOATs could he? The truth is that Billy D is one of the greatest coaches of all time, and everybody wants to ignore it for some reason. Just like how everyone wants to ignore Noah, Brewer, Horford, Green, and Humphrey being one of the Top 3 all-time greatest starting 5. I bet you can't name a better starting 5 except for maybe ONE and yet those fantastic Gators teams STILL go unrecognized.
  2. I'll start this thread off with this, since there aren't a whole lot that are going to top it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BV2HCmbcSQc
  3. OMG THIS IS SO ******* SHOCKING!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anybody who thinks Whitney Houston wasn't smoking her ******* knee caps off is the same kind of ****** who would think that Michael Jackson didn't smell like little boy's *******. This might be the least surprising headline since 'Tony Montana snorted coke.' Hi, I'm reality, and I come bearing bitchslaps.
  4. This is such BS. Anybody who says this with any sort of conviction should be punched in the face. You can have the greatest coaches in the world but if you have nothing but a bunch of turds to coach up then you're not worth a ****.
  5. How the **** could you say something like this unless you are actually blind? In that case, I apologize.
  6. There are many examples of this being a false statement, but the most recent example would be Jeff Saturday, who they just signed to replace Scott Wells.
  7. I completely agree with you about how corny it is. They've actually won a Super Bowl though, so take anything being posted over there and multiply it by 100, then you'll get everything that would be happening here. Fan is short for "Fanatic" and that is true NO MATTER what team you root for. One fan base is NEVER an better than another, because we are all moronic ******* in the end. We care so much about dudes running around a green field knocking each other on the ground as long as they hold an odd-shaped piece of inflated leather, but none of it ACTUALLY matters. At least I hope it doesn't.
  8. Sorry but I LOL'd @ then I'll talk about legend at a national level. He's already got 2 national championships but he needs a 3rd? What coach that is still currently coaching has 3 national championships? I just think it's weird that if he wins THIS tournament then you'll put him at the top of your list but him winning 2 in a row just doesn't do it for you. I'm not usually a guy who says things like "ZOMG THE MEDIA HATES US AND SHOWS US NO RESPECT!!!" But in the case of Billy D it is absolutely, 100% true. Nobody ever brings his name up when talking about the greatest yet the the guy is still so young and still has so many years left and he's accomplished so much.
  9. I have never been able to get into Puscifer. I understand the appeal to some people but that type of music is just not for me. I liked probably 2 songs off their newest album, but I'm ready for MJK to get back to his REAL **** with either Tool or APC.
  10. They're doing all they can to defend they're team. It looks goofy and irrational to us, but nobody here could say we wouldn't be doing the exact same thing if we were in the exact same position. Because we absolutely WOULD, and anyone who says otherwise is 100% full of ****. Every thread that's being posted there would be posted here if the roles were reversed. I'm not going to hate on a fanbase for protecting their own. I am going to laugh at them, though.
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