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  1. could care less about his house and more about his play, let's see some great pics of awesome plays from him here later in the season........
  2. i agree, i believe alot of Vic's success this year is directly related to use signing DF and him coaching Vic. We need to keep him around to help develop DLine talent. He has done better in one year than all of our coaches have in the past 5-7 years.
  3. can't tell you how many trips to the ER i have made over Falcons games, hahahaha, calmed down on that but, several broken bones accured through the years, hahahaha
  4. i have friends who told me they actually turned the game off cause we were stompping that a$$ so bad and turned back later to check and was like WTF happened here.... A lot of missed calls on NE and phantom calls against us when we had stops...
  5. $$$$$$$$$ and the title of Head Coach, i think its more of an ego thing for Kyle.
  6. i say we don't even sniff the playoffs. This with the loss of the OC and as we all know other coaches and players will be gone. We gave up a SB history lead to lose the SB after 18 years of waiting to get back there. They will not recover from this by next season, possibly an almost replica of Carolinia's season this year I ay is more realistic.
  7. i blame Matt for this, he is at the head of the table (so-to-speak), so why didn't he audible to run plays, he knew Kyle was leaving after this game and AB/DQ was gonna do what, fire him? Yeah right! Maybe this is what separates the good QBs from the elites... Man up make that call, win the SB and no one would have said sh!T..... Matt played well but, those calls were on him in the end...
  8. Honestly, was Courtney sitting next to you laughing his a$$ as you were tyoing this, hahahaa
  9. Honestly, we are not missing anyone. This team as it is, is what got us here....! Appreciate the team as it is cause other than the 98 SB., no other team got us here and well, Roddy had his chance in '12.
  10. if you ask me, he is foolish for leaving for the SF job, wait another year or two, posiibly get multiple SB rings and a much better team/opportunity will come
  11. oh and PS, Obama issued the same d@mn ban that Trump is issuing now so again, ONE IN THE SAME, same Circus, different clown and everyone is falling for it like a bunch of drunk sheep......
  12. GOD ****ITTOEHLL!!!!! What the Fuc$ i can't even come to the Falcons board on superbowl week and get away from this political propaganda bullshi! all politicians are lairs and out for number 1. This is some mother Fu$king crap here........ Mfing politic ruin everything in this world, have none of you grown men and women noticed that no matter who is in office it's the same ol crap from the previous doucBag?
  13. is it bad that i literally heard you saying this when i read it, bahahahahaha
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