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  1. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-360/0ap3000000766246/NFL-360-Quarterbacking-101-with-Matt-Ryan
  2. Yeah, agreed - I certainly didn't realise the extent that the independent scouting companies were used. Figured it was mainly resourced in-house.
  3. Quick shout out to say I really appreciate your film/play breakdowns. I dont usually post (normally just read), but thought this article was a really unique insight, much akin to your awesome posts. Much respect.
  4. Thought this excerpt in particular really shows how on point Quinns ethos is: "To succeed with this approach, teams must commit to player development, and this requires a complete buy-in from the coaching staff. Coaches must teach and correct every player on the roster with the same passion, and they have to be willing to let the young guys get real reps regardless of their draft position or player profile. Although this should be standard protocol throughout the league, there are a number of teams and coaches who refuse to commit the extra time it takes to develop their young players. When I quizzed a former Seahawks scout about this approach, he told me, "Coaches need to be patient and know how to teach ... They need to be committed to developing the players." When I asked him about other teams, he replied, "Most coaches want polished players with all of the traits. They don't have the patience for development."
  5. Really interesting article offering insight into the origin of our 'Plan D' player development scheme (shown through Seattle's equivalent program). Thought I would share... http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000697645/article/seahawks-keep-finding-undrafted-gems-vikings-fleeced-in-trade
  6. I was waiting for R's response... ... Wasn't disappointed.
  7. No, don't get me wrong it's a good place, but I just thought I had to say something - some of the posts were getting a bit "you're new therefore your opinion is worthless", and I don't like reading that. I've been here a little while, but my post count is low, that shouldn't make me feel any less a part of this forum, nor for anyone else in a similar situation. Anyway... back to the topic...
  8. Listen, I dont care for post counts, 1 post, 50,000 posts - I don't care. As long as we're talking Falcons, I wanna read. As soon as post counts, and chest thumping over who's been here longer makes people think one view is more important than another? Well, I think we lose something as a forum then.
  9. Hmm, well this thread has made the lower post number guys and new guys feel welcome...
  10. No, you're right also. It's clear there's a culture of meritocratic development at flowery branch now.Although it'll take time to truly reap the benefits.
  11. Can't say I'm in the anti-TD camp. I respect your opinion though.
  12. And he's now in the wrong scheme. He played very well last year. So yes, we have paid for a good offense lineman in free agency before. That's not the issue though, our issue has been not DRAFTING and then DEVELOPING OL talent consistently well enough. Good teams should be able to draft mid-round offensive lineman and develop them into starting calilibre players. That doesn't mean every lineman drafted turns out, but there should be some progress. That's hasn't been the case with the Falcons in years past.
  13. Easy now; sensible, well thought out and reasoned discussion is not gonna fly well here. :-)
  14. You know we signed Asamoah last year, right?
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