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  1. You mean to tell me the UDFA RBs have a shot.. on a team with only 2 rostered RBs? Shocked
  2. I remember it got deleted pretty quickly. Can't remember who it was though.
  3. Hate him of love him, he's the best Atlanta has ever had. Vick COULD have been, but isn't. Off the field counts obviously, can't play can't contribute. Therefore, Ryan is our GOAT.
  4. Corny, but I'm having an indoor storm shelter/safe room built with Falcons red powder coating. Looking for some good magnets to put on it. Hoping for a large Falcons magnet and smaller no-saints etc magnets to put under it. Anyone know of a good source? Google is no help.
  5. I give it a solid A. I will never complain about going oline heavy. You can build around a good oline regardless of superbowl window or rebuild. We added two corners to compete for jobs which I believe is our weakest position at the moment. Adding a power back is icing on the cake.
  6. I'm very happy with this pick. We've needed a legit powerback for years. I have missed Snelling big time in many situations.
  7. Throwing shoulders helps none bud https://np.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/3pcvfb/saudi_arabia_hajj_disaster_death_toll_at_least/cw5vxtm/?context=3 (Don't google vids of crowd crushing. NSFL)
  8. He and Gabe Jackson was almost interchangeable in almost every mock that year
  9. You sir should be drinking as well lol. He'll somehow squeeze into a roster or two before disappearing.
  10. Uhh.. I was making this mostly as a "bring em home" thread. Okay though. There will be plenty more in the next few days as well.
  11. Figured I'd get a head start on these topics. I've already seen a few who were favorites here during their drafts but were cut. David Yankey -- Tons if mocks had him in round 2. He was certainly a favorite in mocks. Cyrus Kouandjio -- was touted as a late 1st or early 2nd in mocks here. Kapri Bibbs -- I saw this guy a lot in 5th round in mocks. I remember people constantly parroting the whole "you can find a quality rb in this round" stuff at that time Shayne Skov -- another 5th-ish rounder in a lot of mocks Anyone else? Any discussion? Edit -- I'm drinking and proofreading is hard
  12. I've always seen him as a guy with magnet hands that for some reason just doesn't get open or thrown to. Never watched him enough to learn why.
  13. Remember when everyone claimed Julio was a 1 trick pony as well? I had friends that said if it wasn't for quick slants, he would have nothing.
  14. Still a better receiver than anyone on the Chiefs not named Tyreek Hill
  15. You guys are no fun. I wasn't downing Sanu. I was just looking for some "what if" discussion on what young talent would shine on this team in particular. I guess I should have known better.
  16. There are plenty of young players who underperform on their current team. Who would be amazing as a Falcon paired with Julio? I ask this while thinking about the Watkins trade. He was hyped up to be a beast in that draft, and he has been very disappointing due to injury and just.. well.. his team. I can't help but think he would be a star here. Anyone you guys think could as well?
  17. Can't keep two well paid rbs. Plain and simple. Cheap or trade.
  18. I haven't seen any mention of him so far. Also, haven't seen anything about our rookie TE either. Anything?
  19. Fast, strong, and agile don't mean swuat if he can't block though. We'll see. Hopefully one of these guys does decent enough.
  20. No he hasn't. He has an opinion opposite of yours. That doesn't make him a troll. I also disagree with half this Patriots cheating schtick that's been thrown around every couple months as well. Does that make me a troll?
  21. Not teams that scare me, but teams I think everyone should look out for this season.. The entire AFC south minus IND
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