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  1. Corny, but I'm having an indoor storm shelter/safe room built with Falcons red powder coating. Looking for some good magnets to put on it. Hoping for a large Falcons magnet and smaller no-saints etc magnets to put under it. Anyone know of a good source? Google is no help.
  2. This line is starting to shape up
  3. I'm easily baited. That's no secret. I'm a huge meanie. Serious business. Also, you weren't the white knight from last time this happened. I checked. I apologize for that one.
  4. I really don't care of you're buddies, lovers, strangers, whatever. Doesn't matter. I simply put that I'm not going to sit and argue with you two about why he did or didn't use an already existing thread for this topic. Instead I got to sit and argue over how I'm a big meanie and how I'm always picking on the wittle people. How fun. Anyways, once again, just pm me for further discussion instead of white knighting on here. I'm always open for a good pm argument or debate.
  5. Pretty sure you played white knight last time this happened as well. That guy was banned shortly after for proving me right. If you want to keep playing Mr Hero, go play an RPG. Or just pm me
  6. Thats obviously his roommate (ocoee lol), you big bully. MAFIA'D
  7. I definitely did say that. Anyone who has read this forum regularly the past few months can see how you are. You answer any opposition to your posts with aggression or sarcastic remarks. This isn't a one thread thing either. You've made an A of yourself many times in the past as well. Don't play like an innocent little victim.
  8. Dude I swear I hope you choke on your ringpop after nap time.
  9. Have you seen him, or any other prospect fail at any level in a ZBS?
  10. Terrible at guard in a power scheme. Hello zone blocking scheme.
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