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  1. Did they ever say why the cops decided to spray the truck with bullets? Did they just see a truck and get gun boners? Seriously, how ******* ******** are the cops who shot up this truck?
  2. Pencilpusher is a full blown nutcase. This is what happens when you are too afraid to leave your own driveway.
  3. I don't think Baker played nearly as well last year as some of you seem to think.
  4. Why, so I can watch your nips slip as the alcohol steals away your equilibrium?
  5. Swing and a miss. Luckily, you'll prolly get to land a few later on when Dwyla gets back from the flea market.
  6. Awww, Sweet Home Domestic Violence is down to posting links because he finally realized he doesn't know who he is talking to. Poor Sweet Home Domestic Violence.
  7. You are 300 pounds. There is no way you don't smell like ****. Two things have happened since this thread started: 1. You got fatter 2. You began to sweat as your meat hooks labored to navigate around your keyboard. Isn't it time for you to pick up Dwyla from the nail parlor?
  8. Is a 300 pound redneck really trying to lecture me on hygiene? I take two showers a day, Sweet Home Domestic Violence. I'd bet dollars to donuts your taint is funkier than your sense of history. Why don't you do us all a favor- when you get done beating your kids tonight, open up some history books.
  9. Look at you, you are a morbidly obese redneck who gets upset when people tell the truth about America's past. If you aren't racist, the sun isn't hot.
  10. It would be you're, not your. Go chug that natty and cry about minorities, racist.
  11. I didn't do anything like that. Why don't you go chug some natty light and yell at cars..
  12. Our country was founded by slave owning hypocrites. I guess native Americans weren't cool with our "core values". I always love it when people talk about our past as if it wasn't filled with even more ******** than we see today. Guess what, it was.
  13. He meant to write allsome. I taught him that. It's the internet. We use terrabull, allsome and many other purposeful misspellings.
  14. Calm down, Mrs Turner. You shouldn't let the internet upset you.
  15. I'm not blaming one person, so let's not put words in my mouth, Mrs Turner. All I'm saying is that your girlfriend, Michael Turner, is finished.
  16. I saw Quiz make something out of nothing. I saw Turner fall on the ground with a wide open hole from him. Unless you are related to him, you need to stop defending him. He is done. He has been done for a long time.
  17. How are you doing, Mrs Turner? Your son is fat and past his prime. He is done. Bring him home.
  18. Are we watching the same team? Our oline is average, at best. We made Oakland and Carolina look like world-beaters. Our offensive coordinator had to run 70 screens against the Eagles to prevent Matt Ryan from getting murdered.
  19. I've got two big veins that run down each side. It's pretty sweet.
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