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  1. Most important rule of all, *NEVER* ask any Native what their blood quantum is. That's none of your business and it's a question that will ensure you never get close to that Native or their People. We don't allow that question within our own ranks, and we ****ed sure don't welcome it from people outside our own. https://www.quora.com/What-are-some-common-faux-pas-when-speaking-to-Native-Americans
  2. That's like saying, "I'm always amazed at how many plane crashes there are". Look at actual stats, not what is in your memory. Your brain lies to you.
  3. Nothing changes, does it @CrimsonFalcon?
  4. I'm hoping that someone who is familiar with iheartradio can help. I'm in Disney World and have a 8:00 dinner at the castle with the kids. (Not my scheduling) Can anyone tell me for sure what channel I will be able to use on iheartradio to pick up the game??? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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