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  1. When asked that question, what GM would actually tell the press that the Head Coach, of which he hired, is on the hot seat? Seriously? Another missed playoff run and TD will be on the hot seat. I honestly don't care if it takes until 2013, I just want to at least get to what we're worth (NFC Championship game).
  2. Sidbury, Ray Edwards, Biermann and Akeem Dent all have breakout years. Sidbury accumulates 9 sacks, 3 sacks behind John Abraham. Bierrman racks up 7.5 sacks and is now a force to be reckoned with on the field and Corey Peters is dominating the middle with Jared Crick making our pass rush top 5 along with the Texans, Giants, Lions and Buffalo. Our defense ranks 6th overall, with a stunning run-defense after Lofa Tatupu gets injured and Akeem Dent plays a surprisingly solid season getting 79 tackles over the span of 12 games. Our pass defense ranks #10 with the injury of Dunta Robinson, Dominiqu
  3. If Matt Ryan get's injured and our season is ******, then this is all your fault TD. Sam Baker better not suck **** this year, because if he does, I sincerely hope you fall in a pile of rusted AIDs needles. Our team would be nothing without Matty Ice at QB. Especially in this division.
  4. He was rated the #2 4-3 DE behind Trent Cole according to ESPN and profootball focus.. Stop being a hater, the dude still has gas.
  5. We have enough corners, beside, Boykin is a great PR and slot CB, but we really don't need that. I'd stick with Franks/Dunta/Grimes in the DB field, but I want another DT beside Corey Peters who can blow up the middle (Not clog it up, **** that).
  6. Nope. Abe is a top 3 4-3 pass rusher, Kamerion wimbley is a very good 3-4 OLB, a bad 4-3 LB, and a bad 4-3 DE. Would be awesome if we were running a 3-4, average for anything else.
  7. Yeah but I would have loved to have him in as opposite of Abraham. Oh well, I think Ray Edwards might have a better year.
  8. http://aol.sportingnews.com/nfl/story/2012-03-20/kamerion-wimbley-titans-raiders-2012-nfl-free-agents Oh well, at least we have a shot at Mcneil.
  9. Yeah, but Matt Ryan isn't as mobile and can't take hits like Eli Manning. Eli Manning is (some times) at the elite level. Matt Ryan needs a solid OL to flourish. He's a Tom Brady type QB rather than an Eli-type QB. Also, we don't have that big of a pass rush, that will probably change with Nolan, but we still don't have JPP, Justin Tuck, Osi, Michael Boley, etc. Also, you forgot how awful their running-gain was in the regular season.
  10. He's on steroids, he's entirely too big for a SS, he's an average tackler (at best) and he lacks in pass coverage. Have you seen him play? I doubt it. I'm a number 2 Washington fan because that's where I grew up for a period of time and I know better than most of the people here that he is not that good.
  11. I wouldn't even give him my pocket lent to play on this team..
  12. Supposedly (and hopefully) this week according to his agent. I really want him, but we have to restructure Ryan and Dunta first.
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