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  1. Yep, I saw Dukes too. He basically bashed us for drafting BPA and not for need. Idiot.
  2. Paul Worrilow starred in all 6 Star Wars movies.......... As The Force.
  3. Voted for 15 minutes straight on my lunch break. Got him up to a 271 vote lead.
  4. jay adams just reported that Roddy did not practice: Babs (ribs), White (knee) and Moore (hamstring) did not practice today
  5. D.Led just tweeted this about 5 minutes ago... #Falcons WR @RoddyWhiteTV didn't speak in the locker room because he'll be on the injury report that will be released later today.
  6. I have this guy on my fantasy team. He's an incredible person and is and will be a great running back. I though the exact same thing when saw this: http://www.csnwashington.com/sportsnetWashington/search/v/63192767/alfred-morris-humility-begins-with-his-bentley.htm
  7. QB: Stafford HB: Chris Johnson HB: Doug Martin WR: AJ Green WR: Maclin TE: Hernandez FLEX: Reggie Wayne K: Jason Hanson DEF: Eagles Bench: RG3, Shonn Greene, Pierre Thomas, Jermaine Gresham, Alfred Morris, Brian Quick, Danny Amendola
  8. We arent the only ones to stay with the old fabric, the packers, panties, eagles, and raiders all stayed original as well
  9. Alright... he missed one... the rest he has nailed
  10. Incarcerated Bob just tweeted that the Mario Williams Buffalo deal is done... He's been 100% on his reporting today
  11. I love that Nolan said his wheels were turning when watching film with Smitty, especially the fact that he wants to pay close attention to the secondary and said better coverages means better pass rush
  12. I don't normally make posts, I use this board for reading but i had to join to post what i saw this morning. I drive by Dekalb airport on my way into work everyday and today i looked over and say a private jet with a dolphins helmet on it. Now I cant imagine the dolphins flying Nolan into Atlanta after we take him away from them, so i wonder if it could possibly be a players jet??? what do yall think?
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