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    falconsrus reacted to FalconinPA in *** Official Titans Vs Falcons In-Game Thread ***   
    Today should have removed all doubt if their were any believers left
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    falconsrus reacted to KamiKazee27 in *** Official Titans Vs Falcons In-Game Thread ***   
    We need dropped pass to show up on defense more often. Might be our best defender out there.
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    falconsrus reacted to Flying Falcon in *** Official Titans Vs Falcons In-Game Thread ***   
    I'm done. Goodnight y'all. I can't take watching Quinn's defense anymore. I'm going back to watching WuTang, An American Saga.
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    falconsrus reacted to EddieK in *** Official Titans Vs Falcons In-Game Thread ***   
    Here come the refs
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    falconsrus reacted to ChickenBiscuit in *** Official Titans Vs Falcons In-Game Thread ***   
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    falconsrus reacted to Falcons_own_nfc_south in *** Official Titans Vs Falcons In-Game Thread ***   
    Offense feels urgency as soon we are down 7pts.  Let’s go D.  
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    falconsrus reacted to VTCrunkler in *** Official Titans Vs Falcons In-Game Thread ***   
    at least it was a quick score and not a 10 minute drive...
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    falconsrus reacted to SpongeDad in *** Official Titans Vs Falcons In-Game Thread ***   
    I can piss further than 35 yds. 
    helps to have a 34 yd hammer though
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    falconsrus reacted to jlrfalcon in *** Official Titans Vs Falcons In-Game Thread ***   
    They don't call it on our opponents, just us
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    falconsrus reacted to Herr Beast in *** Official Titans Vs Falcons In-Game Thread ***   
    Should have kept Wile
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    falconsrus reacted to PensacolaFalcon in Titans say this a "must win" for them   
    Wish the Falcons would try somthing like that...
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    falconsrus reacted to Duff_Man in Titans say this a "must win" for them   
    I can't believe a team would out their strategy out there like that. They're going to TRY to win a game? That's genius.
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    falconsrus reacted to Lowndesfalc in Titans say this a "must win" for them   
    Sometimes I use an old saying. “If it costs a dime to go around the world, then I couldn’t get outta sight.”  To turn it around, “If I had a dime every time the Falcons disappointed, I could afford to go around the world!!!” 
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    falconsrus reacted to LouDog in The Positive Takeaway: Relax Part 2   
    Then why are you here?
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    falconsrus reacted to stingbee in The Positive Takeaway: Relax Part 2   
    Yes, we lost, and that is disappointing, The penalties on the defense were very costly. The Matt Ryan turnover only cost us 3 points. Losing Neal and Grady was also not a good thing.
    But, let’s take a deep breath. Remember, the run they made towards the Super Bowl? They started and lost some games that frustrated the fans. We are still in week #3, and the season just started. We all felt that the schedule out of the gate was tough, and some of you even pointed a 1-2 start. 
    Well, we are 1-2 and that is the narrative. The Falcons are 1-2 and tied with the Bucs and Panthers and only 1 game behind Saints. 
    First, let’s look at the schedule. We have Titans, and then on the road to Houston and Arizona. Then, we finish this stretch with two home games against the Rams and Seahawks. The Falcons could finish 4-1 in this stretch. I believe the offense is coming together and OL will get even much better. The OL need to negate holdings and we should be okey. Freeman and the running game finally got going and this is huge going forward. This should be a confidence builder for Freeman who has missed a lot of games. This should balance the offense. Ito might be out next week, and we will probably activate Q or Hill or both. Freeman’s confidence and running will help the passing game and play action schemes. 
    In the 2nd half, the offense played almost a flawless game with the OL called for some holdings. Matty Ice was precise and he was in-sync with Julio and Sanu. Hooper is going to have a breakout season and he is going to end with a 700-800 yard season. This game reminded me of how we came back in the 2nd half in 2016 and almost beat the Seahawks on the road. We lost that game by a small margin. 
    On the defensive side, I see more disruption from our front 4 and VIC is playing good. He is making more plays. Oliver is really gaining traction and making some of you look foolish for calling him a bust and a weakness. We stopped the Colts rushing offense which was a positive take. Finally, our 2nd half of our season is fully loaded with division games. We could easily go 5-1 or 4-2 in those games.
    The biggest caveat will be that Matty Ice and the offense will be more in-sync with DK play calling. We have the Jags and 49ers on the road. The Niners are a decent team, but they haven’t really beaten anyone good. They still have to play 4 games against the Rams, Seahawks, and the Saints. 
    To suffice, guys relax!!! It is too early to throw the flag and calling for the firing squad. We have to stay positive and understanding the big picture. The next few weeks will tell us whether the Falcons will play for the division, wildcard, or miss the playoffs. I will change my outlook after the bye week. 
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    falconsrus reacted to Flyin' In DC in Who's in and who's out   
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    falconsrus reacted to gazoo in Let's Talk Facts, Football and the Falcons   
    So far everything has gone down as I predicted.
    A rough, ugly start in first 4 games where we experience growing pains from all the changes , message board apocalyptic insanity with demands to fire coaches, folllowed by....
    Well, that’s so far all that has happened.
    I also predicted us to go on a tear in second half of season when we play our division games and earn a playoff birth. (revised to a division title after Brees went out)
    So far I’m batting 1000% 
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    falconsrus reacted to athell in Let's Talk Facts, Football and the Falcons   
    He can't even see the present...
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    falconsrus reacted to athell in Let's Talk Facts, Football and the Falcons   
    I mean I get the frustration, truly I do.  I think if you are a Falcon's fan you know that frustration is a staple of our diet...I do not blame anyone for that.  But man some of these posts are borderline depressing.  Declaring player x is terrible, coach y is awful, calling for heads, saying the season is over.  Like, it may very well end up that way but to @vels post, it's too early to tell so just let it all play out.
    Fans are emotional beings   But some of these emotions are just way over the top at this point.
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    falconsrus reacted to Knight of God in SS - Jamal “Adams” Carter   
    Guys, don’t sleep on Carter. I was actually very high on signing or drafting in the 7th a couple years back. His coverage is inconsistently average, but he hits a ton and has that fire we’re missing. Let’s see what we can get out of him before we get too low. He’s not going to be worse than Ishmael who is a huge MB favorite.
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    falconsrus reacted to ShmevinShmarris in SS - Jamal “Adams” Carter   
    Obviously a highlight tape but has really good hips and makes a lot of tackles in open space. I’m excited.
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    falconsrus reacted to PeytonMannings Forehead in SS - Jamal “Adams” Carter   
    Was hoping we were getting Jamal Adams from the Jets. Nevermind.
    Carry on.
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    falconsrus reacted to JAxxSmooth in What's our record this year?   
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    falconsrus reacted to falconsd56 in What's our record this year?   
    Still think that 11-5 range is where we fall
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    falconsrus got a reaction from Black Francis in The Clock Kept Running!   
    The book is a masterpiece 
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