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    falconsrus reacted to sdogg in *** Official Falcons Vs Cowboys In-Game Thread ***   
    Our D is back
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    falconsrus reacted to Ezekiel 25:17 in Matt on playing in crowd less Benz   
    I have said it before and will say it again. If you aren’t shelling the money out and sitting your own butt in the seats, you are part of the problem not he solution especially if you are talking about others not being there when aren’t there yourself!
    and will leave it at that. 
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    falconsrus reacted to dirtybirds233 in Younghoe koo's journey to America and the NFL   
    I was at Southern when he was there, the guy can close down a bar that's for sure. Love to see him in a Falcons uniform. 
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    falconsrus reacted to E. T. in Younghoe koo's journey to America and the NFL   
    He's filled in and got the job done! Kudos to Koo!
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    falconsrus reacted to Trick Montalban in Meet The Poster V2   
    And this is me in Afghanistan 

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    falconsrus reacted to jdawg4876 in Meet The Poster V2   
    Im still here wife and i are officially getting married in sept. If we are not all dead by then.

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    falconsrus reacted to ya_boi_j in Meet The Poster V2   
    Since it's completely dead here I figured I would revisit this thread I made 5 years ago. There have been more people join the board and new lurkers. Come in and tell everyone about yourself. Here's the link to the original thread below if you want to take time and revisit
    And please no one be weirdos and use other people's photos from that thread or this thread if someone chooses to post. That very thing happened in that thread. 
    But here's an update of my family. And it was hot that day at Disney. kma

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    falconsrus reacted to ya_boi_j in For Vandy: Russell Gage   
    Gage is such a stud. Special player that a lot don’t appreciate
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    falconsrus reacted to Tim Mazetti in For Vandy: Russell Gage   
    The film isn't the best, but the thought is there.
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    falconsrus reacted to slider in Asterisk Season Coming   
    Please excuse me for quoting myself but I would like to add one thing to the above statement. 
    Many of the people who minimize this virus are also the ones who believe it was engineered in a lab. (I believe it was engineered but possibly not weaponized). Do you think they would engineer this virus to just give you a cold? Like some kind of high school prank?
    There has always been a half dozen barriers viruses have to leap in order to become infectious on a pandemic level. Ebola hasn't done it. No Coronas including Mers and Sars1 have done it. This virus seems to leap them all. The biggest of which is asymptomatic spread. If you want to engineer a virus to infect the most possible people you want 1. Asymptomatic spread. and 2. Low immediate fatality or disability rate. High disability and fatality rates put people out of commission and they quit spreading the virus. This is why ebola is not pandemic worthy.
    I don't pretend to know this is what we're dealing with but please don't pretend to know we're not because you don't.
    You remember the Columbia space shuttle accident? Remember seeing those astronauts playing and having a good time spinning in the microgravity and giving school lessons to the kids on earth, all the while having no idea that a huge hole existed in their heat shield and they could never return home. Hopefully that's not us but until or unless the Chinese come clean, all possibilities are on the table.
    As with most things the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle of nothing to worry about and population killer but if you believe this is engineered and you don't take necessary precautions to limit spread, what kind of hipocrit are you?
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    falconsrus reacted to Black Francis in Falcons return to the outside-zone scheme   
    We’ll see. 
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    falconsrus reacted to Sponge in What do you get when you cross the Sheffield going back to school, and the Mercedes-Benz not re-upping the Superdome naming rights threads?   
    "The Stripchat Superdome" .....God, if you're listening, please make this happen.
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    falconsrus reacted to thomass in Is Younghoe a go?   
    Younghoe is the goat.  Hopefully fox can actually say his name this year. 
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    falconsrus reacted to Ezekiel 25:17 in Is Younghoe a go?   
    Young-KooTang ain’t nothing to f&ck with! 
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    falconsrus reacted to Jesus in Is Younghoe a go?   
    Get me a Vicodin!
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    falconsrus reacted to Ergo Proxy in Is Younghoe a go?   
    That still of Payton.
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    falconsrus reacted to JDaveG in Gage has a message for anyone who doubts him   
    I assumed he was talking about defensive backs.
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    falconsrus reacted to g-dawg in Gage has a message for anyone who doubts him   
    I like Zacheus - to me that is enough competition for #3.   Who would you have taken in this draft outside of CeeDee Lamb at the spot we took Davidson(2nd), Hennessy(3rd) or Walker(4th) and Hawkins(4th)?  Glad we didn't burn a pick on a WR on Day 1 or 2.
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    falconsrus reacted to red falcon in Gage has a message for anyone who doubts him   
    Matt stop hanging him out to dry he will be fine
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    falconsrus reacted to Draftnut57 in Official UDFA tracker   
    Ok,, got to love this signing .....We need a TE Really bad...  Plus he's my Brother .... in Christ... Yeap.. just ask him.
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    falconsrus reacted to SipDirtyBird84 in Official UDFA tracker   
    6’4” 225lbs S/LB
    Play Safety his senior season after playing LB most of his collegiate career. Hard hitting dude! Nice pickup!
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    falconsrus reacted to Fernando C. in Post-Draft Free Agency   
    Get me Griffen... or Bradham... I would really like to trade for a FS...
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    falconsrus reacted to falconsd56 in Post-Draft Free Agency   
    I think the comp pick deadline is i June...so if we waited until then we could be free to sign who ever we want and it not impact comp picks
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    falconsrus reacted to ya_boi_j in Post-Draft Free Agency   
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