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  1. falconsrus liked a post in a topic by Since1990 in Todd Gurley Signed!!   
    (not sure how I feel about it)
  2. Refried Beans liked a post in a topic by falconsrus in Freeman Released   
    Sad but needed to be done 
  3. falconsrus liked a post in a topic by FalconBlood in Falcons Place Original Round Tender On RB Brian Hill   
    I like Hill. I think he could take a step forward 
  4. falconsrus liked a post in a topic by red falcon in Falcons Place Original Round Tender On RB Brian Hill   
    As much as some hate him always went forward when he played. Took advantage of his opportunist as well. Dont understand the hate.
  5. falconsrus liked a post in a topic by gHost83 in I am pumped up for Hill and Ollison at RB next year   
    I don't think we look at a running back until the 4th round. Way too many holes to fill. I'm fine with Quadree, Ito and Hill.
  6. Refried Beans liked a post in a topic by falconsrus in Freeman Released   
    Sad but needed to be done 
  7. Refried Beans liked a post in a topic by falconsrus in Freeman Released   
    Sad but needed to be done 
  8. falconsrus liked a post in a topic by JDaveG in Trufant released   
    I'm good with this.  I appreciate his play for us, but honestly, he just hasn't been the same since he got hurt in 16.  And really, I thought the defense played better when he went down that season.  
    He's our veteran, and early last season he wasn't communicating with the other DBs and he was terribly misplaying his assignments.  For the money he gets paid, you can't have that.  Sorry to see him go, but it was entirely predictable.
  9. falconsrus liked a post in a topic by DirtyBird2 in Dante Fowler Jr.   
    Absolutely not, we do not need more playmakers on offense right now. Let Hoop walk, draft his replacement late round and work on fixing this defense. Fowler is a much bigger need than Hopper right now. 
  10. falconsrus liked a post in a topic by DonOfThemBirds in Dante Fowler Anyone ??   
    Maybe Freeman.
    I think TD can find ways to make up the cash if he really wants to. May have to in order to save his job. The Falcons will have to address the pass rush once in for all to make a positive attempt to do so. That goes for Quinn as well.
  11. falconsrus liked a post in a topic by vel in Falcons Rushing Attack: Who's To Blame?   
    I like Dobbins. A lot. I think he'd be the perfect back in this offense. I like Ollison and think he needs more carries. Hill is fine and Ito is fine. 
  12. falconsrus liked a post in a topic by FalconsIn2012 in 247 Mock Draft - I Support This   
      (Photo: © Derick E. Hingle , USA TODAY Sports)
    The Falcons played much better on defense in the second half of the 2019 season, but Atlanta still needs plenty of help on that side of the ball. Although Delpit had a down year, he looks like a sure-fire first-rounder. 
    47. ATLANTA FALCONS - Jonathan Greenard, Edge
    The Gators most disruptive player was a force all year.  Despite missing several weeks to high ankle sprain, Greenard led the SEC in tackles for loss (17), sacks (9 in 10 games) and QB Pressures (55).  

       (Photo: Christian Petersen, Getty)
      Dobbins is a steal at the end of the 2nd.  After Swift, he is the clear RB2.  At 5’10, 220 lbs he possesses freakish athletic ability.  Dobbins runs a 4.44 40-Yard Dash, a 4.09 20-Yard Shuttle and a ridiculous 43.1-inch Vertical Jump.  This helped him rush for over 2,000 yards this year.  
    Height: 6-2. Weight: 301. 
    Projected 40 Time: 5.50. 
    12/14/19: Gallimore has 27 tackles, four sacks and two forced fumbles on the year. Team sources say that Gallimore is an athletic tackle with great twitch. He is a penetrating disruptor who would fit best in a 4-3 as a three-technique who could also play some nose tackle.  Many analysts compare him to current Falcons defensive tackle Grady Jarrett.
  13. Flying Falcon liked a post in a topic by falconsrus in We're at WAR!!!   
    Praying for our troops and civilians in the line of fire , which may be all of us soon enough  ...
  14. falconsrus liked a post in a topic by WhenFalconsWin in The Falcons can thank the Aints   
    Just wait a month until Brees announces he’s retiring. This was a total team failure from Payton and Allen being thoroughly outcoached by Zimmer and his staff To Brees being outplayed by Cousins. I’m not sure where Payton goes from here. Getting bounced out of the playoffs three years in a row.....how the heck do you fix that? That you expect to lose at the most critical times. If Brees does announce does Payton promote Taysom then fire Allen and Pete Carmichael?
    That’s the thing, they gave him an extension. He has four more years. For the life of me, I think it’s really him who has to get it right for the team to move on. He keeps making the same mistakes that hurt the team.
  15. falconsrus liked a post in a topic by CrimsonFalcon in The Falcons can thank the Aints   
    23rd in the second round,  55 overall. 
  16. falconsrus liked a post in a topic by TNFalcon1 in Packer fan here   
    F the saints. I hope they lose first round on a blown PI call again so I can watch the meltdown on their board again.
  17. falconsrus liked a post in a topic by Gbpack10 in Packer fan here   
    I wanted to say I hate the Saints. That is one awful cocky fanbase reading their boards. Also we owe you a Thanks for beating them a month ago. That gave us a bye. I know we were lucky to win both games against Detroit but still a big Thanks! Who you guys rooting for in the NFC and AFC. I hope the Saints choke again in the playoffs.
  18. falconsrus liked a post in a topic by Goober Pyle in Thomas Dimitroff isn’t worried about salary cap as ‘difficult decisions’ loom with Falcons roste   
    The Falcons front office maintains it’s not worried about the 2020 salary cap. The belief at team headquarters is that the Falcons will continue to be — in their words — “creative” in efforts to create some salary-cap space to sign some quality free agents. But obviously, each free-agent acquisition in 2019 came on a budget. The Falcons were in no position to sign a high-profile name on either side of the ball.
    As it stands, it seems unlikely that the Falcons will be able to make the kind of big splash in free agency that this fan base would love to see.
    The final 2020 salary-cap figure for each team hasn’t been revealed yet, although it’s estimated to be between $196.8 million and $201.2 million. This season operated at a cap figure of $188.2 million.
    Still, the 2020 season figures to be tight. An ESPN report during the weekend stated the Falcons adjusted Matt Ryan and Grady Jarrett’s 2020 salaries and previously scheduled bonuses into bonuses prorated during the duration of their deals. This move freed up $12 million. Before the moves, Over The Cap projected the Falcons to be $6.9 million above the salary cap, which means they would now only be $5.1 million below it with the Ryan and Jarrett adjustments.
    “I am not concerned about it being a situation where we are going to be in what has been perceived out there as ‘cap ****,’” general manager Thomas Dimitroff said Friday. “It’s not the case at all. We will accomplish what we need to accomplish to continue to be able to bring the right players in here to be a contender. That’s my feeling about it.”
    Dimitroff was then asked for specifics Monday as to why Atlanta isn’t in “cap ****” for the 2020 season.
    “Any time you’re looking to be creative, you have to look at where we are with the salary cap, and you have to make some difficult decisions,” Dimitroff said. “In my mind, when we do decide on the decisions we’re going to make, I don’t think it’s going to leave our organization in a spot where we are devoid of talent. I feel like we have a really good setup in how we will put it all together. Dan (Quinn) and I communicate very closely on how we want our team to come together and the money we’re going to put into the team. I think on the other side of this you’ll realize what I’m talking about.”
    The “difficult decisions” Dimitroff is referring to are the need to release players under contract who have been key contributors for the franchise in recent seasons.
    With the team up against the cap, the Falcons may be forced to move on from upcoming free agents Austin Hooper and De’Vondre Campbell. After a season that saw him catch 75 passes for 787 yards and six touchdowns — all career bests — Hooper should be in line for a sizable payday if he hits the open market. It wouldn’t be out of the question to see Hooper net a contract worth more than $10 million in average annual value.
    “It’s a business. I obviously would like to be here, I’m open to coming back here,” Hooper said. “But I don’t know — I haven’t received an offer yet. If I do, I’d like to be here. At the same time, it’s a business. I’ll let my representation and the Falcons handle that.”
    Dimitroff, however, didn’t rule out the option of placing the franchise tag on Hooper to keep him from leaving the team. While the 2020 franchise tag numbers haven’t been revealed, the figure for tight ends in 2019 was $10.387 million.
    Hooper remains a priority this offseason for the Falcons, who hope to keep him in the fold.
    “We’re in the process of doing that right now, talking about it and how we put things together,” Dimitroff said. “We haven’t made any solid decisions at this point. I’d also mentioned he was our focus in the offseason. The way the season goes, but not only the season from a record standpoint but how our players play, that’s a big part of putting it all together. Once we get to the other side of this week, we’ll continue to look at this and make some good decisions.”
    Campbell, who led the Falcons for the second consecutive season with 129 tackles, said it has been quiet on the contract front. Campbell would prefer to return to Atlanta if given the choice.
    “They gave me an opportunity that 31 other teams didn’t,” Campbell said. “It would be special to come back. But I understand the way this business works.”
    Dimitroff was also asked about where Campbell and Vic Beasley, an upcoming free agent who just played out his fifth-year option, are in the early 2020 roster construction process.
    “They factor into the consideration of what we’re doing to the roster, no question about it,” Dimitroff said. “We have not extended anything at this point.”
    Then there are the cap casualties — which also fall into the aforementioned “difficult decisions” category — the Falcons must contemplate. The easiest savings would come from releasing Alex Mack, which would save $8 million. But are the Falcons prepared to let go of one of the NFL’s best centers without a definite replacement? Probably not.
    If Atlanta felt like it had to do something with Mack’s contract, it would be better served in restructuring his 2020 salary and even adding a year to his contract to bring next season’s number down.
    There are a number of candidates whose release could bring the cap number down:
    Keanu Neal, which would save $6.466 million Desmond Trufant, which would save $4.95 million Allen Bailey, which would save $4.5 million Ty Sambrailo, which would save $3.75 million Devonta Freeman, which would save $3.5 million Ricardo Allen, which would save $3.125 million Luke Stocker, which would save $2.6 million Matt Schaub, which would save $2 million Takk McKinley, which would save $1.2 million Of this group, there are a number of players who don’t make much sense to release. Neal is too valuable to Quinn’s defense when healthy. Due to Bailey’s ability to defend the run, letting him loose would be a risk. Allen is one of the most influential voices in the locker room. While Schaub will be 39 next year, he proved he can step up when needed against the Seattle Seahawks.
    Trufant, who had one of his best seasons individually before it was cut short due to injury, is proof you can never have too many cornerbacks on an NFL roster. But Kendall Sheffield’s emergence and Isaiah Oliver’s second-half improvement could give the Falcons a reason to at least ponder parting ways with Trufant for financial reasons.
    Freeman will also be one to monitor this offseason. Quinn was asked specifically about Freeman’s future with the team during a Monday news conference, and he declined to elaborate. Quinn’s reasoning was that it’s too early in the offseason to talk about any player’s future with the team.
    Freeman, who signed a five-year, $41.25 million contract in 2017, appeared cognizant of the possibility he could wind up a cap casualty. Earlier in the day, Freeman was asked if he knew where his standing with the team was heading into the offseason.
    “I’m here,” he said. “Hey, I know I can play football real well, and I’ll continue to work hard and find ways to get better. Whatever happens, happens. I’ll just control what I can control.”
  19. marvinthemartian liked a post in a topic by falconsrus in Name your first favorite NFL player   
    Claude Humphrey with a side of Nobis
  20. falconsrus liked a post in a topic by Goober Pyle in Takk on twitter   

  21. falconsrus liked a post in a topic by FalconsIn2012 in Georgia College   
    Fromm stinks and will bust in the NFL until he learns to exploit the middle of the field.  I’ve never seen a QB throw outside the numbers so often.  It’s why he can’t complete 50% of his balls lately
    But this pimp right here is a straight up mauler. Look what he does to the DE...lol.  We don’t need a LT, but if someone offered a 1st for Matthews I’d trade him and draft Thomas 
  22. falconsrus liked a post in a topic by HASHBROWN3 in Georgia College   
    Fran is right.
  23. falconsrus liked a post in a topic by Refried Beans in Georgia College   
    I think on UGA pro day the Falcons didnt even have scouts present. Maybe they will have someone there this year. I have to imagine they will with the best non-QB player in the draft (Andrew Thomas) coming out of UGA. And if LeCounte comes out we definately need to be there. LeCounte is a better Safety than Delpit and he will be available when we pick 37. 
  24. falconsrus liked a post in a topic by mountain_jim3 in *** Official Falcons Vs Panthers In-Game Thread ***   
    MY in-laws and families are all Carolina fans - Go Falcons!