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    falconsrus reacted to SpongeDad in What do you get when you cross the Sheffield going back to school, and the Mercedes-Benz not re-upping the Superdome naming rights threads?   
    "The Stripchat Superdome" .....God, if you're listening, please make this happen.
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    falconsrus reacted to thomass in Is Younghoe a go?   
    Younghoe is the goat.  Hopefully fox can actually say his name this year. 
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    falconsrus reacted to Ezekiel 25:17 in Is Younghoe a go?   
    Young-KooTang ain’t nothing to f&ck with! 
  4. Haha
    falconsrus reacted to Jesus in Is Younghoe a go?   
    Get me a Vicodin!
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    falconsrus reacted to Schwarzwald in Is Younghoe a go?   
    That still of Payton.
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    falconsrus reacted to JDaveG in Gage has a message for anyone who doubts him   
    I assumed he was talking about defensive backs.
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    falconsrus reacted to g-dawg in Gage has a message for anyone who doubts him   
    I like Zacheus - to me that is enough competition for #3.   Who would you have taken in this draft outside of CeeDee Lamb at the spot we took Davidson(2nd), Hennessy(3rd) or Walker(4th) and Hawkins(4th)?  Glad we didn't burn a pick on a WR on Day 1 or 2.
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    falconsrus reacted to red falcon in Gage has a message for anyone who doubts him   
    Matt stop hanging him out to dry he will be fine
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    falconsrus reacted to Draftnut57 in Official UDFA tracker   
    Ok,, got to love this signing .....We need a TE Really bad...  Plus he's my Brother .... in Christ... Yeap.. just ask him.
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    falconsrus reacted to SipDirtyBird84 in Official UDFA tracker   
    6’4” 225lbs S/LB
    Play Safety his senior season after playing LB most of his collegiate career. Hard hitting dude! Nice pickup!
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    falconsrus reacted to Fernando C. in Post-Draft Free Agency   
    Get me Griffen... or Bradham... I would really like to trade for a FS...
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    falconsrus reacted to falconsd56 in Post-Draft Free Agency   
    I think the comp pick deadline is i June...so if we waited until then we could be free to sign who ever we want and it not impact comp picks
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    falconsrus reacted to ya_boi_j in Post-Draft Free Agency   
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    falconsrus reacted to 1989Fan in So who would you have selected in the 1st ?   
    I don’t have anyone that jumps out that I feel is without a doubt a better pick than Terrell TBH (seeing how the board fell)
    Im tempted to say trade back and take Yetur Gross-Matos, but I would love to see them just play Davidson at LE and move him inside on obvious pass rush downs, with Takk at LE.
    the more I think about it, the harder it is to honestly say I could have done it better, though CeeDee was definitely straight BPA if that was the route, but teams rarely do that.
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    falconsrus reacted to ShmevinShmarris in Jaylinn Hawkins Reacts To Getting Drafted   
    “I think we got the right guy” 
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    falconsrus reacted to HolyMoses in Matt Hennessy Scouting Reports   
    With Mack in his twilight, and needing someone ready to replace him in a year or so,  I’m glad we got Hennessy to keep on the shelf. (Ask your parents)
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    falconsrus reacted to V-Town Falcon in Matt Hennessy Scouting Reports   
    Hope he competes at LG and then takeover for Mack in the future. With improvements from Lindstrom and McGary, hope to have a solid line this year.
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    falconsrus reacted to Tim Mazetti in Matt Hennessy Scouting Reports   
    Falcons did well so far in this draft.
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    falconsrus reacted to Jesus in Temple coach on Matt Hennessy to the Falcons   
    But is he relentless?
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    falconsrus reacted to ramonezy in Falcons draft Jaylinn Hawkins   
    I'm seeing a physical and nasty team taking shape... I love it! 
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    falconsrus reacted to A-TowN.- in Falcons draft Jaylinn Hawkins   
    The more I watch, the more I like. 
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    falconsrus reacted to Mister pudding in Falcons draft Jaylinn Hawkins   
    Great instincts, hard hitter, high football IQ, has played multiple positions. I like the pick 
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    falconsrus reacted to Mister pudding in Falcons draft Jaylinn Hawkins   
    Was not called for targeting at all his senior year
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    falconsrus reacted to Osiruz in Falcons draft Jaylinn Hawkins   
    Devonta Freeman, Kendal Sheffield, Ito Smith, Devondre Campbell, Justin Hardy, Toilolo, and Joe Hawley were 4th rounders. Historically TD has been money in the 4th. 
    Just sayin'.
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