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  1. Well Y'all won The NFCS that is something MR ST
  2. I can Digg it
  3. I'm out for awhile hang tough #inbrothership
  4. Embrace The Em bare assed Suk sark
  5. Deion is correct... Rumour is Pete Carrol may want Sark but will Quinn let him walk? I hope so Should have run the f#$%^&^in ball instead of flippin flippen it to T Ward
  6. It is a little off to me, lets bring Roddy in
  7. Well back to the Drawing board So close but The Offense just never good enough to make it happen
  8. big A Takk tape it up Brocephus
  9. hash browns, Jimmy Dean mild patties,12 Grain toast, Omelet du' frommage
  10. I think We Smoke Em Have a little faith in Sark, Matt.Matt.and Matt and Julio Sanu Free, Teco Hoop Mack.. et al... Best is yet to come could be today in The city of in brotherly love