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  1. I think we are in good shape if Upshaw comes back we can draft the best player available out of DT's.OG's.FS's, WR's TE's, LB's and so on
  2. The Draft is gonna be a hoot
  3. https://twitter.com/hashtag/BibleofLove?src=hash
  4. That would be sweet
  5. I hope White or Hall get a chance .;..maybe both
  6. Will it set us Free?
  7. Amen and so it goes.... we need to be a juggernaut next year #riseup
  8. Then Hated Favre
  9. Didn't He construct The Gritz Blitz
  10. I have survived 11.5 years @ a UPS-Hub in New England
  11. Lord I can't change #riseup