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  1. Sad but needed to be done
  2. Praying for our troops and civilians in the line of fire , which may be all of us soon enough ...
  3. New meme sleeping saints lady somebody?
  4. Tell me we don't have the same refs this week and we have a chance
  5. But I still love my falcons and believe we can when help me lord I am a falcoholic
  6. I'm on board for the firing of all these coaches and refs
  7. I may not be able to accept that blatant non-overturn and continue watching the #NFL
  8. Another sad day in Flowery Branch and the football Cardinals are not gonna go down as lightly as the baseball Cardinals
  9. Now if the team can get that way
  10. Krappy Kalls Kutter killing us
  11. Long drive come on let's go Mr2$%^^^%$##er
  12. The book is a masterpiece
  13. Preach Jesus
  14. 6ix9ine "the refs in Indy"
  15. We were definitely Bad M #%%^$##ers yesterday, really bad