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  1. What if D Bo would have dressed like a reporter and just got face to face with Cam and knocked his azz backwards now that would be funny
  2. If Takk can be Vic's Zook..., we will be badazz, like in the days Claude wreaked havoc
  3. But we are tougher than a Stainless Steel Falcon from Hungary
  4. Definitely not panic mode, We got options, and depth and our D roster is so much better overall, it is awesome to say it and know it and Rico may just be a lot better I wanted Marcus Maye but Tak is gonna be good
  5. Well he called the wrong plays on the 30 aberration?or dumbazz ?or genius?or hard headed m#$%%^&**(&^%^r
  6. Well Kyle was stuck in his ways ,not chill, aloof ,arrogant etc so... hello Sark, good bye kyle
  7. I think Mauger will show well, if he is fully healed from his injury Maybe PS
  8. Falcon S hit
  9. blitzkrieg Bop
  10. Defense is gonna be epic to match the epic offense in 2017 This is our year to ball out all the way
  11. Ya Boi j....We may over pay... per league norms ,but You know Da Free is gonna ball might as well ball for us