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  1. I concur. This squad is serious doo doo and I haven’t seen a falcons squad this bad in many years. Grady is the lone bright spot.
  2. Here’s the thing about Fields-the kid has all the talent in the world, and lord knows I wanted to keep him at UGA, but I really wanna see him play and perform against a legit D.
  3. Clearly he will be. Don't know what you are factoring in. Trufant will land a big pay day.
  4. This is horse ****. Nit pick about this garbage, but still can't call a hold or PI on a DB against Julio late in a game.
  5. Meh. I don't wish injury on anybody and hate to hear when it happens. Shame. Ole Miss probably loses out.
  6. Still talking this noise? He needs to work on his deep balls but the kid got us in position yet again.
  7. Dawgs on Top... too stressful... Glad we got the W
  8. Hurd is good but I like Kamara better. Might be a blessing in disguise for you guys.
  9. With the heart ache i've had to endure over the years, I could not stomach Richt possibly beating us in a bowl game...
  10. QT blah blah blah, we're smarter blah blah blah, cmon junior, don't talk noise if you don't wanna put it up. Bet with me. I guess it's a real shame they don't air academic competition from Tech on TV, then you guys might have some sort of consolation for your football team sucking annually.
  11. *sigh* Really hard explaining college football to someone with the knowledge of the game of about a 12 year old. I realize Tech never lands any type of 4 or 5 star recruits so the title of a 4 star recruit alone might be enough to confuse you. Keep in mind that it's the freshmen that have just come into the program that are overachieving and not the upperclassmen. If you're so confident in your puke jackets then make a bet with me. Simple profile picture bet. You lose, you put Kirby in your avatar for a year. I lose, I put any thing of your choosing there. Yeah?
  12. And Kayaa is supposed to be the next best thing since sliced bread, Richts playcalling makes him look awful. Look, I already owned your azz last week when you tried this. You really want this again? Despite the underachieving, Tech will still fall to UGA in Athens.
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