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  1. I concur. This squad is serious doo doo and I haven’t seen a falcons squad this bad in many years. Grady is the lone bright spot.
  2. Here’s the thing about Fields-the kid has all the talent in the world, and lord knows I wanted to keep him at UGA, but I really wanna see him play and perform against a legit D.
  3. Hurd is good but I like Kamara better. Might be a blessing in disguise for you guys.
  4. Nice update. 

  5. Bawse

    Nba Draft Thread

    No.... Korver wasn't nearly as good off the ball before coming to ATL and working with Bud.
  6. Bawse

    Nba Draft Thread

    Back to THJ: Do not have a problem with this move. Bud obviously saw our glaring bench needs during the playoffs, and honestly in my opinion, the sky is the limit for this dude. He can create his own shots, isn't one dimensional, and to those saying he can't play D, well, people doubted Korver before working in Buds system. I think the fit is perfect and 100% honestly, I truly believe he will compete for the starting role. The Knicks utilized him terribly and they are a terrible squad with loaded guards. He didn't see much playing time. A lot of people doubting this move, were the same people
  7. Got this notification on my phone today while I was working and made my day immediately better. F*ck outta here T-Rex arms!!!!
  8. Would love to see us revert back to some of the older versions of Matty Ice, running the ball successfully and hitting a lot of PA passes over the stretch of the game. These bubble screens have been horrible to watch and way to predictable.
  9. No dog suffers those kind of wounds without repeated hard blows. The situation is very sickening and I can't see how a little dog like that, even if it did bite him, upset someone so much. Don't think the dog even did. Shembo is a scumbag for this regardless and my thoughts about the guy have changed drastically. He deserves jail time.
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