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  1. Ok I want to throw out a wild theory that’s I’m 99% sure wouldn’t happen. Since Evans is no longer an EE like planned and hasn’t ever taken an official visit, could we have asked him to blueshirt? We all know Kirby is the numbers wizard. What if that’s the ultimate stipulation to prove he can put the team ahead of himself.
  2. My thoughts exactly. Sure wish Jarrett had flipped after burton had announced
  3. He’s referring to marshawn Lloyd flipping to us because Of Bmacs demotion at usce
  4. Where do you guys think zykevious Walker will commit on Friday?
  5. well after being in that stadium and seeing our dawgs dominate the gators I really think that will be the ammunition needed to keep this wide advantage over them in recruiting. Because, unlike what cousin Eddie likes to say they haven’t caught up with us yet
  6. Bj ojulari just decommited from the vols
  7. Blaylock reminds me so much of Hines ward. But I think he could end up being better than Hines In the long run. That’s some pretty high praise but I’m excited about him
  8. Tyrique Stevenson officially going public with uga commitment tomorrow right?
  9. I’m feeling a little nervous. Agreed if it was regular season i would feel great but missing our defensive guys hurts. Uga 42 texas 38
  10. Like I said mine was just a prediction. No Inside info. I agree it’s probably 50/50
  11. CJ Dixon from Grayson robby ashford from Hoover. I bet the staff will get in on some higher rates guys. Especially with how our depth chart will look if fields ends up leaving.
  12. Anyone care to throw out who we might pick up tmr? dean - uga sanders- uga haselwood- uga neal - bama wright - tenn Stevenson - uga gabriel - uga dj Williams - bama nester - osu anyone else? I’m not an insider. Just reading the tea leaves here and there. Hoping to get this recruiting discussion back on topic the day before esd.
  13. Looks like we need Uriah lemay, Jordan Davis, jay Rome, Reggie Davis , and jonathon rumph to step up big time. Chris Conley and Wooten must step up and be the leaders of this wr core now
  14. That would be ideal! Hopefully he will be blown away by his "Dream School" and want to commit and be around his future teammates for the rest of the weekend.
  15. Even though Outlaw is only visiting today and will be at Clemson tomorrow? That is the only reason I am skeptical of him committing, but I hope that he does.
  16. I am really hoping for quite a few commits this weekend. I will just throw out some names that I think could pull the trigger this weekend: Uriah Lemay, Josh Cardiello, Outlaw, Crooks, Langley, Bynum, and Riles. Aslo I think that we may offer Hall this weeknd which could seal up devine and Hall since they are a package deal. I am not predicting all of these guys, but these are just a few that I could see us getting this weekend.
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