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  1. Haha
    wurzshep19 reacted to PointSwayzee in More signings, including John Atkins   
    Looks like we have gone from Big Lots signings to the Dollar Tree.
  2. Downvote
    wurzshep19 reacted to RYNE in The Julio is traded thread   
    Well I was told all off season I was wrong and the salary cap wasn’t real. And the Falcons were going to sign a massive list of free agents. Just wondering where those people are now. 
  3. Haha
    wurzshep19 reacted to Jesus in The Julio is traded thread   
    We’ll go back to bashing Matt around here.
  4. Haha
    wurzshep19 reacted to Jesus in The Julio is traded thread   
    How’s Tannenhill’s deep ball?
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    wurzshep19 reacted to Pa_Falcon_Fan in The Julio is traded thread   
    So Julio trading Ryan for Tannahill..  yeah, good luck Julio.  Can't wait to see Tannahill revert back to Dolphins for m without AS calling the plays.  
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    wurzshep19 reacted to falconsd56 in Sean Payton Again Trolling Falcons 28-3   
    I wonder if it only took him 10 seconds to come up with that....I mean we know that his team can lose a lead in 10 seconds
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    wurzshep19 reacted to ya_boi_j in Julio is such a bully   
    And fools said trade this man 
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    wurzshep19 reacted to ya_boi_j in Can We Start A Petition   
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    wurzshep19 reacted to King Jigsaw in Dolphins and Falcons   
    I’m amazed by the lack of ‘Gurlie to Atlantie’ posts in these threads.
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    wurzshep19 reacted to 1989Fan in Neal’s 5th year option: everything you need to know - for all arguing we can/should cut him   
    There is a deadline to pick up the 5th year option.
    When you look at the caliber of player, it’s a no brainer to use the option. An ACL tear is random, no way you could have predicted he would then tear his Achilles. Sometimes bad luck just happens. On the bright side at least we didn’t decide to skip the option and re-up a new fat contract after year 4.
    i am still in favor of the decision we made until proven otherwise. Plenty of guys started out w injury problems and then went on to be very reliable players. (Thomas Davis, Matt Stafford, etc.)
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    wurzshep19 reacted to Falcanuck in Matt Ryan ranked as 12th best QB in 2019   
    Lol had him around 20th, eh? You definitely don't have an agenda.
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    wurzshep19 reacted to AUTiger7222 in Todd Haley Accepts OC Position   
    There's a difference between tough love and being an ******* who's not very good at his job.
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    wurzshep19 reacted to Geneaut in Matt Ryan at 84 on Pro Football References Hall of Fame Indicator   
    I got bored and cruised down to the bottom and saw Dave Archer is at -0.70. Harsh!
    Other Falcon QBs:
    Chris Miller 19.83
    Chris Chandler 33.98
    Michael Vick 44.85
    Steve Bartkowski 30.5
    And the great Turk Schonert at -1.43 ... but the man had pretty hair. Yes he did.
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    wurzshep19 reacted to athell in Priority Resign Order   
    For me, it's Hoop...a large chasm...Clay and Davison...a small chasm...Blidi...and then a cloud of smoke.  Means seems like one of those Falcons players who was all promise and no production.
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    wurzshep19 reacted to Drew4719 in Pats lose, our 2nd round pick just got better!   
    The funny thing is that the pick never even crossed my mind until the game was over, I just wanted the pats to lose because I hate them that much 
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    wurzshep19 reacted to Falconcheff in Quinn: “Koetter Is My OC in 2020   
    Kyle Shanahan's first year as OC...  "He sucks, fire them all!"
    Second year as OC...Super Bowl Bound!  Shanahan for President!!!
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    wurzshep19 reacted to Nino11 in Quinn: “Koetter Is My OC in 2020   
    I’m not a huge fan of Koetter, but I’m tired of the parade of OCs Matt Ryan’s has through his career. Changing coaches every year isn’t how you build a winner. 
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    wurzshep19 reacted to VTCrunkler in Falcons Jordan Miller suspended   
    By Dr Nick Riviera! 
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    wurzshep19 reacted to VTCrunkler in Falcons Jordan Miller suspended   
    I’d like to see Julian Edelman get tested monthly. 
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    wurzshep19 got a reaction from dodge_birds_fan in Let's dont muddy the water   
    Bears, Beats, Battlestar Galactica 
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    wurzshep19 reacted to DonOfThemBirds in Let's dont muddy the water   
    Bartholomew, Bacon, Baby Yoda???
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    wurzshep19 reacted to ga12r1 in Let's dont muddy the water   
    Beats or beets?
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    wurzshep19 reacted to LouDog in Let's dont muddy the water   
    FACT- you like the word fact
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