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  1. The throw was good, the READ is what made all the difference (and that Matthews block)
  2. He couldn’t even pick the football up. I’m no medical doctor but gotta imagine that’s not a good sign.
  3. Leon Sandcastle
  4. That’s almost certainly a master list of who has already made the team.
  5. Post Katrina Gleason blocked punt game...I hate that game.
  6. Sat on the market and a one year deal...he is not the player he used to be
  7. Hive Sop Dap
  8. I don’t wanna read words, only wanna see “Escape Goats”
  9. I have no issue with the player, just that we traded up to get him...seemed very unnecessary. I like the direction we went in overall though.
  10. Bunchy is way funnier anyway
  11. I liked Rocky but for what he was due it was a clear decision that had to be made. That and he was a walking penalty
  12. I like Teco but I don’t see that robust of a market for him?!?! If he has to go, I hope he does get paid.
  13. We went from “we should have won that” to “it was a close game” to “who gives a crap”. So yeah...I see it.
  14. Still not over it entirely....probably never will be.
  15. I think my brain hurt from reading the title, then hurt more from reading the actual post.