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  1. I really liked Free but that contract and the injuries piled up...just an obvious choice.
  2. Darren Walls, was so mad when we cut him, he caught on with the Jets & Lions for a bit.
  3. This O line is pathetic, they are in the backfield as soon as the ball is snapped!
  4. Amateur hour...all veteran falcon fans know you never celebrate prematurely
  5. As an out of market Redzone watcher, it’s certainly slightly less agonizing
  6. I don’t start many topics but when I do it’s in all caps.
  7. We’re getting lambasted at home by the Titans...we are broken.
  8. The throw was good, the READ is what made all the difference (and that Matthews block)
  9. He couldn’t even pick the football up. I’m no medical doctor but gotta imagine that’s not a good sign.
  10. That’s almost certainly a master list of who has already made the team.
  11. This feels like grimes all over again. Injury, all but announced as re-signed,then low ball 1 year from Atl. Multiyear from another team...leaves balls out.
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