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  1. Bunchy is way funnier anyway
  2. I liked Rocky but for what he was due it was a clear decision that had to be made. That and he was a walking penalty
  3. I like Teco but I don’t see that robust of a market for him?!?! If he has to go, I hope he does get paid.
  4. We went from “we should have won that” to “it was a close game” to “who gives a crap”. So yeah...I see it.
  5. Still not over it entirely....probably never will be.
  6. I think my brain hurt from reading the title, then hurt more from reading the actual post.
  7. Hingle McCringleberry ruptured sphincter
  8. A new falcons fan has joined the dirty birds!
  9. Someone needs to just post the gif of Shatner yelling Khaaaaaaaaannnnnn! And end this thread (I don’t know how to post a gif)
  10. ****! Marty Ice ain’t playin’!
  11. Very happy with this signing!
  12. I feel very hive sop dap about the situation now. Thanks
  13. I’m not sure how much gas he has left in the tank. I wouldn’t take opportunities away from the young guys for him.
  14. If you can get a good returner, special teamer and 3rd RB in the fourth round....not a bad thing
  15. I always liked Ish and his versatility, I’m glad he’s back