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  1. Isn't it a little early to talk about us stealing Crawford from the Cowboys? It's not like we signed a 23 year old Gerald McCoy or something...
  2. I honestly laughed at his jokes. They were funny jabs. Especially the 283 minutes crack. I love smack talk. Its like the "my dad could beat up your dad" arguments from Elementary school.
  3. I'm over it. It's a game. One team wins, one team loses. You cracked jokes so I cracked them back. Don't mistake that for being butt hurt.
  4. Not really. The fact that you can't beat Eli Manning on the other hand...that probably hurts. How's that feel btw? To know that Peyton's less talented brother owns you?
  5. Or you'll take 2.83 pounds of air pressure out of your footballs.
  6. Won't affect the Patriots though, because they have drone footage of the entire week's practices.
  7. So basically we didn't make any mistakes this offseason. Good to know.
  8. Heh, I don't make predictions past making the playoffs. I feel like the best way to look at a season is by markers. The first quarter of the season should establish an identity, the second and third quarters of the season are about handling business at home and staying healthy, the last quarter is about getting hot. If you hit those markers you make the playoffs. From there who knows.
  9. I'm thinking they will be on par with the 2015 Panther's defense. If Matt has a short field to work with we make the playoffs easy.
  10. I think they're more talented than those teams. I think this year's team is the best team roster-wise in Falcons history. Best Quarterback in franchise history Best Wide Reciever in franchise history Solid offensive line Two starting runningbacks Solid 2nd and 3rd recievers 3 solid pass rushers on the line Pro-bowl caliber middle linebacker Solid will and sam linebackers 3 number 1 corners Solid nickel corner Solid free saftey with depth Pro-bowl caliber Strong Safety Pro-bowl caliber punter Great Kicker I really can't think of a more talented roster top to bottom in the team's history.
  11. I'm over last year. It was a great year and I enjoyed it. Now I'm just waiting for football to start this year. As good as last years team was, this was the year I was waiting for. This year's defense should cement itself as the best D this team has ever had.
  12. I don't care who they've signed. I really want a W that week.
  13. Even without the eye the MBD will be impressive. The overall design of the stadium is light years better than the Dome. The 100 yard bar will be a big attraction, the restaurant variety will be a huge upgrade, and the Halo will be able to give fans the biggest feature that television offers, instant replay. Honestly I don't underatand why so many people are so down on the stadium itself. I get the seat licensing arguments, but the not the poo pooing of the stadium.
  14. Lol the Bucs weren't even in tje second game.
  15. Funny enough, bounty gate helped convert her lol. She was pissed that they were trying to hurt other teams' players. She was less of a fan after that.
  16. My wife was a Saints fan. She converted when we got married.
  17. Its less about the possibility and more about staying focused. We didn't win the Superbowl last year. The season is done and the goal for next year is the same as every other year, so my thinking shouldn't change.
  18. This is the trap I don't want to fall into. I have no expectations for the Falcons this season. I normally figure out where they are as a team after the first quarter of the season. I'm doing the same this year.
  19. After the game I wondered how I would get past that loss. After my emotions subsided I pretty much decided I would get past it by going about this season like ever other season. I'm not going to pretend it didn't happen, but I'm also not going to pretend that last season is any indication for expectations this season either. After 2012 and 2013 I learned that every season is different in the NFL and success doesn't roll over. My suggestion for anybody who is still hung up on it is to remember we are 0-0 right now just like everyone else.
  20. We should open an board for United FC!
  21. They are organized. Arthur Blank bought them matching uniforms.
  22. I'm absolutely certain Quinn had no clue who Takk was. He blindfolded himself, threw a dart at the draft board, hit Pioli in the butt, and said eff it. No one in the Falcons scouted him, called Jim Mora, or watched any tape on the kid to see if he could play. Heck I bet the entire staff was taking a piss when he was doing his combine workouts.
  23. If this was 4d Chess by the Falcons to get a run on TEs it seems to have worked.
  24. Here's to us drafting the next defenseman to knock Cam out.
  25. Threads like this one are why I care more about who is making our picks than I do about who we might draft. Both of the drafts in the Dan Quinn era have been successful drafts, so at this point I'm down with whoever they pick. Under Mike Smith I never felt at ease going into the draft because our draft picks were erratic. Sometimes they were impact players. Sometimes they were solid starters. Sometimes they contributed very little, and sometimes they were just bad. I never knew what the player would be.