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  1. Coaches also have families. Atlanta might look like a great opportunity, but if we are firing a coordinator after a statistically top 15 if not a top 10 season then you know taking the job means you have to have a great season or you might be fired too. Then count the fact that the Steelers need a new OC, Gruden is going to need an OC in Oakland, and the Patriots might need an OC if McDaniels becomes a head coach. Haley had years in Pittsburgh, Oakland has a lot of talent on offense, and the Patriots have a legacy. Its not a good look to fire a guy after a year.
  2. If not for MM running Turner to death we might have won in 2012. I believe Turner would have had 900 carries under MM if not for his injury in 2009. He cut Turner's carrier short.
  3. More likely that they hoped Sark would pick up where Shanny left off, they are disappointed he didn't, and now realize he's not getting fired. The truth is this, firing Sark makes the Falcons look bad. Any potential OC that you might want is going to look at the situation and turn it down, because if they don't succeed they will be fired the same as Sark. So the best plan is to hope the guy is a second year wonder like Shanny, because otherwise our window is probably closed. We have a defense that only seems to turn it on in the second half of the season and an offense that can't consistently score points.
  4. Well, Sark has an offseason to get it fixed, because if he doesn't he'll be enemy number 1 in Atlanta.
  5. Yeah that was a classless move from a classless team.
  6. God no, he was terrible.
  7. It might be worth it depending on how high. Honestly with the direction the team is going personnel wise, we might be able to offload some of our offensive talent to trade up in the draft. If we aren't going to use all of this talent it might be better to put the cap money on the defense
  8. This defense would be legit with Roquan. I'm down with that pick.
  9. To be fair, Julio would be more effective if he was lined up in the slot in the redzone. With his size and strength they really should think of him more as a pass catching tight end than a WR. His route running and instincts are the reason he's a great reciever and lined up outside there are only so many routes he can run.
  10. Agreed, but it would also be great if he would use our roster to it's full potential. We could have been splitting Teco and Freeman into the slot yesterday and putting their linebackers into mismatches, but Sark doesn't do that. I agree that the players need to play better, but Sark also needs to coach better. He under-utilized our runningbacks all season and used Gabriel as a screen and sweep reciever all season. His use of personnel was horrible this season. He needs to spend a lot of time in the offseason studying just what Shanahan was doing with these guys, because Shanahan was maximizing all of his weapons in 2016, and it's obvious that Sark wasn't.
  11. Well if they're unhappy about it they should pitch in and get a jugs machine. If they want to play the blame game, if Neal intercepts the gimmie before the half instead of giving it a flying knee UFC style that takes 3 points off the board at the end of the half and we can run the ball three times and kick a gimmie field goal to go up 13 to 12 with less than a minute left. The game is over. It didn't come down to a single bad play call. No use in complaining, get better next year.
  12. Quinn is defending Sark's 4th down playcall, so I'm guessing he's staying. Doesn't inspire much confidence, but it is what it is. I don't think Sark is the guy, but Quinn makes that call. The reality is the best case scenario is probably keeping Sark for continuity and hope for the best.
  13. That's about where I'm at. They fought a tough schedule, made it to the playoffs, got a win on the road, and lost a close game. It would have been nice to go on a run and get to the big dance, but all in all it was an ok year.