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  1. I remember the attention Tomlinson and the Chargers got while he played for them. The Chargers, Panthers, and Falcons are small market teams. It doesn't matter how good or bad the Giants, the Cowboys, or the Raiders are they will get attention because they are large market teams. In order for the Falcons to get that attention there has to be a compelling story. We were a story when Vick was here. We were a story when he got arrested. They tried to make a story out of Matt the first few years of his career, but when he didn't win they moved on to other stories.
  2. Double Post...Deleted the second one.
  3. Those are great data points if you want to craft a Colin Cowherd style story line, but those losses have nothing to do with each other. They are singular events in the franchises history. They have nothing to do with each other. The original point was that we don't get respect because we haven't won anything. Well, neither have the Panthers and yet they get respect all the time. The reason we don't get respect is because we aren't sexy to the sports media. Cam Newton is sexy, Green Bay is sexy, Brady and Belichick are sexy. Some people in the media like story lines that they can craft around players and teams. It adds a layer of drama to the game that a lot of people enjoy. It's been that way for awhile now and I doubt it changes. The Atlanta Falcons aren't sexy and winning a championship isn't going to change that.
  4. He was coming up with possible ways Green Bay was going to come back in the game with 17 seconds left in the fourth quarter down eleven. Then questioned the lateral pass call and the pick play penalty. Intentional or not he gave the impression that he was disappointed the pack lost. He was awful all game.
  5. I used to think this, but the 2015 Panthers sure got a lot of glowing coverage. I don't remember anyone talking about how Cam was coming back down to earth the next season or how bad the Panther's history is. I also don't remember them being written off for 2016 and I remember a lot of repeat talk. Not saying there's an anti-Falcon bias specifically, but the Falcons aren't ESPN's favorites to win anything. I'd put money that we could win 2 rings and the headline would be "Do NFL rosters have less talent now than they did 10 years ago?"
  6. Yep, but Skip didn't watch the game. Just read the stat line per usual.
  7. Lol "Atlanta's not invincible..." SMDH We weren't throwing the ball in the second half. Might account for why our offensive numbers weren't more rediculous. If we had kept our foot down that game looks way more rediculous.
  8. Obviously a segment about the Packers, but if you didn't watch the entire segment they gave a lot of props to us.
  9. I believe the returner called for a fair catch, ran up to catch the ball, and collided with our one of our own.
  10. You're expectations are clearly in the clouds...
  11. Don't be fooled, he's only this good because it's Kyle Shanah...Steve Sarkesian calling the plays...
  12. Ah, that makes more sense. Thanks for the info.
  13. He's another person that can stay home. People can call me petty, but every one of these guys that talks up the Giants, and Cowboys, and Packers teams no matter how good or bad they are and then talks about our history whwn the Falvons are doing well can stay off the bandwagon. Gimmie Chris Carter, Shannon Sharp, Donovan McNabb, and Tony G any day of the week. They tell it like it is, good or bad. I don't hear a lot of "But last year.." or "But historically..." out of those guys. I don't need media to be Falcons homers. Just call it like you see it week to week year to year. Plus given his history he may not want to be a head coach. I'm not taking a jab at Sark, but he may like not having the pressure on him given what the pressure of being a head coach drove him to last time.
  14. You're a class act Gbpack10 win or lose.
  15. I don't see it as greed so much as wanting to turn a profit, and maybe that's one of the reasons Blank wanted a new stadium. I think the GWCC controlled vendors in the Dome, so he might have tried to show them a better way to run it and they turned him down so he built his own stadium and is running it how he wants. Again, there's no doubt he knows what he's doing, but I wonder just how he's doing it when prices are as low as they were in the 70's. It's great for the fans, I jist hope businesses are turning profits as well. If they aren't then we'll see high lot turnover and quality businesses won't want to stick around.