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  1. My wife is allergic to flowers, doesn't wear a lot of jewelry, doesn't like Valentines Day anyway. I buy her good chocolate every so often though.
  2. No, the reason Philly has a ring and we don't was execution and coaching. If Freeman doesn't miss that block we likely win. If our defense stops Edelman from making that catch we likely win. If Shannahan calls three runs and kicks the field goal we win. If Matthews doesn't hold win likely win. It's never just one guys fault in a loss. Some of you guys need to just take the L and move on. We lost last year, and we lost to Philly. It's time to get over the idea that the Falcons should have won the Superbowl last year and didn't win this year, and go back to the mode you were in before that. I understood it during the offseason and during the regular season to an extent, but rehashing this is rediculous at this point.
  3. I really don't understand the "buddy circle" thing. As a head coach you have to have coordinators you trust to implement your gameplan, so why wouldn't you hire guys you've worked with before? Its not like he's hiring his college frat brothers or something...
  4. Favorite. Falcon. Ever.
  5. Looks like he thought there was a scrum and went to break it up. Realized it was two Patriots players and said "Everything cool? Ok ok".
  6. This post aged like 4 month old cheese.
  7. Good for you, and not in a snarky way either. I'm always happy to hear stories from people who started out in a bad situation and worked through it. There are way too many stories pushed out there of things going the other way, so I like hearing the other side. My parents started off dirt poor in a run down apartment in Miami and worked their way up. As for the situation with this kid: that's between him, this officer, the Jets, and the state of Florida. Best of luck to him.
  8. Success is paid differently. That's why Matt Ryan is paid more than Tyrod Taylor. However, pay level doesn't determine success. So its not as if only paying the players half a paycheck is going to result in better play. In truth it would result in bigger contracts where half a game check is roughly worth today's contracts and teams that are perennially bad wouldn't be able to sign quality free agents. Eventually the players would get tired of the NFL waving their paychecks over their heads and strike.
  9. When your source for an article that backs your position is D Led that should signal something. The offense wasn't a dumpster fire. The 2007 offense was a dumpster fire. We two retread quarterbacks and a perennial backup (who was actually better than the other two) at quarterback. The only highlight that year was that somehow Roddy White managed to have a good year. That offense was so bad I can't even remember the starting runningback. THAT was a dumpster fire. The NY Giants offense was a dumpster fire. We were just an average offense with a hype train from last year. This is why you should say no to D Led articles kids. Not even once.
  10. Agreed, I would say somewhere in the back of my mind I knew it was true, but I wanted to believe it was all rumors. I was wrong.
  11. Lol, this wouldn't fix the NFL. What it would do is cause a player strike.
  12. Because at the time Vick was the quarterback and a lot of us thought the issue was the west coast offense because Vick didn't fit well in it. What we didn't realize was that Vick didn't take football as seriously as he should have been and was relying on his talent to get by. Now we see that and wonder if Knapp got a raw deal and hope he can help Sark get things turned around.
  13. I'd be willing to bet his blah playcalling had a lot to do with Vick not practicing as hard as he could and not being able to read a defense.
  14. Given the fact that we've made 0 offseason moves, forfeited our draft picks, shut down our OTA's this year, and didn't have a training camp an over under of 9 is way more generous than I would have been. What's that you say? The post season is still going on and the offseason hasn't official started? Well **** me, I guess we have no idea what they might do next year then.