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  1. It's a humanitarian concern that will require policy changes to resolve. That's what makes it a political cause. No, the military fight to preserve the country. I think that any issue that ultimately seeks to change government policy at any level is a political issue.
  2. I can respect that we see this differently.
  3. What you're asking is whether or not I will tolerate an insult to the service of my family, even if I am the only person that perceives it as an insult, to advance any political cause. My answer was no.
  4. That's your opinion. I've given mine.
  5. I didn't watch last year and don't have plans to watch this year because of this issue. To answer your question, yes. I care about the cause. I think that the rift between the black community and the police is the fault of both sides and I sincerely hope that the relationship can be mended. At the same time what the protesters and the supporters are asking for is empathy, but to this date they haven't been willing to extend any empathy to their detractors. My grandfather was injured in WW2 from grenade shrapnel in his left hip. He suffered nerve damage in his left leg and needed a cane to walk in his 40's. By his 60's he couldn't get out of bed. My great uncle also served in WW2. He helped breach Omaha beach on D-Day. What made for a great cinematic in Saving Private Ryan haunted him for his entire life. In the 10th grade I interviewed him on D-Day and he broke down in tears describing the gates dropping on his boat. In his 80's he developed dementia and would wake up at night screaming. I would run into his room and had to calm him down. My grandmother was a spy for the air force. She and I would talk about the missions she would be sent on, knowing if she was caught the US military would disavow her and her partner. Despite all of this, they raised healthy families, held down jobs, and never complained about the **** that they went through in service to the nation. A lot of Americans have similar stories. Either they or their loved ones went through **** and sacrificed a **** of a lot for this country. The national anthem isn't a cast away moment at a sporting event. Its a moment to pay respects to lives sacrificed for the people privileged enough to be able to watch a sporting event in peace. So yes, I empathize with their cause. Can you empathize with me when I say that I see kneeling for the National Anthem as disrespectful to the service of my family? That I would prefer it greatly if we could agree to find another time and place to bring awareness to this issue. Till now the response has been "No", so I have stopped watching. I can't make the players understand this, and I don't feel as if the league should have to explain it. I also don't have to pay their salaries to watch them kneel or stay in the locker room either.
  6. This had more to do with Mike Smith not having a distinct vision for our offense and defensive schemes. Every coordinator change brought a new scheme, but we didn't draft players to fit those schemes. Dan Quinn has a vision for both the offense and defense and while the coordinators have changed, the scheme hasn't. That makes it easier for scouts to find talented role players in later rounds and frees us up to take BPA in the early rounds.
  7. My wife is allergic to flowers, doesn't wear a lot of jewelry, doesn't like Valentines Day anyway. I buy her good chocolate every so often though.
  8. No, the reason Philly has a ring and we don't was execution and coaching. If Freeman doesn't miss that block we likely win. If our defense stops Edelman from making that catch we likely win. If Shannahan calls three runs and kicks the field goal we win. If Matthews doesn't hold win likely win. It's never just one guys fault in a loss. Some of you guys need to just take the L and move on. We lost last year, and we lost to Philly. It's time to get over the idea that the Falcons should have won the Superbowl last year and didn't win this year, and go back to the mode you were in before that. I understood it during the offseason and during the regular season to an extent, but rehashing this is rediculous at this point.
  9. I really don't understand the "buddy circle" thing. As a head coach you have to have coordinators you trust to implement your gameplan, so why wouldn't you hire guys you've worked with before? Its not like he's hiring his college frat brothers or something...
  10. Favorite. Falcon. Ever.
  11. Looks like he thought there was a scrum and went to break it up. Realized it was two Patriots players and said "Everything cool? Ok ok".
  12. This post aged like 4 month old cheese.
  13. Good for you, and not in a snarky way either. I'm always happy to hear stories from people who started out in a bad situation and worked through it. There are way too many stories pushed out there of things going the other way, so I like hearing the other side. My parents started off dirt poor in a run down apartment in Miami and worked their way up. As for the situation with this kid: that's between him, this officer, the Jets, and the state of Florida. Best of luck to him.