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  1. So much this. When Atl United was announced I figured it would be a bust and wouldn't do well here, but there's really no debate. The United fans are way better fans than Falcons fans. I've been going to Falcons games for years and none of the crowds have come close to matching that level of energy.
  2. Here's what you do. Stop watching the games, because 4 hours of terrible football is 4 hours too many. After each game the NFL uploads a highlights video that pretty much goes through everything you'd want to see anyway. They are 10-15 minutes long, so you get your Sunday back to do whatever you want.
  3. Love Matt, but I'm with you. If Aaron Rodgers had the personnel Matt has had around him over the last few years he gets at least one more ring during that time.
  4. Sure, but he could have been a good depth piece in the event that say both of our starting safeties go down in week one and we need Kazee to play safety. That's the problem with letting him walk.
  5. Personally? I'd like to see us sign TJ Yeldon. He's got good hands coming out of the backfield and can run in our outside zone scheme.
  6. I'd stage a coup. It'd be signs and picket lines. That's an unsafe work environment and undue mental stress.
  7. Are there any other former Falcon Offensive Coordinators that we can bring in? Maybe once Shanahan gets fired we can bring him in to coach WRs...
  8. This topic is dumb. The referees gave the Falcons 5 downs to put it in the endzone last night. The Falcons lost because the offense couldn't score. They had 4 shots in the redzone and scored 1 touchdown. That's why they lost. The officiating was fair.
  9. I think Ryan is a lot of the problem, but not the only problem. We've seen what he's capable of, but he doesn't seem comfortable with the offense. It shows by how many times he targeted Julio. He either doesn't seem to trust the routes other guys are running or doesn't trust them to get open.
  10. Matt was off all night. There were several passes that if he puts it in the right spot the reciever gains a few yards, but he either underthows it or over throws it and the play is broken up or the ball isn't caught. Two come to mind, the pass to freeman in the endzone is a touchdown if Matt doesn't overthrow him. Later in the game if Matt hits Julio in stride we have a first down, but he underthrows it and the corner breaks up the pass. Also, he force fed Julio all night and it showed in the last 5 plays. This team has too much talent at wide reciever to be that focused on one
  11. It's a humanitarian concern that will require policy changes to resolve. That's what makes it a political cause. No, the military fight to preserve the country. I think that any issue that ultimately seeks to change government policy at any level is a political issue.
  12. What you're asking is whether or not I will tolerate an insult to the service of my family, even if I am the only person that perceives it as an insult, to advance any political cause. My answer was no.
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