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  1. mike smith just lost his job after this season because of this move. his desire to work with those he's worked with in the past rather than choosing what is best for the team will be his ultimate failure just like jim mora.

    you know, thats who Dirk reminds me of, MORA, Mora never had great talent in SF when he was the D. coordinator, there was nothing about his defenses that screamed hire this guy, very average results, he was all attitude but paper thin, he had great ideas, but they never crossed over to the actual game

  2. I think what bothers me most, is that they didnt interview any other OC's, I mean at least bring in Martz and here what he has to say about how he would run this offense, or Jackson or Billick, or Clements(who can now be given permission to interview) did they do their due diligence? make a complete search???? I mean the position has only be open for like what 4 days????? Geez

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