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  1. if thats the playbook, then I would run Bo Jackson on a sweep!
  2. well, and is Nolan even available, doesnt Miami have to give permission to make a lateral move? he wont be available until they hire a new coach, so if Spags doenst come here, and Nolan isnt available, then who???
  3. Yea, 2 biggest things to address this offseason, O-line, and how to get pressure on opposing QB. everything else will fall into place after that
  4. Mularkey wont trade him, he'll run him right up the middle
  5. you know, thats who Dirk reminds me of, MORA, Mora never had great talent in SF when he was the D. coordinator, there was nothing about his defenses that screamed hire this guy, very average results, he was all attitude but paper thin, he had great ideas, but they never crossed over to the actual game
  6. I think what bothers me most, is that they didnt interview any other OC's, I mean at least bring in Martz and here what he has to say about how he would run this offense, or Jackson or Billick, or Clements(who can now be given permission to interview) did they do their due diligence? make a complete search???? I mean the position has only be open for like what 4 days????? Geez
  7. It's better that we focused on getting the 32nd rated OC first, Let's wait and let someone else snatch up a good DC. That would officially make the start of the offseason an F
  8. David garrard 18td's And 3 int's in his best year And MJD. And Mercedes Lewis. That is not a weapon less offense
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