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  1. It is all a matter of opinion, I guess. I will say that if he were in a reasonable price range, the team would have certainly gotten him under contract and I would have been very pleased about it. Saying he is good is not some kind of burn on him. I liked his attitude more than anything about him though.

    The Falcons need to focus some of the cap that they have allotted to defending the pass to attacking the pass at the point of origin. As long as opposing quarterbacks have all day to throw, the pass defense as a whole is not going to do well.

    exactly, is he a good CB, yes, evern alternate Pro Bowl good, but to pay him top 5 money??? when he isnt top 5, and we have glaring issues along the line, and need a pass rush, NO

  2. Look. CB's lose those battles sometimes. I saw Charles Woodson lose on a similiar play against Michael Jenkins this year.

    Yes.....that Michael Jenkins.

    They didn't say......it's OK that Woodson lost on that ball because he's big.

    That stuff happens, and it doesn't happen to Brent Grimes at 5'8 anymore often than it happens to Charles Woodson at 6'2.

    if you had Julio Jones and he was doing a fade route in the endzone, your the dcoordinator, game on the line....you can pick from Aso, Woodson, Reevis, Carlos Rogers,Grimes, sorry...who are you picking???

  3. seriously when have u seen that happen??? Ive never seen ANY team try.. forget try ive never seen a team even complete a slan on him in the redzone...

    umm seriously, go back and watch the New Orleans game, they moved Graham to his side of the field, then Brees threw a jump ball=TD. Rodgers did the same thing last year in the playoffs, sorry but I cant remember the exact name of what TD, the receivers name and what game it happened, but it has happened, even take that away, his hands and tackling are a liability, if you want tackling, go back and look at the game where Jay Cutler put a move on him and left him in socks, JAY CUTLER!!!

  4. look Grimes is a good cover corner, but his size does get to be a problem near the endzone, ...on deep passes he has time to time his jumps and run under the ball, but on a quick slant, anybody above 6 feet can shield him in the endzone, and his tackling his below average, add that to his hands not being that great.... that to me does not speak of a franchise player, we could plug in Franks, maybe lose a little at that position but save money to fix the pass rush and oline

  5. Wait, I thought our offensive line was good and that it was all Matt Ryan's fault.

    Yeah, the Falcons fired a guy who was doing an amazing job, makes sense.

    I can see where you would say that, based on Turners rushing and Matts Passing, but that is exactly the reason why I think they didnt look as bad,

    go watch Denver's and NE's oline for what it should look like, Ryan might not take alot of sacks, but he gets hit alot

  6. still think Bosher could have been picked up as UFA, and at a time where we were hurting for draft picks, and needed some Oline help, Dline and CB help we could have drafted a player that was going to see the field more than 3-4 times a game, think about,

    but he will be nice to have for the next couple of years

  7. Which one of them was a 4th year QB? Don't say Flacco because he isn't winning those games like Eli and Brady. Flacco had 176 yards. That defense carried the load with 3 INTs. Eli wasn't the QB he is now in his 4th year. Neither was Brees. Neither was Rodgers just 2 years ago in Arizona. Give him an offense that helps, and he could.


    except for Brady, who came right in and is the best

    Brees= a good QB in San Diego, but put him with the right coach, right system and a couple more years of experience=great QB

    same with lilManning, same with Alex Smith,

    but do have to add, there was an element to Ryans game to extend a play or move around in his first 2 years, that is just not there anymore, and 3 year he barely got sacked, so dont know

  8. Sorry, but Babs would not fit at the nose tackle, he doesn't eat up space like a true NT needs to.

    In fact Babs is the one guy I see being the odd man. In a 3-4. Edwards could play end, He would need to add some weight, but he plays the run well, Bier an has the motor to play OLB, but would need to drop some weight, Sidbury and Abe would be the other good OLB(pass coverage would be a liability). Nicholas doesn't seem to fit a 3-4 either, no fast enough to cover, maybe he could play inside with lofton and spoon plays WOLB

    All of that depends on getting a huge NT

    Of course everything could change if Nolan comes in and we run a hybrid, which I would love, and

  9. 6. I think the Dirk Koetter hire in Atlanta is a nod to the fact that the Falcons wanted to throw the ball downfield more, and to improving their screen game (maybe in 2012 with Jacquizz Rogers). Koetter's not Mike Martz, but I do think he'll be more open to featuring Julio Jones and getting Matt Ryan to take three or four shots a game deep.

    7. I think this shouldn't be a sign that Mike Mularkey wasn't a good hire in Jacksonville, because Mularkey is smart and a good quarterback teacher. But as the Falcons offensive coordinator he'd hit a wall with Matt Ryan, and the Falcons needed to make a change, and I believe if he wouldn't have gotten the head-coaching job with the Jags, the Falcons would have strongly considered making a change at the coordinator spot.

    Read more: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2012/writers/peter_king/01/16/divisionals/index.html#ixzz1jdga1hOZ

  10. everybody keeps using the Jags personnel as an excuse, but , this guy was considered a passing whiz and everyear since he has been there the Jags passing offense got worse, wheres a counterpoint to that?

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