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  1. Im not an Admin or a MOD, and thus it gives me great pleasure to

    tell ou to STFU.

    Freaking newb trying to roll up on a MOD that is funny because

    the MODs are not going to shred your azz like the rest of us.

    You're uncle fester.....ahhhhhh how cute

    Good one.... Newb. I haven't heard that one before. Well wait. I heard it back in 2003 when I joined

  2. This is why i can never fully put blame on Matt Ryan... It goes back to what Roddy said... You cant win if your playcaller is going into the game SCARED... This pisses me off man... He went into the game with a victim's mentality... As a OC.. You are suppose to feel like you can out scheme any D... Thats the type of Swag McCarthy have.. Rather if its Rodgers or Flynn under center... Thats how the hoody/McDaniel felt rather it was Brady or Cassel under center... That how Gary Kubiak felt rather it was his 1st string, 2nd string, or 3rd string under center.

    Yall just dont know how much it pisses me off hearing that a NFL coach came into a game alreacdy defeated ... Your team dont have a chance

    I think that shows what we all thought, why did the offense seem better whenRyan ran the NH, because Ryan was calling the plays,,

    Ryan can take over a game, when we ran almost all NH against Baltimore last year, he was a beast

  3. Lighten up Francis. Jeez. If you cant take a joke, you wont last long here anyway.

    You need 100 posts before you can start a topic. Now shoo.

    You just made the list, buddy. And I don't like nobody touching my stuff. So just keep your meat-hooks off. If I catch any of you guys in my stuff, I'll kill you. Also, I don't like nobody touching me. If any of you 0m0's touch me, I'll kill you

  4. I agree with the re-signs, and let gos and cuts, the Free Agent signings is a bit much, if we get 2 of those guys, i would consider it a win,

    one thing in your scenario..... who play FS??? not Sanders, and who backs up FS and SS, I agree in letting DeCoud go, he misses tackles, takes bad angles and does not fly to the ball, he occasionally does a little dance after doing somethinig ok

    Baker and DeCoud would be the first people I would let go

  5. I hope Kendall Langford and Paul Solial follow Nolan to Atlanta via free agency.

    DE-Peters, Walker

    NT-Solial, Walker

    DE-Langford, Jerry

    OLB-Biermann(re-sign drop weight to 255), Matthews, _________

    ILB-Nicholas(coverage skills inside make Lofton expendable), Adkins

    ILB-Weatherspoon(coverage), Dent

    OLB-Edwards(good run D on edge drop to 266 pds), Sidbury

    RCB-Robinson, Walls

    FS-DeCoud(re-sign), Shillinger

    SS-Moore, Sanders(re-sign)

    LCB-Grimes(re-sign), Owens, Franks(PR)

    I hope we go 3-4 all the way and just dont want to tip our hand in free agency and the draft.

    2-TE-Coby Fleener

    3-OT-Matt Reynolds

    4-DE-Derek Wolfe

    5-RB-Alfred Morris

    6-DE-Tony Jerrod-Eddie

    7-WR-Marvin Jones

    Resign Decoud? Really. I would much rather save that money and invest in the online, We could find a cheaper FS. That would miss just as many tackles and take just as many bad angles

  6. Here's what the depth chart could look like heading into the draft with a nice FA period

    RE Edwards

    NT Aubrayo Franklin, Walker

    LE Peters, Babineaux

    ROLB Cliff Avril, Sidbury

    RILB Weatherspoon, Adkins/Dent

    LILB Lofton, Peterson

    LOLB Manny Lawson, Nicholas,

    RCB Franks, Owens

    LCB Robinson

    FS Michael Griffin

    SS Moore


    Aubrayo Franklin-Signed a 1 year deal with the Saints after playing on the franchise tag with the 49ers. Would probably like to sign a multi year deal, gives us exactly what we need at NT and at his age wont be as expensive as some of the younger players

    Cliff Avril-May be tagged but is looking for a big deal, Lions have Johnsons contract to deal with soon and Tulloch is a FA. Is a 4-3 end but at OLB would just be playing downhill, give us an impact young edge rusher

    Manny Lawson-Another player looking for a home signed a 1 year deal with the Bengals after playing with the 49ers, could be our 2nd OLB, young player great athlete could help with pass rush and in coverage.

    Michael Griffin-Would be a great upgrade over Decoud and give us a guy with speed ball skills and tackling ability

    In the nickel we could have all kinds of possibilities

    DE Avril, Lawson, Edwards, Sidbury, Nicholas

    DT Babineaux, Edwards, Peters, Franklin, Jerry, Walker

    LB Weatherspoon, Lofton, Nicholas, Lawson

    Only problem. And I've seen this with other depth chart ideas...... At least for the 3-4. In your scenario You just paid Nicholas last year starter money. And now he's a back up......

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