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  1. Would agree. Kerney had to be planned for, Brady smith,...ehhh not so much, Man.....the days of Brady smith when it was nice to get 7-8 sacks from the other DE, hopefully that changes soon
  2. You're uncle fester.....ahhhhhh how cute Good one.... Newb. I haven't heard that one before. Well wait. I heard it back in 2003 when I joined
  3. I think that shows what we all thought, why did the offense seem better whenRyan ran the NH, because Ryan was calling the plays,, Ryan can take over a game, when we ran almost all NH against Baltimore last year, he was a beast
  4. will be interesting to see what Nolan thinks of DeCoud and if he would like to have him back, WillieMo is a keeper, just needs to stay healthy
  5. Rev, you probably dont remember me, name has changed, is Shiney McShine still around?
  6. wait??? you're supposed to adjust at half-time??? 3rd quarters always looked odd to me
  7. You just made the list, buddy. And I don't like nobody touching my stuff. So just keep your meat-hooks off. If I catch any of you guys in my stuff, I'll kill you. Also, I don't like nobody touching me. If any of you 0m0's touch me, I'll kill you
  8. thought it was an interesting, last time Falcons have had a top 10 defense??.... you guessed it, 1998 Super Bowl season, that was probably our most sound defense, no amazing athletes on that D, Chuck was good, Tuggle was good, Ray was good, but no freak athletic player.. someone you fear,
  9. dude honestly, your an administrator on these boards, is this how you treat people who ask a simple question? was it offensive, was it rude? Isnt that what your job of being an Administrator is?
  10. you know, the pre-season started with questions about our offense due to their performance in pre-season, the opening game against Chicago continued it and the final game nailed it
  11. of course not he was getting ready for his interviews, just like BVG was getting ready for his college interview
  12. Darrin Walls is someone I would like to see take a big step forward, there was that Tampa game where he broke on the ball and missed an easy Pick 6, but he looked quick out of a stop
  13. I agree with the re-signs, and let gos and cuts, the Free Agent signings is a bit much, if we get 2 of those guys, i would consider it a win, one thing in your scenario..... who play FS??? not Sanders, and who backs up FS and SS, I agree in letting DeCoud go, he misses tackles, takes bad angles and does not fly to the ball, he occasionally does a little dance after doing somethinig ok Baker and DeCoud would be the first people I would let go
  14. Soliai would be someone that would be a good fit, for the right money, 12 million a year is a bit high for what other needs we have
  15. No No he's done fine work, his problem is that the teams where he has been DC, they have had very very inconsistent offe n s e s. Oh!!! Crap!
  16. Resign Decoud? Really. I would much rather save that money and invest in the online, We could find a cheaper FS. That would miss just as many tackles and take just as many bad angles
  17. Like the look of more sacks and INTs. Can only help our offense. And the fact that our D will get off the field on 3rd and long
  18. Only problem. And I've seen this with other depth chart ideas...... At least for the 3-4. In your scenario You just paid Nicholas last year starter money. And now he's a back up......
  19. Slow transition. Plus. I think You can say bye to Decoud
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