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  1. I feel like a broken record (or a paid advertiser) but I like LaDarius Green from ULL...he's strictly a receiving TE right now but he's very aware of the fact he will to block at the next level. He's being projected in the 4th/5th round...which would allow us to get quality line help in the 2nd

    Would like this pick, allow us to keep some immediate help in the early rounds, then a project in the 4th or 5th, allow tony to mentor him

  2. Matt Ryan is going into the final year of his contract, if he has another average year do you think we will try to resign him or upgrade at the position? Also do you think the reason the team still hasn't signed him to an extension is because the jury is still out on him?

    When was his first average year?

  3. Dont know if we will get a FA FS, but IMO if we just cut DeCoud and plug Sanders in at free, that in itself would be a major upgrade .....

    Does Sanders have enough range to play FS, he does a good job of being a thumper, but remember in the season when they pulled Sanders because of bad angles and missed assignments and let Moore back into the starting role(there was one game i remember Moore didnt start, but after halftime they pulled Sanders and Moore was playing full time), plus..thats 2 pretty injury prone starting safeties

  4. He does have a hig motor, and is athletic, what I wonder about the most, is how much did BVG's and Smiths rotation DLine help or hurt? and will Nolan do the same, I understand doing it for Abe, but do most teams rotate their players from series to series, i know most players do it situationally?? maybe if Bierman would get more snaps during a game he would show production,

    BUT, do you trust our dline to go into next year with only Edwards, Bierman and Sidbury??? there has to be a plan B threat there somewhere? who knows maybe Sidbury and Bierman would do great

  5. Ray was a pretty good DE with the Vikings and if not for injuries his last year there he may of gottin 10 sacks (I think he missed 2 games and ended up with 8.5 sacks for the year) but If we land Mario Wlilliams who is an every down player unless he injuried unlike Aba will it may make Ray Edwards a better player or close to the player he was with the Vikings?

    Because me included some people were saying there really not much difference in Jared Allen and Aba they both are elite pass rushers and command double teams but I forgot that Aba is old(33) for one and was on a Snaps count because of his age and at times is has been very inconsistant but manly the snap count hurt the DL as were Jared Allen isn't on a snaps count and is an every down player like Mario Williams.

    Man in Nolans hybird looks would have Mario,Babs,Peters,Ray,Spoon and then throw in Sidbury in some 3-4 4-3 looks were you rushing 5 hopefully Nolan would know how to use all that talent.

    And for the people out there that don't think its possible to sign Mario Williams look at it this way if the Falcons were willing to pay John Abraham 10.5 mil last year and that was against the cap at age 33 then I say they wouldn't mind paying a guy like Mario Williams who's only 26 and a Franchise type of player what Pepers got which is about an 12.5 mil yearly and with Roster bonus they could even make the cap hit much lower kind of what they did with Dunta Robinson.

    I honestly dont think the opposite DE has any effect on Edwards, Edwards doesnt show much when he is one on one, so that just means a RB or TE is going to chip the RDE, what I think what would help Edwards most is pressure from the DT from the inside and maybe more blitzes, to flush the QB towards him

  6. You saw we were doomed from as far back as preseason. How do you lose all 4 of those and then don't correct the poor playing issues. THAT"S THE HEAD COACHES FAULT.

    Yea as much as we want to put the play on the o-line or mularkey, or ryan

    its up to the head coach, to say, STOP, run more screens, adjust at half time, stop dropping DE's into coverage, stop playing soft zones, 3rd and long completions, etc etc

    I hear people say that Smith micro manages, i say its the reverse, and if you dont have quality coordinators(which now we know we have 1 in Nolan, Dirk=yet to be seen) you wont change

    i think this was great to have the last 4years, but coordinator and personnel changes had to be made, I hope Smith changes too

  7. There's nothing wrong with his 4000 passing in the regular season... It's his perfomance against top teams and playoff performances that's the problem. This team will go as far as Matt Ryan will take them, he needs to do better plain and simple.

    so his performance against Green Bay, Baltimore New Orleans(last year) Jets(2 years ago), Philly and Detroit this year, those werent good??

    playoffs I will give you,

    how long did it take for Elway to get his first Super Bowl, and he was the best pure QB in the game in the 80's 90's

  8. Alex Smith in 7 years has never had a season as good as Matt's rookie season. San Fran's Defense and Vernon Davis's speed is what kept them in that game. Alex Smith's armstrength and leadership isn't.

    I'm not taking anything away from Smith. But this is ridiculous.

    You see what you want to see. Matt isn't going anywhere, I don't see Tom Brady winning that game wiht that OL and that gameplan. Everything you need to know about that game was conceded by Mike Smith and Mike Mularkey in post game interviews. If you want to question leadership start at the top.

    Matt shouldve played better, but in the heirarchy of blame, he's no where near the top. Matt should be challenging the coaching, Matt needs to work on his deep ball. The kid wins 11 games a year, and besides Tony Gonzales is the only leader on this team. As much as I like Turner and Roddy, they have the leadership skills of a wet paper sack.

    You may take this as me making excuses for Matt, and I'm not. The fact is, he is the only leader on this team, and that's the problem. Our coach has lost his spine since the Green Bay game, and we game plan conceding the strengths of other teams, and not challenging them. There is an endemic culture issue in Flowery Branch, and Matt Ryan is a victim of that more than a cause.

    i take issue with only one thing you said Tony Gonzales is the only leader???? Curtis Lofton, Mike Peterson, Ovie

    thats 2 on offense 2 on defense, then add Ryan

  9. I love my Atlanta Falcons to the end, I've even renewed my Season Tickets but I still have some issues with our play calling. Watching the NFC and AFC Championship game has me disliking Matt Ryan even more.

    We find ways to protect Ryan after a loss, we say it's the Offensive line, we say Roddy can't catch, we say Murlarkey can't coach but to sum it up, Ryan is not an all around QB. Flaco, Manning, Smith and Brady have a talent that can't be coached. These QB's handle pressure with ease, Manning was sacked 6x, 50+ passes, Brady has no back field but still manage to drive down field, Smith finds ways to scramble out of pocket to run 10-15 yards down field and Flaco airs the ball down field with ease.

    Ryan may be a good guy and a average QB but it take more than 4,000 yards passing to make it to the next level. Our new OC will expose the true Ryan, either he makes the passes down field or scrambles out the pocket. 2012 will make or break Ryan.

    So bash me all you want, call me a poor fan but it will all come to light in 2012. Ryan was put here for his image not his skill.

    seriously, what are you smoking

    Alex Smith(while he can run better) was 12 of 26, below 50% he had 1 COMPLETION!!! to a WR take away that 73 yard TD to Davis, and he played terrible

    Flacco is not better than Ryan

    and Bradys QB rating yesterday = 57.5

    I'm not excusing ryan for bad play, but give it a rest

  10. This is what I wish we could do.


    Kendall Langford, Paul Solial, Leger Douzable, Dashon Goldson, Rashean Mathis, Aubrayo Franklin


    Kroy Biermann, Vance Walker, James Butler

    Not re-signed:

    John Abraham, Curtis Lofton, Brent Grimes, Thomas DeCoud, Mike Peterson.


    Jonathan Babinaux(get back a 4th rd pick)

    RDE-Corey Peters, Peria Jerry, Vance Walker

    NT-Paul Solial, Aubrayo Franklin,

    LDE-Kendall Langford, Leger Douzable

    OLB-Kroy Biermann, Cliff Matthews, ________

    ILB-Stephen Nicholas, Spencer Adkins

    ILB-Sean Weatherspoon, Akeem Dent

    OLB-Ray Edwards, Lawrence Sidbury

    RCB-Dunta Robinson, Darrin Walls, ________

    FS-Dashon Goldson, Shann Shillinger

    SS-William Moore, James Butler

    LCB-Rashaun Mathis, Christopher Owens, Dominique Franks

    Lofton is 1 guy I don't see leaving, Grimes maybe. Abe maybe Bierman maybe Snelling maybe. But not lofton

  11. I actually tried searching for videos of him on NFL network's site.. but nothing came up as Koetter.. but if you searched just Dirk, you find a ton of him showing his plays or people dissecting his Jaguars.

    Its sad even the NFL website had him listed mostly as "Dirk Carter" rofl

    I hope that's all dirk is showing.......his plays

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