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  1. You just can't have 2 first round picks making first round money but playing backup roles. I can imagine that would free up some money. And you can fill those roles either through the draft or actual backup players for backup money
  2. You are not taking into consideration cap casualties and possible reworking old deals. Baker and Jerry would be a start. For cuts
  3. I know pat goes to the games. But he even said in his post that he was just looking at stats Is there a stat on how many bad angles and missed tackles you make? Decoud has to lead that
  4. I seem to remember those picks are announced in March
  5. How many passes were thrown his way. And look how long it took for Finneran to finally break through
  6. Related topic, are we probable to get any extra awarded draft picks
  7. Would like this pick, allow us to keep some immediate help in the early rounds, then a project in the 4th or 5th, allow tony to mentor him
  8. I was 8, The falcons lost that heart breaking playoff game to the Cowboys
  9. 7 months until 1st preseason game

  10. Does Sanders have enough range to play FS, he does a good job of being a thumper, but remember in the season when they pulled Sanders because of bad angles and missed assignments and let Moore back into the starting role(there was one game i remember Moore didnt start, but after halftime they pulled Sanders and Moore was playing full time), plus..thats 2 pretty injury prone starting safeties
  11. He does have a hig motor, and is athletic, what I wonder about the most, is how much did BVG's and Smiths rotation DLine help or hurt? and will Nolan do the same, I understand doing it for Abe, but do most teams rotate their players from series to series, i know most players do it situationally?? maybe if Bierman would get more snaps during a game he would show production, BUT, do you trust our dline to go into next year with only Edwards, Bierman and Sidbury??? there has to be a plan B threat there somewhere? who knows maybe Sidbury and Bierman would do great
  12. I honestly dont think the opposite DE has any effect on Edwards, Edwards doesnt show much when he is one on one, so that just means a RB or TE is going to chip the RDE, what I think what would help Edwards most is pressure from the DT from the inside and maybe more blitzes, to flush the QB towards him
  13. Yea as much as we want to put the play on the o-line or mularkey, or ryan its up to the head coach, to say, STOP, run more screens, adjust at half time, stop dropping DE's into coverage, stop playing soft zones, 3rd and long completions, etc etc I hear people say that Smith micro manages, i say its the reverse, and if you dont have quality coordinators(which now we know we have 1 in Nolan, Dirk=yet to be seen) you wont change i think this was great to have the last 4years, but coordinator and personnel changes had to be made, I hope Smith changes too
  14. so his performance against Green Bay, Baltimore New Orleans(last year) Jets(2 years ago), Philly and Detroit this year, those werent good?? playoffs I will give you, how long did it take for Elway to get his first Super Bowl, and he was the best pure QB in the game in the 80's 90's
  15. i take issue with only one thing you said Tony Gonzales is the only leader???? Curtis Lofton, Mike Peterson, Ovie thats 2 on offense 2 on defense, then add Ryan
  16. seriously, what are you smoking Alex Smith(while he can run better) was 12 of 26, below 50% he had 1 COMPLETION!!! to a WR take away that 73 yard TD to Davis, and he played terrible Flacco is not better than Ryan and Bradys QB rating yesterday = 57.5 I'm not excusing ryan for bad play, but give it a rest
  17. I like the thought of that, but a starting LT is not going to be found late in the2nd round. And then we still need a RG,back up QB,a 3rd RB and if HD leaves another WR But again, our d needs the most work, so I like your thinking
  18. Lofton is 1 guy I don't see leaving, Grimes maybe. Abe maybe Bierman maybe Snelling maybe. But not lofton
  19. Don't like the lack of pass rush, lack of a 3rd WR. and no free safety, other than that. Great read
  20. That's tecmo bowl talk, I could do that when they played the 3-4. And was the NT, 8-10 sacks a game
  21. I hope that's all dirk is showing.......his plays
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