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  1. Gotta admit, having him in the slot might be a good but cheaper option, be a Wes weaker type to go with a taller Kerry M. The question would be could he sustain it for a whole year being 3rd WR, gunner, PR and KR. That's a lot?
  2. I'll continue it, Matt Ryan will go out like John elway, he won't win one for a long time, but when does he will go out on top
  3. ahhh man, no style points?? I had to do it, I had this big write up I was doing, comparing Ryan to other elite QB's and where they struggled, no one remembers that Eli lost his first playoff game and they scored 0 points, then lost his 2nd playoff game, or that Brees went to only 2 playoff games in his first 8 seasons(lost both), and that was with LT as his running back, but i decided, ahh heck with it, lets just end it, like FalconinPA, it wont go to bed until Ryan wins a playoff game and if he goes to the Super Bowl
  4. I'll tell you one thing I think.............................We need another Matt Ryan Post, its been like 30 minutes
  5. and Kelly was a replacement for a player that went on IR at the same position, if Peele doesnt get hurt, we dont sign Kelly that doesnt seem like it should count
  6. Walls is staying. He is too intriguing to get rid of
  7. A couple of things, I use to be the strength coach at William & Mary. So coming from my point of view this is what I think I guarantee you that they are still doing cleans, jerks snatches, deadlifts etc.. We are not a HIT program Our staff has been on the cutting edge as far as monitoring heart rate during practices, games 2 a days, which I think is smart, The flexibility issue is now thinking not 80's thinking, the posters have already stated about Ryan believing it, Roddy took some wicked shot this year and still played. And last but not least.... You have to have the players.... Sorry but Sam baker is not a mauler! Brent grimes is not going to run someone over, if we drafted big HOGS, it would be easier, we assembled agile guys, No one on that line is going to plow some over with the exception of maybe Clabo. And we have a very light defense line, Get bigger guys
  8. I have been on here since the beginning, All variations, ice74 ice1974. I was born in 1974
  9. Bump and run yes, Grimes can run. But not bump I still think Robinson franks owens and walls can make do and spend some money on the lines
  10. With the start of NFL free agency less than two months away and the Atlanta Falcons in the midst of a coaching staff overhaul, the defensive side of the ball is the one that should occupy the front office the most. The Falcons have nine potential free agents on defense, and five of them are starters, as head coach Mike Smith considers the nickel back a starter. The most pressing are defensive end John Abraham, the NFL’s active leader in sacks; middle linebacker Curtis Lofton; and cornerback Brent Grimes, a Pro Bowl pick in 2010. Two of the team’s top three safeties, Thomas DeCoud and James Sanders, also can be free agents. Nickel back Kelvin Hayden, who was injury prone and played only 223 snaps, is the other starter. So what will general manager Thomas Dimitroff do, specifically in regard to Abraham? Some clues might have been provided by new defensive coordinator Mike Nolan in an introductory conference call with Atlanta media members last week. One of the more intriguing quotes from Nolan was about the pass rush. The Falcons ranked 19th in the NFL in sacks in 2011; Nolan’s defense in Miami ranked 10th. “I would rather have 10 guys get four sacks than only four guys get 10 sacks each," Nolan said, "because it’s a lot more difficult for an offense to look at your entire defense and say, ‘We’ve got to block them all guys. That guy might come, that guy might come.' That’s a real stress for a quarterback.” With that in mind, the Falcons already have invested $7 million in one of their oldest players on the offensive side of the ball, tight end Tony Gonzalez, a player who is a paragon of health. Abraham made $8 million last season. What are the chances they will do the same with Abraham, who will be 34 next season and has a history of groin issues — issues that he said held him back at times in 2011? Now, let’s take a look at something else that Nolan said in that conference call. “People always talk about having four starting DBs," Nolan said, "but I think the future is there are really five starting DBs, if these quarterbacks keep doing what they are doing.” Under Smith, The Falcons have not finished better than 20th in the NFL in pass defense. Nolan echoed comments Smith has often made in the past about pass defense being an 11-man effort. One thing the Falcons have rarely gotten under Smith and former defensive coordinator Brian VanGorder are so-called “coverage” sacks, sacks the defense gets when none of the opposing receivers are open. As a result of Nolan’s comments, it sounds like the Falcons are going to start playing a lot more nickel defense under Nolan. Taking a look at the free-agent market, one of the best nickel backs in the league is scheduled to be an unrestricted free agent, Tennessee’s Cortland Finnegan, who was an All-Pro in 2008. On Friday, Finnegan told The Tennessean newspaper that he was pessimistic the Titans would re-sign him. If the team chose to tag him as their franchise player, he would earn $10.3 million. Now, it’s possible that Finnegan would want to sign with Detroit, where his former defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz is the Lions’ head coach. So if the Falcons are, relatively speaking, going to invest the same amount of money, would it be in an aging defensive end or a 28-year-old defensive back? If you’re looking for durability, ProFootballFocus.com says that Finnegan played 1,142 snaps last season which was almost double Abraham’s 628. Which provides greater value to a team? Now, consider what Nolan said and that the Falcons have to find a way to defend against New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees twice a season. Finnegan isn’t the only top defensive back who could be on the free-agent market. Baltimore’s Lardarius Webb also could be a free agent, but considering his team was just a couple of plays away from a Super Bowl berth, it would make sense if he decided to stay with the Ravens. Even if the Falcons don’t get a big-name defensive back in the free-agent market, it might be surprising if Abraham is back, unless he’s willing to play for a substantial discount. It’s a move that could create a lot of teeth-gnashing among fans, but, ultimately, it will be judged by whether the Falcons can finally make that big, long-awaited improvement in their pass defense. By John manasso
  11. Can't remember. Was it a hit to his elbow or shoulder or just bum?
  12. Miller did have a gun and was quick funny thing about watching that, anybody notice sometimes when Miller woud drop back to pass he would be facing the "wrong way" then have to turn his body around to throw I dont think I've ever noticed that, was that normal??
  13. http://youtu.be/HVe3emHg8cA highlights of the entire 2nd half,..enjoy Miller to Haynes is at the 12:10 mark McKyer to Sanders INT is at the 14:07 mark
  14. I linked the highlights to that game in my post right after yours, that was great, especially the Saints coach who was getting ready to do a fist pump, then stopped
  15. http://youtu.be/2sdpr6MDUDk this was a pretty good game too, Gonzales was a beast and look at the touch on Ryans deep throws also, forgot about this, there were 2 big 4th and 1 plays that went against the SAINTS
  16. the playoff game against the Saints, when Haynes went off, and at the end when McKyer and Deion kept lateraling the ball (freaked me out), even my Aunt who is a Cowboys fan was yelling to kneel down, to beat the Saints in the Superdome in the playoffs, that was great, made me think there were good times to come, little did we know that was it for Glanvilles team
  17. well theres a sure fire way to save money and shore up the offensive and defensive line, but it would hurt to lose him, maybe in a year, we have dent and lofton play middle linebacker in the 3-4
  18. schultz from the AJC just posted an article about this 5 players to cut http://blogs.ajc.com/jeff-schultz-blog/2012/01/25/falcons-questions-fixing-five-mistakes-starts-with-sam-baker/?cxntfid=blogs_jeff_schultz_blog
  19. I'm amazed how the patriots make it work with career backups, undrafted free agents and project players, Look at the guy who knocked the ball out of Evans hands in the playoff games, 3 career starts up to that point Walls and franks. Time to step up
  20. Left tackle has to be fixed, we could make do with hawley for another year at RG. Or even see if Baker can cut it at RG. With a full offseason to try to learn, but LT has got to be fixed
  21. I miss the days of William white, He wasn't that freakish athletic but boy did he know his assignments or heck even Eugene Robinson
  22. My 2 biggest concerns are LT and DE. With Nolan on board a dominant DE is less of a need, but LT has to get fixed. Fill in after that I think it starts with Lofton as far as resigning
  23. The more I think about it, 5 million for Abe is to much, he only played on 13% of defensive snaps!! For 5 million.??.
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