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  1. Technically play was before 2 min. And even if not. Booth should have reviewed it
  2. so this doesnt change the fact we are average but go back and watch that slide in slo mo, it starts a good 2 feet in front of line, why didnt quinn review that play?
  3. No, people were leaving the huddle going to the wrong side, I'm not talking about moving roddy across the line to see if he's in man, Not complaining, just noticing how long it takes to get the playbook down
  4. Get people in the right position/lineup Roddy would start lining up on the right and Ryan would have to correct him to go to the left, I saw him have to do it with White, Hank, Tamme, and both Rbs Just goes to show that guys don't have the offense totally down yet Can't wait till they are rolling by the time we face some division foes
  5. Anybody got an idea why Ewing saw no playing time whatsoever. I thought he had fully recovered?
  6. Draft of TDs No defensive tackles, no linebackers and no offensive line whatsoever , Back to back cornerbacks bring in much needed talent and speed Couple of picks look intriguing, the Clemson and Stanford picks. But mighty confusing, we are no better in the those same 3 positions I listed, Why safeties?
  7. Since we didn't draft a gadget player, who becomes our kick returner punt returner. I can see picking up a cap casualty WR closer to training camp for the 4th or 5th spot. But any guesses on the other 2 positions?
  8. Let's see, Vick went to jail for 2 years lost millions of dollars, has been sued and hasn't seen a playoff win Petrino.... .yeah......he built a top 10 team, you gonna trade places with him right now? And Peyton...lied to his superior, got caught, is missing a year of his job and millions of dollars. My point was all 3 lied and through out the years have negatively impacted the falcons in some way or shape, you sound as if you are defending them? And where did I say the organization did anything to them.......I said in short....karma is a b, they lied in their beds, deal with it
  9. You mess with the Falcons, and lie to your superiors.........you get the horns. Couldn't happen to more putrid men. If we win the super bowl this year, I honestly believe we will have finally exercised all our demons!
  10. Like this article says, He's on the wrong side of 30 and has a 19 million cap hit next year, I'd rather have Abe for 1 more year and 7 mill http://www.stampedeblue.com/2012/3/14/2871879/dwight-freeney-might-not-get-traded-or-released-colts-free-agency-nfl
  11. That we haven't even brought anyone in, been interested in anyone, Just saw that the DT from Miami resigned, why not bring him in for talks, why no talk about any OT, nothing on DE, DT, nothing about a trade for Freeney, Osi I understand the sometimes illogical nature of day 1 deals, but.... Tampa just got way better, Carolina's going to be better, neworleans has had our number the past 4 years, I don't see BETTER in our offseason..... YET, TD has always tricks up his sleeve
  12. Freeney is about the only guy on your list worth anything for the future Abe is old, Mincey has had 1 decent year out of 5, Wimbley is a LB, anderson had 13.5 sacks in the middle part of his 4 years, only his first year and last year were worth anything, he is a risk, would love to trade for Freeney
  13. how about 6 more years of production, if all things were equal, cant say the same for Abe
  14. theres only 5 DE's listed in SI's top 40 free agents, 2 of them are over the age of 33(Abe and Parker,) another is Jeremy Mincey, 15 sacks in 5 years, the other is Mario and lastly the fear inducing Dave Tollefson, enough said
  15. Why arent you on your own team page?? ohh thats right, because free agency is all you have to get excited about, with all the draft picks that are going to get taken away
  16. this is the 3rd topic started on the main page about the Saints signing a WR why is this news to us?? are we in need of a starting WR?? and do we need to see 3 topics on this??
  17. link http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/7676596/nfl-look-washington-redskins-big-players-free-agency
  18. this was posted as of today 3. Mario mania: The top free agent on defense is Texans defensive end Mario Williams. The debate is whether 3-4 teams are willing to meet the price demands that work. Williams is the biggest name on defense to hit the market since Julius Peppers. The Atlanta Falcons and Seahawks will be the most likely 4-3 teams to get into the mix, but the price could go as high as $15 million a year. Williams offers a team a pass-rusher who is good enough to get 12 to 16 sacks a season. Because the top of the draft isn't loaded with top pass-rushers, the race to get Williams will be intense. Teams using 3-4 defenses will look at the five games he played in that scheme last season to determine if they can justify such an expense for what its worth, I cant imagine the whole off-season talk about re-evaluating the whole team, and making the playoffs isnt good enough anymore, .....I dont see us just standing pat,I'm not saying we are going to get Williams, but we will make some big moves
  19. How much would we really lose if we let lofton walk and started dent, isn't dent kind of a version 1 version 2...... Sound tackling slightly suspect in pass coverage? Think how much money we could save and then put into either line
  20. Yea, agreed. Don't care if we go 7-9. Ryan wins MVP, we have 50 sacks, we have a 4 headed RB rotation.............. Trophy is all that matters
  21. What about TD then, why pick up Robinson who plays a hard man, when BVG plays a soft zone, Some of TD's moves seem impulsive, ohhhh **** we need a CB,well let's look around......robinson is available, Ohh ****. We need a WR, well let's get Jones, Oh. We need DE depth, let's sign Chauncey Davis to a long term contract, Robinson is better suited in Nolan's D, Jones is better suited in Koetters O, Davis wasnt suited for anything Hope TD. Thinks this one through. And doesn't just REACH for the whomever at LT/RG. And actually thinks about what scheme we run
  22. First thing.... 4 years ago they basically told Michael boley he didn't fit here and they didn't like his play and how he fit into the scheme and he was our 3rd best LB The last 3 years he has been the giants best LB, leading them in tackles, he swarms the field and won a super bowl, some of that might be because of the giants line, but makes you wonder what TD and MS were thinking, same can be said for Chauncey Davis, peria Jerry, robinson, Eric coleman, Chris Houston,checks Jackson......all players that didn't seem to fit into their strengths or were grossly overrated in talent and how they fit "our scheme" Was it that mike smith told BVG to run his offense, or BVG ran his and smith never adjusted it when it was painfully obvious it wasn't working Hope Nolan can change this
  23. It works for us, No way Indy would ever agree to it, Not straight up, WE would have to throw in draft picks or another player
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