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  1. Anyone have any ideas on if we might get some extra picks?
  2. MeAngelo Hall.... But that never really worked for us, he usually just lost it...especially late in his career here
  3. Would love this hire, well I guess we need to upgrade our G-C-G anyways, might as well go with a new system along with it, he did wonders with Pitt, Ari and SDs offense... Not so much with Tenn
  4. And I might add, hired an unproven GM who had never even been in charge of player personnel at an NFL level, only college scouting in Dimitroff The only proven thing he has ever hired was McKay... Who if you think about the early Ryan years(1-2) were made up of a lot of his touches(especially in the trenches) the last time we had decent lines
  5. I know this topic might be 10 months behind , but I was just thinking.... He hired(or rather approved of) Mora..unproven head coach, with a spotty track record as d coach Approved of a mostly college coach, with very limited NFL experience, who obviously was not vetted properly, in Petrino Approved of Smith, an unproven head coach, with a somewhat spotty track record as a d coach Approved of Dan Quinn, unproven head coach, with a good track record, I find it interesting that a man that made a billion dollar empire with hiring the right people around him, hiring the best people...has always went with unproven commodities. A connection or just individual cases
  6. Doubt clayborn is back, He was signed to a 1 year deal, and has been jogging way to much, I wonder what they do with Hageman, I don't see them cutting him, but see him as a backup
  7. Offense starters: Ryan DiMarco Freeman Jones Tamme Matthews Schrader?? 4 total new starters with Hardy, Coleman, Ward, Williams as backups Defense starters: Beasley Paul S. Jarrett Reed Trufant Alford Allen 4 more new starters, with Schofield, Collins, Therezie and Worrilow as backups Plus a new kicker and punt returner...... Sorry guys don't see it getting fixed next year, Anybody I missed?
  8. This!I shrugged my shoulders after the Winston run, and then started to vacuum the house after the Ryan INT, and started thinking,....I could have got my chores done a lot sooner if I hadn't wasted time watching the game And I've been a fan since 1981
  9. If that truly was your intent of just replying with a periodBest response ever
  10. Let's sum this up clayborn, 1 year deal, underperformed Hankerson, 1 year deal, injured, underperformed Durant, injury prone, underperformed Reed, way underperformed, since he got the most money Schofield, I actually like him, but he is only a backup at best Adams, lost out of rotation, not active for games Tamme, decent hands, horrible at run blocking, but still a good pickup Chester, functional, but will be 33 next year, time for another guard Person, underperformed, not the long term answer Our best signings have been Phillip wheeler...in season and Nick Williams That's awful Am I forgetting anyone?
  11. Agree, but who and what, it would be Ryan's 3rd offense in 3 years, roddy will be done, Hankerson is not coming back, Tamme in his 30s, no offensive line and all the line except for Matthews are bad fits for any other line except the ZBSDon't know
  12. The 5-0 start changed everything, but really..... -we have a patchwork OL, that was put together right before the season -we have 1 legitimate starter on the O line -we were hoping for a rookie DE to be our pass rush -we have mixed up parts, Tyson Jackson is not a starter, worrilow on this type of D is not a starter, -we were installing an offense with really no 2nd WR, -complete failure of 2012 draft -money tied up to,players not even playing, Asamoah, Hate to say it, but we are starting over, next year will be a better assessment as we get further away from mike smith players, problem is, we have way to many holes.....MLB and OLB, SS, pass rush, TE, OL, 2nd WR, return guy, and ughhh QB? Still too much to fix with another off season
  13. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/0ap1000000067687/Ryan-s-game-winning-drive About 60-62 yards in my opinion, if he was just testing his arm with no players on the field Ahhh,...the good ole days
  14. I'll give you the bootleg, on that one, miraculous catch1st read on the play, WR 2nd read on that play, RB, 3rd read on that play, TE That's what I said about the WCO Seriously, walshs WCO offense relied on a lot on 2wr, 1 TE, 1 fb(remember Tom Rathman) and 1 RB, the CATCH was exactly that lineup. shanahan relies more on 3 WR sets, which is worse if you think about, regarding the reliance on Jones, just like he did with Andre johnson and Pierre Garçon
  15. I would agree with you on somethings, I don't remember Montana, turning his back to the d as much, or boot legs, or play action roll outs as much, shanahans system is a little different than Bill walshs, Also shanahans requires an over reliance on the # 1 WR, his history proves it
  16. It is the scheme!!, let's agree on somethings first -Ryan is not an elite QB, he's an over average QB and one that can win a SB, like Flacco and Eli, elite QBs could play in any system and do well, Ryan is not and needs support... -Ryan is a rhythm, timing passer, Remember his first NFL pass...steps 1, 2, 3 ,4 , 5 back foot hits the ground and throw -his best asset is his brain and yes he needs a nice pocket to really excel, he is not that great at improvising shanahans system requires him to turn his back to the D, requires boot legs, play action movement, and doesn't allow him to have total control at the line with plays, requires him to be lighter.. which equals less strength In shanahans system you lock in on one read(Julio), then dump to the TE or RB Koetters had multiple options, multiple route trees and flexibility at the line, imagine if we had the zone blocking running(freeman) but Koetters passing, I think Ryan would be ok So what's off with Ryan, his timing, accuracy, and arm strength A 30 year old year QB with multiple pro bowls doesn't just regress in year 8, without something major changing....system or injury, someone give me an example otherwise It's the system
  17. Makes me wonder what we could do if we had a quality OL
  18. For example, devonta and Coleman both went through training camp equally both played preseason banged up, maybe Devonta had less reps... But to come out and declare Coleman the starter for the season....seems like(currently) there is a pretty big gap in talent between the 2, in all aspects of the game, running, pass catching, blocking and ball safety.... How can coaches see different? And it's not like salary comes into play with those 2
  19. The lack of sacks is surprising to me, our defense has improved slightly, more so with the run defense, but seriously.....10 sacks in 9 games, against some bad offensive lines and backup QBs with Quinn as head coach, that is pathetic
  20. -do you really think Ryan will be allowed to run the offense more -no huddle -more blitzes -lineup changes, starting Grady, starting Long, etc -adding completely different plays for the offense -having Trufant cover the other teams top WR Coaches are creatures of habit, they have their system beliefs that they hold tight and even though Quinn talks a good game, new, innovative, etc I can only think of one coach who makes changes, roster, plays, schemes, etc and that's Belichick on a week to week basis I don't see anything changing, maybe a little because we get hankerson, Moore, Alford and Hester back, but nothing more
  21. I think it was brooks reed who had contain on the edge and he bit pretty hard on the run, then stumbled, if he even slightly stays home gabbert doesn't run for a 1st
  22. That and the penalty on Wheeler, bogus... Wheeler clearly hit Gabberts right shoulder
  23. Agree, in the past..Ryan would have noticed it, changed the play and found another pass or run option, and picked apart the defense He has to have brought that up privately to Shan and Quinn right? Ne thing I remember about Kettering was that he asked Ryan what he liked to do...and then he implemented some of those things into the offense, Ryan doesn't seem comfortable doing anything in this o ..except the last 2 minutes hurry up
  24. Just seeing if other people agree,...who has gone back and watched it in slo-mo?
  25. Sorry. Phone problems That play was on 3 rd down. They wouldve punted And i dont mean he started the slide, he was in midair with his knees tucked 2 feet before the line
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