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  1. Anyone else wake up this morning and think "You know what the Falcons need? A tight end!"
  2. Drew Brees would have 20,000 career passing yards if you took away all the YAC he got from the likes of Darren Sproles and Alvin Kamara
  3. Not sure how you can discount coaching when we had two defensive head coaches during Dimitroff's tenure, and our defense was pure *** the entire time
  4. Matt Schaub, D.J Shockley, Dom Davis, Sean Renfree, Matt Schaub, Kurt Benkert, Danny Etling, Feleipe Franks is the future. Bench noodle arm now.
  5. Can't forget that we have an owner who harps on about making players "Falcons for life" Makes it hard for the GM to say no at that point.
  6. The Brotherhood just got a bit smaller... Oh wait we're not doing that anymore!
  7. One thing I've noticed from my years of lurking on these forums is that we're obsessed with the backup QB position
  8. I'm an overseas fan. Started watching football in the 90's, started following the Falcons because of Vick
  9. Matt Ryan and Kyle Pitts. Jameis Winston and Adam Trautman. Which would you rather?
  10. Send his *** to the Jets or Jags and be done with it. They've got plenty of cap space, shiny new QB's, and they'll be picking high again next year.
  11. Matt Ryan will be slinging it to Kyle Pitts. Taints will have famous Jameis slinging it to Adam Trautman. One of these is not like the other Cam.
  12. Even if we don't pick him at 4, can we keep posting threads about him until he retires?
  13. We haven't even seen Hurst in Arthur Smith's system and we're ready to let him walk?
  14. Georgia native or not, I doubt AB is sitting in his lair thinking "You know how I'm going to pack the bleachers? Force the new regime to pick a guy they may not even want, and who's not going to see the field for the next season, possibly 2"
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