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  1. Whatever Belichick's plans are for him, it has to be a long term project. No point in taking the ball away from Brady and as far as stepping in for Gronk if he will have health issues...can Tebow even catch? I've heard he has stone hands...just let him run the ball. Nonetheless, Tebow is an excellent athelete and Belichick can work some magic.
  2. I was born and raised in Atlanta. I come from a huge football loving family, so I've been a falcons fan all my life. I've been to just about every home game from 1997 to 2005. I moved to Massachusetts for school, and stayed for work. I recently moved to Providence.
  3. I think we keep both next season. Koetter has done a nice job, but we also have a very talented offense. I think teams will want to see more of what he can do before he is offered a HC position. I think Nolan stays because this is probably the best team he has been a DC for. Out of all his years of coaching I think he's only been a DC for about 3 good teams ('93 Giants, '99 Skins & '03 Ravens). This franchise under Smith has been consistently good, Nolan has the potential to make us consistently great. I think Nolan stays because he wants to win.
  4. Female fan here. My Dad took me to the playoff game against San Fran back in '98 for my first game...been a die hard ever since.
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