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  1. Except when people on the forum want to bash fans with a positive attitude, yeah it is
  2. There's not much positive about this board, especially when forum thugs will randomly bash you for showing any kind of positive thinking.
  3. Im headed to the game this week, last time I saw my Falcons play we demolished the Raiders. Hoping for another big win
  4. That's what so many experts call 'kicking the salary cap can down the road' meaning they will pay for it later. There will be a day of reckoning for the Aints, and call me petty but I'll laugh my a$$ off.
  5. Couldn't happen to a better team imo. $%*& them
  6. Remember when everyone here was pissed about Byrd signing with them?
  7. great, create some more replies telling us all about it.. I know I'm personally invested in how you feel
  8. Thank you, it's like you can't create threads to have fun or have a laugh at your division rivals anymore. Being on this board is like being a battered housewife. Jump on the negativity train or prepare to be punched in the face.
  9. lol take your negativity someplace else, I made the thread to laugh about the Aints.. FFS
  10. Amidst all the negativity today, thought I'd share this article which made me smile: The Saints' Future Is Almost Here, And It's Bleak http://deadspin.com/the-saints-future-is-almost-here-and-its-bleak-1786616482?utm_campaign=socialflow_deadspin_facebook&utm_source=deadspin_facebook&utm_medium=socialflow Let me just say Here's a cut / paste : The only reason the Saints cut C.J. Spiller yesterday and not before the season was because they literally could not afford to release him. A solid example of this franchise’s failed acquisitions and que
  11. I know Jalen Collins is a rookie, but not sure why this board loves the kid so much. He flat out stunk today.. against a group of pretty average receivers minus Boldin and no Vernon Davis. The Niners were playing us with practice squad corners that made Collins look like a complete fool.
  12. To be fair the OP is right. Mike Smith was never THE problem, but he WAS a huge part of it.
  13. careful.. forum thugs will soon come and bash you over the head with that kind of optimistic talk
  14. Isn't a good sign when bums signed off the street are moving the chains steadily and Blaine freaking Gabbert looks better than Matt so far.. offense looks confused
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